Written by mech2750

24 May 2013

I had been having an affair with an older lady for a while, me 35, she 50. She was thin, nice body, single and lonely. Her husband had left her years earlier, and she had a couple of sons that had moved out. I used to pick her up from time to time and give her a lift home, one thing led to another. She loved to suck, and was very good at it. She liked to take her time, and catch every drop. She liked being fucked hard, loved it standing up against the wall... and in the car... One day she said she had this fantasy of being raped. I didn't know how to cater to that... so i told her to leave it with me. So i thought about it for a while. One day i was giving her a lift home, and while my cock was in her mouth, i told her not to lock her back door tomorrow night. She started to suck me with a more intense motion, it was easy to see that the thought of this was turning her on... more. When i dropped her at home, i told her to sleep naked.. The next night, about 11ish, i was on the way home from the gym, i parked the car, snuck around the back and let myself in. I had to go through the kitchen, so i grabbed a butter knife. I think she heard me come into her room, as the floorboards creeked, but i think that only made her hornier, as i lightly pressed the flat of the knife against her throat, and whispered not to make a sound. With the other hand i touched her breasts, softly feeling them, and how erect her nipples were, then i very slowly ran my hand down over her stomach, towards her pussy. It had been freshly shaved, i believe in anticipation, but her whole body was quiveirng as i got close... the closer i got, the more she shook. As i leant over her, right hand holding the knife to her throat, left hand sliding over her drenched, soaking pussy, my middle finger ran over her clit, and curled into her hot box.. She shook. I then pushed 2 fingers in rather quick and hard, and she started to moan, so i stopped. I got right in her ear and whispered BE FUCKING QUIET.. I then put the knife under her pillow, and put my hand over her mouth. I pulled my shorts down, and quickly jumped on her, pumping as hard as i could. I could feel her pussy convulsing. Then i got off, grabbed her by her hair, and pulled her over to my dripping hard cock. She didn't need to be told what to do.. She cleaned me up good and proper. I pulled her off, and ordered her to lick my balls because i think her pussy juices were on them.. so she did. I then told her if she fucked me like the good slut she is, i wouldn't hurt her.. She really liked the dirty talk, and being called names. I then man handled her onto all 4's, and proceeded to doggy her...hard. When she moaned, i'd just pull her hair, which she was liking more and more. Then i started to slip a finger into her sexy ass, with and alternating motion, and she was loving it. Then I pushed her back down on the bed, face down.. got her gressing gown sash, and wrapped it around her hands, and tied it to the bed head. I got some habd cream from her dresser, and the knife from under the pillow. i squirted the cream over her ass... She had never had anal before. I lay on top of her, rubbing my cock over her ass, between her cheeks, while i had my hand around her throat. I told her i was going to cum deep in her ass. I started to let my knob just pop into her tight ass, and before to long, i was pounding it for all i was worth. She was really into it, then i realised she was rubbing her clit on the sheet... this really turned me on, as when she came, the spasms made me unload into her... I got up, untied her hands, and said to her, stay there for 10 minutes, and don't call the police. i got up, grabbed my shorts and snuck out.

I saw her a couple of days later, picked her up walking home, and she said it was the best sex she had ever had. I proceeded to take to a quiet dead end street, put her over the bonnet, and fucked her ass again... She discovered anal pleasures. We had sex quite often over a couple of years, but then i moved away. about 6 months later i went back to see her, only to find she had moved also....

great memories though.

and plenty more stories for sure.. ;)