31 Mar 2016

A few months ago, we had a private little party at our place to celebrate Jens birthday. There were only a select few couples and ladies invited, all up about 9-10 people. We all had a pretty good idea where the night was going to wind up, which was naked and a bit of an orgy.

Barbara (Barbie)had been giving me the eye all night, and we had been flirting online for a few weeks prior, so the sexual tension was just waiting to be broken. Both her and her husband were still pretty new to the swinging scene, and as such things were going slow on their behalf. We'd all been skinny dipping in the spa and as such, clothes were discarded and towels were the clothing choice of the night.

I had to come inside to get some more ice from the freezer, when I heard the sliding door open and close. I turned around to see Barbie standing there. She reached under my towel and grabbed my semi hard cock, as it had sprung to life seeing her there.

"I've been wanting this all night" she said as she knelt in front of me and quickly sucked my semi hard cock into her mouth. She was good, nice and warm and wet. I grabbed her head and gently started fucking her mouth. I asked her if her hubby knew what she was doing and got the response of her grabbing my ass and pulling my full (by now hard) length into her mouth. I took that as a yes!!

She undid her towel and stood, draping it over her shoulder and dragging me by my cock into the bedroom. She kissed me deeply and pushed me backwards onto the bed. She moved over me and lowered her soaked pussy down onto my face. I licked and sucked and fingered her pussy as she sucked my cock deep inside her throat. She was at the point of cumming and deep throated me as she ground her clit onto my face as her first orgasm ripped through her. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers as she came.

Before she had time to regain her breath, she rolled over onto her back and pulled her knees up to her ears and commanded me to fuck her. I moved into position above her and slid in deep in one thrust. Immediately her pussy clamped down on me, she told me to fuck her hard and to hurry. Not one to refuse, I pulled out almost all the way and then started to slam her, within a few strokes, she came again, and loudly. If nobody was aware of what we were doing, they certainly were now!!

I pulled out and flipped her over onto all fours, gave her ass a smack and slammed in deep. I grabbed her hair with one hand and her hip with the other and used them for leverage as I fucked her so hard, the bed started moving. She loved it and started to cum again as my cock pistoned in and out of her. I suddenly felt the familiar tension in my balls as they tightened and started to growl I was going to cum.......Barbie told me she wanted to taste me and flipped over to find my hips still pumping my cock right at mouth level.

She simply replaced her pussy with her mouth and hands and started sucking me like a fucking porn star, within seconds jet after jet of hot cum spurted from me into her open mouth, she sucked the head of my cock into her mouth and sucked hard, making me spasm and the last few spurts she milked out over her more than ample tits. She used the head of my cock to rub my cum into her skin.

At this point, one of the single ladies applauded and said that she hoped Barbie hadn't used me all up for the night and we looked around to find every body watching us intently. Jen was stroking Barbies husbands cock and fingers were slipping in everywhere amoungst everybody else. I gave Barbie a kiss and we moved off towards the shower to clean up a little. The lady who applauded joined Barbie and I in the shower and made sure I was back to full attention before we went back into the bedroom.

Suffice to say, the rest of the night is a bit of a blur as naked bodies licked, sucked and fucked until people slowly started to leave. Last person to leave was the lady who applauded, she asked for an invite to the next party as she had some friends who would love this kind of night...........she's bringing 2 girlfriends to my birthday party in mid April. I think I'm going to be spoilt a bit as there are 3 couples and 4 ladies cumming............I'll update you with a story of how the night went later