21 Jun 2017

Rebel at the beach.

This is the story of one of our many fun trips we had going to a local beach. Rebel and I often would go to a local beach, its not a nude beach, but many of the people who went there would often strip and enjoy the sun, sand and the surf, amongst other things.

This morning I picked rebel up as usual and we drive to the car park near the beach then walk the short distance to the beach and we would set up our little camp in the dunes, which was a hollow sourounded by trees and sloping down facing the beach. With our blanket layed out we would then strip and enjoy each other, either she would give me head as I fingered or licked her, but always we had our fun and then rest.

Some days it was just us tow on the beach other days there were lots of people, mostly guys, who would stand back in the trees and watch us and wank, so we would put on a show for them.

This day however, a guy was walking down the beach, and seeing us came up to us and sat and chatted. He was well tanned and nicely built in his man panties, looked ok. He was sitting up behind rebel a little and I was off to one side, and as we chatted she reached out and placed a hand on his leg. Seeing as he didn’t move away rebel began to slowly run her hand up and down his leg, while all three of us chatted. Rebel and I were both naked. Rebel is short plump but loves cock of any type so when I saw her move her hand up under his man panties, I thought nice some extra fun today.

He didt move but kept chatting, as he slipped off his man panties, revelaing a nice smooth ball sack and hardening cock of a good size. This was rebel’s chance as she crawled up putting his hardness in her mouth. I sat and watched her go to work, and she loves to suck cock. He relaxed some more and leaned back on his elbows and opened his legs wide to let rebel have better access. All chatter stopped. I sat and watched her suck him deep within her mouth. I know how well she can suck, as she gentley nibbled on him then release him to suck one of his balls deeply while she slowly used her mouth juices to rub his hardness. The look of bliss on his face told me he was enjoying her skills, and the slurping noises she made on his balls told me she was as well.

As for me I just sat back and watched, not caring if any guys were in the bushed watching and wanking. Which would have been a pitty as we always enjoyed it when they came over and either joined in or came closer to wank. Sucking him deeply again into her mouth my hard cock in hand I mover in closer to rebel. I then began to finger her, finding her wet and ready I slipped in a few more fingers, as she opened her self wider for me. I kept fingering her a while longer. Then rubbing her juices on my cock I slowly wanked myself. Things were getting better.

I said to the guy if you want she will be happy to fuck you, she loves sex in all its forms, but he said the head job was plenty for him today, thank you. All the while rebel sucked and sucked, going faster, then slower and mixing it up. The noises she was making were telling us both that she was enjoying herself no end.

So with my hard cock all lubed with her cunt juices I moved round behind rebel. As she was laying down on her side I lifted one leg up and away form her so I had better access. With my hand back in her cunt I began to rub from her cunt to her backdoor, and slipping in a finger every now and then till both holes were well covered in juice. Moving behind rebel I positioned myself and ran my cock up and down her lips. This I did a few times and then slowly I pushed my knob into her backdoor. It slipped in easy as, then stopped. Rebel however, never stopped sucking and moved just a little back towards my cock so that it would slip in her back hole. As I said before rebel loves sex in all its forms and anal for her is a must, so I pushed myself in deeper and deeper, and still her head bobbed up and down. And away I went, fucking the hole for all I was worth, slowly deeply then faster. I was matching her bobbing head. The faster she went the faster I went. Looking at the guys face I could see he was not far off cumming, so I began to fuck rebel faster, harder, I grabbed hold of her hips and began to pound her harder, as her heard moved faster. Im not sure who came first, him, me or rebel, all I know was I let out a loud grunt with one last deep push and emptied my load deep in her arse as the guy unloaded in rebel’s mouth. And like the good girl she is she never let a drop of cum drip out of her mouth.

Rebel lifted her head from his cock and made sure he was clean as he was when he sat down. And I pulled out of her and she came round to clean me up as well. The next thing I know the guy was dressed and standing up, saying his thanks for the play. We said no worries any time, you see us here feel free to drop by.