Written by cock lover

8 May 2012

My fuck buddy and I were at a friends place when, with only a few muttered words, we took off, saying we were going to get some wine. It was getting dark, so we found our nearest secluded parking space overlooking some bushland. There were a couple of other cars scattered around, so we parked as far as we could away from them.

We quickly pushed back the seats and started kissing and fondling each other. I straddled him in the passenger seat grinding my already wet pussy into his groin. I could feel his hard 9 inch, thick cock through his jeans and I had to have it. We quickly ripped our pants off and I slid down onto the floor between his legs where I took hold of his glorious manhood and started licking and sucking the tip before gradually taking it into my mouth. Working his balls in my hand, I slowly worked on getting as much as I could in. He loved making me gag so he grabbed the back of my head, slowly pushing my head downwards. As I worked his balls, I pulled his cock out of my mouth and spat on my fingers, then resumed pulling that cock into my mouth. He slid forward a bit on the seat so I had easier access so I could slowly run my finger down over that really sensitive spot and rub my wet fingers around his ass before sliding one in. With that, he pushed his cock up into the back of my throat and made me gag. I finger fucked his ass while teasing his cock until I couldn't take any more. I slid up onto his lap again, giving him a kiss, letting him taste the precum that was all over my lips. He reached down and started playing with my clit. I thought I was going to cum then and there. I slapped his hand away so I could slide that giant into my wet hole. I quickly rolled a condom onto that throbbing piece of meat, and with one push, it was all the way in. He grabbed hold of my ample hips and started grinding me, his pubic bone pressing against my engorged clit. When it was nice and wet he whispered "you know what I want" and slid me off his cock.

I raised up higher and with that, he slid his cock into my hole slowly, knowing how much I loved the feeling of him slowly but surely taking my ass. Once it was all the way in, I slowly started fucking him, loving the feeling of that beautiful cock. I was going wild and started fucking him harder and faster, he was gripping my hips and pulling me down onto his cock while he was pushing himself upwards. He grabbed a nipple in his mouth and started licking and nibbling at it which always makes me go wild.

After 20 minutes or so, with sweat dripping off us both, he pulled out, ripped off the condom, turned me around so I was in the reverse cowgirl position and slid his cock into my soaking wet pussy. I groaned so loudly that he put his hand over my mouth, which I promptly bit. He quickly took it away! I leaned forward, leaving my ass exposed to his exploring fingers. He slid his fingers in beside his cock, making sure they were nice and wet before sliding two into my gaping hole. Maoning, I grabbed the dash and I slammed up and down onto his cock, his fingers fucking my ass. I felt that all too familiar feeling building inside me and started to ride him harder than I think he had ever known from me, when suddenly my pussy started to quiver and I squirted all over him and the car - my first ever squirt!. That seemed to turn him on even more and suddenly his cock was pulled out of that now sopping mess that was my cunt and rammed his soaked cock back up my ass, fucking it hard. He took no time to start thrusting wildly. I knew what was about to come.....he let out a window rattling roar and shot his load deep in my ass....

We went back to my friends place, absolutely soaked in cum and smelling of that unmistakeable scent. Our friend looked at us knowingly, but we had returned with a half a dozen bottles of wine, so it was quickly and conveniently forgotten in a drunken haze. Took me a week to be able to sit comfortably, but fuck, it was worth every single second!!