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Published 4 years ago
Rebel I first met Rebel online, before Facebook was a thing. I was looking at different profiles, while paying attention to people from my home town. I saw her profile and her name Rebel. Hmm i thought she sounds interesting and i like the look of her page, so i sent a friend request and in a day or so Rebel and i were chatting. Both of us were from the same town so we talked about each others likes and we got along well, so i asked Rebel if we could met up for a face to face chat. We had been talking bout what types of things we enjoy in terms of sexual fun. Rebel said she is submissive and had had a master, although at the time i met her she was not bound. Hmm i thought. She also told me that she enjoyed sex in many forms and as an added bonus Rebel informed me that she is a squirter. Well my interest was well and truly spiked and we talked some more and we made a play date time day and where i was to find her waiting for me. As Rebel was submissive(a fact which later came into our later meetings) i made it clear that she was to be without any underwear. This she did when we first met. Rebel was not a tall lady. Rather 5ft 1 but what a package she was. Large but firm boobs that sat high and proudly out in front of her. Rebel had longish dark hair down past her shoulders, and partly covering her small round face, with a smile on her lips and the devil in her eyes. Rebel was not slim but neither was she overweight. As i said 5ft 1 and full of promise and excitement. Rebel climbed in my car and away we went. I was not really sure where i would end up but i drove to a local beach, where i used to go naked and enjoyed the water. Now this beach had a lot of tracks and hidy holes where people would go and play(out of sight of others, mostly guys but hey it was fun all the same.). As i drove we talked a little though not all that much to be honest. As i drove i asked Rebel if she had done as asked? To which she lifted up her long dress and began to rub herself. With one hand on the wheel i reached over and squeezed one of her ample boobs. Oh my so big yet firm, and as i squeezed she softly moaned as she leaned back in the seat. Hmm i like what i see and feel, this will be an interesting day. Arriving at the car park we got out and i picked a track that went along the back of the beach. This track was used by workers who had cleared some of the bush and had planted trees as part of regrowth. As we walked we talked a bit kissed a lot and i had my feel of this submissive little lady, and yes i was very pleased. Turning off one track onto another less used track, i stopped in a small clearing overlooking a small grassy gully overgrown with trees, but cleared enough for people to lay naked while out of sight of others. A sight which i am guessing was well used for the same purpose for which we were about to. Laying out a towel for us we kissed and undressed each other. Rebel though short was well build with her large boobs, small belly leading down to a lovely wet willing cunt. Falling to the ground both naked Rebel went kissing along my body and finding herself at my hard cut cock she sucked it in, and oh the joy she gave me, it was that good i had to stop her and rolling her over i easily slid my way home. Deeply sliding into her wet open cunt was such a feeling of, yes this is a good feeling. Kissing as i pounded her deep and hard Rebel began to respond to my thrusting with thrusting of her own in response to mine. Up down we fucked, only stopping to change positions. I was never out of her for long. This time from behind i was able to get a good rytheme as she slid back to meat me. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back i heard her grunt a deep guttural growl. With the sun shining through the trees and a gentle breeze off the beach it indeed felt like a good day. At the place where i picked Rebel up from was a small supermarket, one which i entered and bought a few odds and ends, which i would later be using on the beach. A point we both enjoyed when toys and veggie were introduced into our play dates. One of these was a long Greek cucumber. We stopped fucking long enough for us to catch our breaths. As we rested i reached over to my bag of goodies and got out the cucumber, pealing off the plastic i ran my fingers over then into Rebel’s cunt. Yes she was wet and willing as she opened her legs allowing me full access and i dipped my fingers deep into her, but only long enough to cover my fingers in her juices and then over the cucumber. Asking Rebel to roll over onto her hands and knees and then lean her arse back towards me. I was able to see how ready she was and happy to please. Slowly i began to rub her puckered arsehole. And by the way she pushed back onto my fingers i knew she was up for anything. Slowly i rubbed one end of the cucmber over her pink puckered hole, then eased it in a bit at a time allowing her hole to get used to the feeling. With firmer pushing slowly the cucumber began to disapare up her hole. Now the cucumber was a good 18 inches long though at its thickest it was maybe one inch it slipped in without much help from me. Moans were cumming from Rebel as she began to ride the green cock with her head down on the ground and one hand rubbing her clit she was in heaven and as i watched i to was enjoying this little lady, being my slut for today. Over cum as i was i pulled the green machine out and replaced it with my cock. Deep and easily it slipped in and oh so tight it felt. I was in heaven, here i was with a (married)rebel deep ion her arse under the shade of some trees in the morning. Yes indeed it was a great day. After some hard fucking i felt i was near the limit and with a loud grunt one last deep pounding i empited my load deep in the arse of Rebel. She was still rubbing herself as i slapped her arse as i fell beside her. She turned her head to look at me and smiled at me, as she collapsed beside me. I was a smoker back then and with a satified grin i lit a smoke and watched the clouds wash overhead. Rebel still not fully satisfied rolled over and began to suck my cum covered cock, giving it new life. Seeing my reaction to this Rebel opened her legs wide and began to rub herself. Drawing in smoke i could see her body twitch and her hips rise up to meet her fingers. Not bothering to use the cucumber her fingers were a blur as i saw her body go tense, drawing in a big deep breath then what i saw next was to me the most amazing thing i had seen in many years. Her fingers stopped working and then out came flooding what i would say was maybe two full cups of fluid, clear fluid gushing out as if a pipe burst. Rebel’s body still twitching as her flood still came. I nearly burnt my hand as i was transfixed by this sight. Dropping the butt and making sure it was out i looked at Rebel’s face and all i saw was a look of both satisfaction and a small glint in her eye to say ‘’told you i SQUIRT.’’ Needless to say after that show i was full of questions about her skills and talents. I was amazed by the talents of this pocket rocket. On our way back to town we exchanged phone numbers and she told me that though she was married she loved cock and wanted to be involved with a woman at some point soon. I said i was very happy to have met her. The next week i sent Rebel a text asking if she would like to meet up again, she replies yes same place and time, and so began my fuck buddy relationship with Rebel. It went on for almost two years meeting two or three times a week and going to the beach or other places to fuck suck and enjoy each other. We shared much ever invited a few(men and women) to join us on the beach. While others just liked to watch from a distance as they masturbated or indeed up close and we were able to reach out and touch them. Rebel had others she met all the time with or with out my knowing. As i did also but never were any like Rebel. In all my years of fun and fucking i can say i have only ever met TWO squirters, one was Rebel and the other was a woman i met when i was 18, but that's another story...

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