Written by Hubby

20 Sep 2017

Well, this is a continuation to, "Sam's magnificent bum",

I (Hubby) have set up things as best I can to create an incident where my beautiful, sexy wife Sam gets a bit of stray cock (so she thinks anyway ) .

The clingy white semi see-through skin tight Lycra dress (I had strategically mentioned the night before that she looked young and pretty in it ...) I re-hung it, on the end of the rack in full vision ,like they often do in shops hoping when she gets dressed to go out and run the errands she would remember me saying"you haven't worn it since the cruise ,and how hot she looked in it ( she most probably may have been thinking how she got fucked by John and myself that night whilst wearing it).

Well I texted Sam on my way to the airport and told her that I loved her ,and also asked her around what time she was heading out , as one of the guys from work was dropping something off for me that I had left at work ( the plot thickens) .

Now here's what my lap top camera has picked up, (regular readers of my adventures will know that I always have it on when I'm up to no good (lol) .

Sam is running around the bedroom in just a plain pair of bonds everyday boring undies and looking at what to wear (the wardrobe has doors but is also a walk in and most times the doors are always open ) she's sliding things about and looking at stuff , when..... ding a ling ding my text reaches her , she sits on the bed to read it and must have thought about "one of the guys from work is dropping something off" and absent mindlessly starts toying with one of her nipples (gorgeous puffy hard suck able bullets) my guess would be she was thinking or hoping it might be john ???

Next minute she lays back and brushes the other hand over her very prominent pussy mound (she is not totally shaved but has a small tuft time strip there ) she starts to push one finger hard against her clit and creates a camel toe crease in her undies ,her legs gradually open as she gets excited ,just then she shifts into a higher gear and pulls a leg out of her pants and starts back at her clit but this time the vision is a lot better for me ...

Here's what I can see;

Legs obscenely open finger tip rubbing her clit , other hand playing with a rock hard puffy fat nipple ,she then drops that hand down to her pussy and opens up her lips and sticks two fingers in herself and start's shoving them in and out frantically , she abruptly pulls then out and rubs all her gooey pussy juice all over the other nipple and then lifts her fingers to her nose and inhales her aroma and then licks her fingers (holy fuck I have had to stop the car and get my cock out fuuuccckkk..... that's hot) meanwhile her pussy lips have fully opened she's dribbling wet and she rolls over on her front ,sticks her bum in the air and proceeds to orgasm .

My vision is this, totally cute bum , asshole lewdly on display to nobody (she thinks) pussy lips wide open drooling milky opaque come juice three fingers in her pussy when she finishes she pulls out her three dripping fingers and rubs them all round her bum hole , that's it for me SPLAT... all over the dash and gear lever wow I have never seen her look so hot.

Sam jumps up throws her daily undies in the hamper , rushes off to the shower ...........

Meanwhile I have teed up John and he is on his way to our house at that very moment (I love it when a plan comes together).

Sam has come out of the shower , fully naked a few remaining droplets that she has missed glistening , her hair up high in a rolled up towel bun her tits sticking proudly out and just a very slight pear shape droop (she's 40ish) pussy all puffy as well and a nice pinky shade , the ensuite door is wide open and she starts to apply her make-up all I can see is the bum again , but no bum hole just a very cute crack.

When she's done in there she comes back into the bedroom and goes to the undies draw and pulls out a white lacy g string slips into it and adjust it , then low and behold grabs the Lycra dress and slips it on (no bra) stands on her tip toes does a pirouette , sticking her chest out and pushing her bum back nod of approval , sly little grin , grabs her high heels when she hears the door bell.

John tells me at a later date he had a raging stiffy waiting at the door , Sam opened the door and she was a bit shy and embarrassed to see John holding the dinner jacket (carefully hiding his stiffy).

They there hellos ,Sam invites him in and says thanks for dropping that off ,John explains that I lent it to him for our last dinner on board the ship , and that they started chatting about the cruise .

John also told me at that later date , that he commented that that was THE dress she wore on THE night , "wow what a night he said " Sam said "I didn't embarrass myself did I as I was pretty drunk" to which John replied "far from it you were the perfect host ".

Sam apologizes and blames it all on me and said that he let it get to far and she should not have done what she did".

John comes back with , "it was as much his fault as he had not been with a woman for quite some time since his divorce and that Sam was so hot in that dress he just got to excited ,and seeing as I (Hubby seemed to be letting it happen , that he just went for it ".

John then stepped in close to Sam looked her up and down ,dropped the jacket and said "look you've got me all hard again " grabbed Sam's hand and put it on his cock , well that was it , it all went full steam ahead from there .

The camera on my lap top shows me the rest , they both enter the bedroom with Sam saying (not convincingly) "I suppose I best hang this jacket up , Johns moves closer to Sam and proceeds to lift her dress over her head ,(making her tits jiggle as he lifts the tight dress over her bra less tits) and say's you can hang this up too and hands Sam the dress.

As she is indeed hanging it up he pushes hard up behind her , unzips,and pulls his cock out ,pulls the g string to one side and proceeds to rub his hard cock up and down her ass crack whilst reaching around grabbing both tits and nipples and pushing them together and nuzzling up against her neck .

(I in the meantime am wanking madly gain as I watch these two play around on the lead up to a discrete fuck that nobody else can see (hah hah!)

They tumble on to the bed , Sam takes control and just slips the white lacy g string off , rubs it around Johns face and lifts a leg over him and sits on his face ,

I am very lucky here as the camera angle cannot move and I can see a lot of the room and ensuite , but the best vision is ...

Sam's wide open bum hole ,angry red sloppy wet cunt , John does not hesitate and starts licking her bum hole (she is quite par-shall to this as I do it to her all the time , even though shes say's I'm depraved , but still lets me ), John's hands are pulling her cunt lips wide apart , and all I can see is wide open bum ,cunt, sloppy wet lips all puffy and red and her brown bum hole peeking out all shiny and bright pink , SPLAT ... i blew my load again ( fuck my cock was red roar from wanking) .

After Sam comes on his face they turn around and just start fucking in missionary style and after John blows his load up her married cunt , he pulls out and the come just starts dripping out , and down her bum crack , Sam jumps up rolls over again presents her well licked and fucked rear end to John and pulls all the dribbling cum up to her balloon knot rubs it in and say's ," Fuck my bum before your cock goes soft " John say's back to Sam not today "," thanks to one little blue pill , we can fuck all day " Sam replies " while hubby's away the pussy will play ..................................................