Written by Jamie

26 Apr 2018

I like to think of alot of my past slutty times because i have had so many they get hard to recall! hehehe mmm. Usually I end up acting a session out by myself on myself as much as possible hehe.

One of my favs is when i was in a public toilet near a quiet beach reading filthy gay notices writtten on a cubicle wall and adding my own hehe mmm. It was early morning and i was stroking my hard cock and fingering my horny well cleaned wet hole as i looked through a window to watch for anyone coming. 2 guys jogged over and stood outside doing stretches and looking around and then they came towards the toilet n i panicked n pulled pants up n pretended to be pissing while hiding my hardon. They walked in and stood on either side of me and unzipped to piss. I couldnt help but look quick at the guy on my left who was about 40? and stocky with close shaved head AND hot looking fat cock head that he was rubbing his last drops of piss over mmm. The guy on my right was about 30? redhead tall and bulky with a haard 8inch cock in his hand. YES i was so excited nervous but soo horny as i dropped my pants n started fingering myhole again.

They fucked my mouth and asscunt hard n well for about 20min. Redhead blew his load deep into my ass in 5secs after 2 or 3 quick deep wet thrusts as i sucked greedily on the older very thick 6-7inch rock hard cock with huge helmet gagging me as he told his mate he was weak as piss cumming up me already and that he would show how to fuck this wet hungry slut(me mmm) properly! mmmmmmm!!. Then they both fucked me good in a cubicle in all ways mmm another older guy appeared somehow n was wanking his small cock til blowing on my bum and i got to suck him clean as my cunt took another load from fat cock mmmm n thats well shortened on true nasty details mmm

Many times when i get home from playing I play with my self more n well n hard mmm and always when my used asscunt is still full of mens cummm.

I was home before 6am and ramming a toy into my sloppy ass and mouth n licking sucking eating all the cum that covered the toy or burped dripped out mmmm.

Going to stuff my horny hungry throat n cunt deep hard n sloppy now with a pump up dildo that gets sooo thick n another 8inck rubber dong thinking of that 1 hot session mmmmm

Thanks if you like. That was one of my best fucks ever! xxx