Written by a1n2e3t4

3 Dec 2012

Ok out west Nsw a cousin had passed away.

My wife and I had mmf once before.

We new that out west they drank early but it was before 11am and we had finished the funeral and all met at the bar at the local bowling club. 

Not much in the way of food and we were pretty hungry.

By 3 pm we started to separate and go back to we're they came from. We had a room at the pub so we headed there.

We went and had a few more drinks ;("

As the day rolled on we had a great time and the rellos rolled in for dinner. We had one hot bar tender and a local boy who was very yummy for my wife. 

We had a lot to drink but had not thought about any sex at all.

 Dinner followed thank God!

That helped and I soon got back to the real world.

Well we had a ball with our family and the female publican and the local lad

Apparently drinking the bar clean of the red wine. I played pool out the back as my wife sat with the female bar tender.

It soon was  around 11,30 or 12,30 i decided to asked this young bloke about a threesome with my wife forgetting the hotti bar girl as I was to drunk.

He was over whelmed and excited. I then spoke with my wife she smiled said yes and ran up stairs to our room.

He and I finished the game of pool and headed up to the room.

I said to my new mate drop the dacks and said to my wife suck us, her grin was so full on and yep she took the whole cock and loved it. After a while he needed to go to the toilet. This is a old pub and only communal Dunnys she looked at me and I said take him there, she shily did in front of all the rooms they walked dick in hand to the toilet.

They returned and shit hot sex followed.

my wife sucked me as he made her come then he licked her as she sucked me. I fucked her as he kissed her and she sucked.

Best yet he licked her so bad she had my balls so deep she just came over and over.

As the night went on the same shit happened.

I must say he was amazing, I thought I was good as a young man but fuck, he had her juice every moment. I still get hot and would invite him for sex anytime!

When we woke with sore heads and dicks and pussy we went to the bar, can you believe the bar girl on duty, grabbed me asked were did I go as she waited for me? I cried in side and just smiled as a moment later the publican Said did you kill someone as I heard what sounded like screams and body's hitting the floor last night, smiled and left me.

What a fucken good night, can only dream of what my bar Girl could have brung to the party, fucken hot bitch.

Well we have had good sex since but the wife still can't remember all the times she came let alone the types of sex. 

I wish I new Thier names and numbers!