Written by A and B

8 Oct 2013

We walked into the house to meet the agent for our private viewing, as we walked in he was there waiting for us in the front room and greeted us and told us to look around. A few of the rooms he followed us into and told us a bit about the place. I'm not sure if he was following us to talk or to see my wife B as I kept catching him having a look. B was wearing a summery dress cut quite short showing the frame of her ass and the top just showed a small amount of cleavage. As me and him spoke I could see his eyes following her. He was quite a good looking guy abit older probably 40, I noticed B also getting a little flirty around him. As we talked he said he would like to help us get a good deal, the asking price was abit more than our budget but he could help. As he was speaking I could see a bulge in his pants, my mind raced thinking about what we might be able to do to pursuide him to go a little cheaper, as he left to let us talk B actually made the first comment about getting him to go cheaper. We both got very hot thinking about it and decided to go for it.

I lay on the bed and pulled down my jeans exposing my now throbbing cock, B then got on top of me pulling her panties to the side. My cock slipped straight into her soaking pussy as she started to ride me. As he walked in he looked in complete shock, he stepped back and then as I smiled at him he came forward again. His cock made a bigger bulge now as he rubbed it and I said that we were hoping this could make the deal better. He released his cock as B rode me, as her pussy slid down my hard cock he undid his pants slowly and a big, thick cock sprung out. He stroked up and down his thick cock and I couldn't help but watch. As I held B's ass I pushed up her dress above her hips so he had a full view of her ass, when I did he reached over and played with it. Then he came around a little further and I watched as B's lips slid over his now pulsating cock just inches from my face. I held her ass still now fucking her harder as she began to suck him harder. B then released his cock and slowly slid her pussy off of me, standing up she then took her dress and bra off leaving just her panties as she asked us to sit on the bed together. We got on the bed and B took a cock in each hand she then wanked both our cocks before starting to swap between sucking them both, as she sucked my cock I watched as she stroked his. She then started to stroke both of our cocks and rub them together strangely making me even harder, my cock now throbbed and pulsated being pushed up aganst his, although nervous I gave in to it feeling like I was going to blow.

He then asked out loud if I was Bi, as I said no, B said that depends on what deal we can get as she gave me a smile. He said he would make sure a very god deal could be reached. B then said to me go on it won't matter and I thought why not. As he stood up B still stayed sucking my cock as I now opened my legs getting her closer. He stood up and put his cock right in front of me, as he did B quickly stood up, she put one leg on the bed and grabbed his big cock pushing it into her from behind, her lips spread as his head pushed in followed by his shaft still right in front of me. He grabbed her hips and began fucking her filling her with his cock for a minute before she slid off saying now it'll just taste like me. She got back down and put my twitching cock in her mouth. He then put his cock in front of me again and I put it in my mouth, the head went in my mouth as I then took the rest of his cock in, I started sucking back and forth as I could taste B's juices. B was still sucking me as I felt my balls tighten, as I did I felt pre cum go into my mouth. I now began to suck harder enjoying it as I did, my cock then burst as B licked the tip I sprayed huge loads onto her and myself. I felt his cock stiffen in my mouth even more and begin to twitch, it throbbed in my mouth and then began to shoot a big load, I felt the first spray burst into my mouth followed by a second and then smaller ones.

Needless to say we got the house at the price we wanted and even now writing about it my cock is throbbing in my shorts.