Written by johnbub

1 Feb 2012

I love reading all the stories so i thought it was about time to share one of mine.

This happend a few years back and needs a little bit of intro so stick with me.

After an extremley shitty day and even more shitty traffic jam, i finally arrived home and decided to go for a quick ride to blow off some steam. As my house backs onto the bush and ive been riding this area for many years im normaly out for about 40 minutes, but not this night. Now the ride is simply, leave house blast down bush track, cross road A, blast another track cross road B etc etc etc i've ridin this track so often i could do it with my eyes closed. After crossing one last road near to where i normaly turn around there is a very big sweeping bend which is one of the better bends to open the throttle up and rip full speed, which is what i did, however what i saw as i came blasting around like a banshee was to totally blow my mind.

Off to the side of the bend was a small car with the rear passengers door wide open with a very attractive women sitting in the rear sucking some guy cock for all she's worth. After almost having a heart attack at seeing a car parked in my path, hitting the brakes and taking evasive action, i gassed it again and kept on going, now what i had just seen was running through my head at warp speed, what were they doing there and how in the hell had'nt they heard my coming and stopped (as my bike is extremely loud).

So thinking this was odd i decided to turn back and have another look, as i approched i gave my bike a few quick revs just to let them know i was coming back but to my suprise and total joy she was still sitting there sucking his cock like nothing was amiss. I crept the bike into the bend and came to a stop about 5m away from the car and left it running just incase i had to make a quick exit, however the guy just turned and smiled and the women now sucking even harder pulled down her top to reveal a magnificent pair of tits with very big nipples and pink areolas. Seeing this my cock started to get hard and my stare got even more intense as i watched her lick his balls and deep throat his hard cock like a pro. They were both in their mid 40's, she was quite slim with big tits and nice pussy and he was abit on the chubby side with one of the fattest cocks i've ever seen.

I turned off my bike and took off my goggles to get a better view, as i did she pushed the guy back, stood up and pulled her dress all the way off, she wasnt wearing any knickers and had a beautiful shaven pussy which she gave a quick rub, making sure i could see and sat back down to deep throat her friend once more. I watched for about 5 minutes as she sucked licked pulled and sucked his cock some more, by this stage she was rubbing and fingering her pussy frantically, and i was rubbing my cock through my pants also, i could tell the guy was about to cum as he had two handfulls of her hair and was face fucking her as if his life depended on it. Just before he came the women once again pushed him back and got out of the car, laid backwards over the boot opened up her lips to give me a nice view of her very wet pussy, then jammed almost her whole fist into her pussy and started pumping away. The guy lent over grabbed a handfull of hair slipped two fingers into her arse and started calling her a little slut and a whore, which only made her pump her very wet pussy even harded. Now by this stage my cock is straining at my pants, and they are both looking and smiling at me, and the guy asks me what i think should be done to this little slut who is putting on the show for us, before i could even think my mouth blurted out "fuck her in the arse". With my instructions he turned her around laid her over the boot once more and rammed his cock into her arse so hard she leapt forward and almost cried at the same time. He was ramming his fat cock into her arse at warp speed still calling her a slut and her screaming to fuck her harder. This must have been to much for her as she came in about 10 seconds squirting juice all down her legs and over the boot, this pushed the guy over the top as her spun her around and spurted a fountain of come all over her face and tits. I sat in silence for a few seconds amazed at what i had just seen, then started my bike, screamed thank you through my helmet and roared off.

When i got home (i had been out almost 2 hours) i explained what had happened to my missus, who being a little horny devil herself sucked my still hard cock as i told the whole story.

I did some research into the whole dogging experience and found out the spot in question is a local dogging spot, I've been back a few times but nothing has happened again, so if you're the couple in this story, thank you again for the show.