11 Jul 2020

My wife had organised her friends brother to do some electrical work for us but halfway through completing the work he injured his knee at football and couldn’t climb the ladder into the roof cavity. He said there wasn’t much left to do and he could come around talk me through it if I wanted to finish it off . I was standing on the ladder halfway into the manhole following Greg’s instructions when on passing me up the pliers he slightly brushed my cock with his hand. Putting it down to an accident I flinched a little and kept working ( and also wondering if he meant it , my desire to be with another guy was getting stronger every day ). While handing back the pliers I saw Greg looking at my cock in my loose gym shorts which started getting me semi hard and as he took them he had a much longer slower brush against my semi hard cock . I instantly went rock hard with my cock stretching my shorts to their limit “ well hello “ said Greg devilishly as he placed his hand on my shorts and began to play with my member. I wasn’t ready when Greg pulled my cock out the side of my shorts and licked me from the base off my shaft to my knob and nearly fell off the ladder, he then deep throated my cock working his tongue magically round my knob at the same time. I looked down to see he had his cock out of his pants as he worked his magic lips up and down my shaft and knob this turned me on even more watching him wank and listening to the slurping sounds he was making on my cock. I was close to coming and he could sense this too as he worked my cock faster and faster, I let him know I was going to shoot and with that he took my cock all the way down to my balls as I exploded in his mouth he gagged and slurped as my cum pumped out over his lips and dripped to the floor draining me thoroughly. As I hopped down from the ladder I could see his cock was rock hard and glistening with pre cum , this was the moment of truth I had fantasised about for years I wrapped my hand around his rather large cock and worked it back and forth, a drip of juice came out the eye of his manhood and I licked it off hungrily mmmm tasted so good , I then took my first cock in my mouth and began to suck it slowly and deeply , I was surprised I got his big member all the way in , this was far better than practicing on my wife’s toys with her, I could feel every pulse Greg made as I throated his cock making me hungrier and hungrier for it. I suggested we go into the guest bedroom and asked him how he would like me to finish him, he laid me on my back with my head tilted and with him standing began to fuck my mouth and throat , this felt so good and my cock was now hard again as I stroked it while Greg used my mouth as his fuck toy, his momentum was getting faster and although I always thought I wouldn’t be able to swallow I couldn’t wait for him to cream in my mouth. Stroking my cock furiously by now waiting in anticipation , Greg tensed up and started to cum, his load was huge , I spat some and swallowed some as he kept fucking my mouth till his balls were drained and he collapsed next me on the bed leaving his sweet and salty man juice all over my lips . This had fulfilled my years of desires and was better than I ever thought it would be , hence to say I have had a lot more “ electrical work “ done lately.

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