Written by psolis

2 Jan 2012

I t was a few weeks ago , I had the day off work, so headed down to maslins beach.

The Beach was reletively empty, maybe 40 people, I dropped my gear in amongst other people & went for a swim.

As I was walking out of the water, there was an older lady standing at the waters edge. As I got closer she said "Hi psolis"

"I thought that was you." A momentary look of bemusment then i realised it was jenine. Now Janine is one of these people that you just seem to cross paths with every few years. I first met her in 1988 when i bought my first retail business & she was a customer till 1994, when she left that firm on her 50th birthday. Then when I bought another retail business in 2000 she worked in the same building, But not only that, I would often bump into her at the shopping centre or at glenelg etc.

I remember her being a pretty good looking mother of 3, a few extra kilos, nice cleavage, always well dressed & groomed & always very hospitable. The years had obviously taken thier toll, but compared to others there, she still looked a pretty young 68yo. Anyway who am I to speak, I am 52 yo with a gut etc. lol

Suprised I said hi jenine how ru & gave her a peck on the cheek. We talked a bit & she invited me to join her. We talked about old times & what we have been upto. Her kids are all married & she has 7 grand children. But her sorrow is that her husband passed away approx 3 years ago. Here she told me that she has missed the intamacy & it has taken her a long time to adjust to being on her own. The reason she comes to maslins is to try & rekindle some memories from when she used to come here with her husband in th 70's when the beach was 1st proclaimed a nude beach.

Anyway we talked & swam & talked & swam & went for a walk the full length of the beach, for a few hours when I said that I must be going & she also said it was time for her to go. Dressed we exchanged plesantries & I reached to give her a kiss to thank her for a great afternoon. Well she pulled me in close & locked her lips onto mine. after about 30 seconds, we parted & she asked, do you have to be anywhere tonite . I said no, she said why not come over for a drink. In light of what just happened I knew what i would be drinking.

She gave me her adress & I told her I would meet her there. I was parked up the top car park & she on the lower one.

I headed back into town with a stiff cock. It was a 35 minute drive But I knew her street off brighton road, so I was able to head straight there.

I arrived before janine, so I waited for a few minutes when she arrived. Out of the car & heading for the front door she gave me an accomodating smile that said to me "psolis, this lady needs some seriouse loving". She opened the door we went in through to the kitchen , have a seat, would you like a drink she asked as she put her things down. Yes thanks , but not alchaholic, an Iced tea ? nice I said. Befor she opened the fridge she said "get comfortable' , as she pulled her dress off over her head. "We have seen each other naked". She poured us an iced tea & brought it over. I had a sip, now where were we she said as she pulled me to my feet & we resumed kissing.

She took me by the hand & led me to her bedroom, but instead of going to the bed she unlocked a patio door that led to private area with a built in spa. We hopped in, & immediatley embraced again. this time Janine feeling that my cock was erect sat me on one of the spa seats & straddled me,and proceeded to lower her self onto my bursting cock. I could Feel the hotness of her pussy in the just warm water as she started to bounce on me. With the spa going & janines body bouncing up & down on my dick both of us were not far from exploding. I could tell this woman has been longing for this for a long time.

Janine exploded first ,uncontrollably yelling, I am sure the neighbours heard, followed by me. She pushed down hard so as to get all my juice inside her. She finally sat back mumbling how good, cock at last f,,,, this & f..that, not alot I understood but I did understand 4.5 long years since she had had sex, since her husband first got sick.

After a few minutes she led me out of the spa, she proceeded to dry me off, stopping to give me a blow job for a couple of minutes b4 we headed for the bed. There knowing that above all she had missed intamacy, I lay her back & went to work on her body. For 90 minutes I kissed & caressed her, every part of her, i bought her to climax with my fingers & tounge, until she begged me to fuck her,

I spread her legs, put a pillow under her bum & penetrated her. We slowly built a rhythym , she girating her hips to meet my every deep thrust, stopping only to stave us off from cumming to soon. After about 10 minutes of this neither of us could take anymore & we both exploded . Janine cum threetimes in a minute, as I pumped what ever i had plus then some deep down her fanny. We collapsed & fell asleep for 30 odd minutes, woken by the phone, her daughter was on her way over, so I was out of there.

Who said oldie's are no good....bullshit. I have been to Janines twice since, each time as good as the first.