Written by Hubby

18 Sep 2017

It's just Sam's hubby here again;

Well after the night on board the cruise ship in our stateroom ,where me and my mate John (from work) fucked my wife Sam , it was all out in the open that she is one hell of a hot wife (not that she even knows what that means ,and also is not aware that I had manipulated all the many times,and many guys to fuck her "lol").

Now that I finally have what I really wanted (a wife that is getting cock from other guy's) its just not as much fun without all the skullduggery .

So I had to come up with a plan here's what went on;

On the last night of the cruise I had lent John a dinner jacket (as I had a suit on ) nothing happened sexually as Sam was still acting shy or embarrassed somewhat in front of both me and John , so we both just left it at that ,we said our good byes and made comment that it was a great cruise ,and like most cruise lovers "said we should do it again sometime"

Well fast forward a few weeks , back at work me and John were just chatting about the cruise and he was thanking me for letting him fuck Sam the night we both fucked her on our bed in our stateroom (he still thinks I was asleep the first night he got into her pants ,and does not mention it as he thinks I would have been cranky{lol} ) so were chatting away about here great ass and tasty pussy etc. when I say to him ," I reckon that I could possibly make it happen again without me being there ",and watched his reaction.

Here's what to do ;

I said " you remember the jacket I lent you ,the last night on board ?, well its time to bring it back , and you will do that whilst I'm away at the sales conference next week" .

"I will set up behind the scenes the right circumstances without Sam's knowledge ,so as she will be quite receptive to a stray bit of cock on the side , I'm quite sure , as she has had the odd root on the side and I think she likes the clandestine nature of fucking behind my back now , but not just a pub slut type girl if you get my drift".

So we hatch the plan..........

Back home later I let Sam know about my sales conference (John is not in sales so he does not go to these things ) and that I will away for a couple of days next week , she of course just goes with the flow as I often go to these things and it gives her a rest from me .

Now for those who have read previous posts about my antics with my wife Sam ,you will know that I basically starve her of any sex ,but initiate lots of teasing to get her sexually frustrated and very susceptible to a bit of stray cock.

Since Sam has been fucking the odd good looking dude and a few a bit younger than herself she has started dressing a bit more provocative or slightly more sexy sought of and does secretly like guys eying her off .

So I know that on days that she has to go to town and run a few messages and stuff ,she often goes to some effort to look pretty good for her age (40"s).

So I help set up the messages , for while I'm away , all good that's in place .

That night in bed I begin my teasing , she is getting undressed to come to bed when I whistle at her from my side of the bed ,she wiggles her bum ,pushes it out whilst she walks into the ensuite, when she comes out she's got just her pajama top on and no undies (great ,plan working already ,she thinks she's getting fucked ) meanwhile I throw back the covers and expose my rock hard cock and start wanking at her , " turn round , and bend over " I say to which she duly proceeds to do .

My vision is this ....

Bent over at the waist , top on ,so my eyes are only focused on her bum {wow!} her tight little balloon knot asshole ,those gorgeous pussy lips opening up all glistening wet ......

So I'm wanking away when I casually say " remember on the cruise when that guy saw you in the change room bending over taking your swimmers off , I bet he went home and had a great wank , or even fucked his missus whilst thinking it was your cunt he was fucking "..........

" That was three guys in one day got to see your ass , what about the look on Johns face when he saw it , fuck that was a good night ........ SPLAT...... I blew my load all over the bedspread .

What about me ! Sam says , " I'll fix you up in the morning darl" ( couldn't I had to get to work etc.).

So, for the rest of the week similar things occurred and the last night before I went away , I was in a 69 position with Sam's assets in my face , playing with her tits licking her clit, inhaling her powerful horny pussy aroma and venturing upwards and licking her asshole off and on , and occasionally the odd finger in both holes , she in the meantime is sucking my cock , although Its not really my thing , but tonight I made sure it was , so the more I wound Sam up the more she slurped and sucked to reciprocate and I kept lifting my hips and thrusting my cock down her throat , when she was totally worked up in a sexually charged state , I stuck a finger in her bum , three fingers in her cunt and licked her clit all at once then SPLAT.... blew down her throat ( this is all working out).

The next morning as I am getting ready to go putting a few last things in the suitcase , I am in our walk in robe when I spot the white Lycra clingy dress we bought on the cruise ( ding another wicked thought comes into my mind).

"Why don't you ever where that dress anymore Sam , it looks so good on you .and makes you look so young and pretty ".....

Well when I get back John gives me his account of what went on when he returned the jacket the next day ......

This is getting a bit long , if you would like to hear how John got on ,and if Sam got off just let me know, Im off to have a wank just sitting here recalling those couple of days , bye for now.