Written by birmygirl

24 Apr 2013

My girlfriend and I were on holidays at Byron Bay and had heard a lot about the nude beach so we decided to see for ourselves. After driving down a long dirt road, parked the car and walked onto a beautiful deserted beach. We quickly found a secluded spot under a tree in between the sand dunes. We quickly undressed and were enjoying the sun and admiring the large amount of hard cocks that were passing by. Of course our talk was sex, we were laughing and comparing the size and shape of all these cocks, we could feel eyes watching us but we didn't know but there were a couple of guys in the bushes behind us watching us until we heard them. So we thought we would have some fun. We started to play with our breasts, rubbing our nipples. Our hands started to rub our clits and it was a huge turn-on to know that there were guys watching us. My pussy was wet and I needed and wanted some oral, so I asked one of the guys if he would be interested. He was trilled, he lay in between my legs and kissed my pussy then slid his tongue into my hot wet and very excited pussy. My girlfriend was horny as well and asked the other guy if he wanted to join in. So here are the two of us with guys between our legs having a great time, it was sensational, we were quiet with a few little noises and realised we could make as much noise as we wanted, which we did, moans, laughter and such a lot of mmmmmmm they continued giving us oral until we came, then it was our turn. We quickly changed positions, their erections were hard - filling our mouths, my teeth teasing this strangers cock. my lips running up and down his shaft, sucking harder and harder, my tongue teasing him until he couldn't hold on any longer and exploding over my breasts. My girlfriend was enjoying as well, her guy was moaning and begging her not to stop. She continued sucking and teasing his cock until he came over her face. We all laughed and exhausted, staggered to the water, cleaned ourselves and realised there were 6 guys watching pulling and cumming where we were laying. I will certainly go back to Byron Bay again.