24 Nov 2018

A little while back Bon Jovi was playing at Suncorp stadium, as I live more than 6 hours away ,I had to stay in the city ,anyway ..I found a hotel with a coffee shop next door ,checked in dropped of bags and went for coffee, Omg the coffee girl Amanda was gorgeous blonde double DD tits blue eyes ,I got a hard on straight away,anyway we chatted and bon jovi came up ,she loved the band but was working late,so I went to show and when I got back to hotel she was cleaning tables ,I knocked and waved after a couple of coffees and chat she moved her hand onto my croutch crotchless which was hard as a rock ,she took out my cock and sucked the shit out of it ,licking it and my balls sucking my knob hard that I blew my hot cum in her mouth as it ran over her lips, I pulled off her shirt and bra and sucked her huge hard nipples pulling off her panties ,her pussy is gushing wet I fingered that pussy hard and played with her clit, I span her around and took her from behind my hard cock just pounding and pounding her and then shoving it in her ass as she screamed with pleasure ,I fucked her for about 40 minutes then put her in her back spread her legs and licked and sucked her shaved pussy till she shot her pussy juices in my mouth ,we lay on the floor stroking and playing with our naked bodies ,we got dressed went to my room where we fucked again on balcony ,against the windows then she said. # fuck the security tape #

We ran next door and grabbed the tape ,just in time before shop opened , she left that job and now works for Coles . .let's just say we fuck out back of store and managers office

Tags: adventure