Written by william12

4 Mar 2013

we were invited to a fancy dress party 9you needed to dress up with the first letter in you first name) 50th birthday party near geelong on a 5 acre property. there were about 40 guests there. as we hardly new anyone except the birthday boy, my wife Jill was hesitant to go but being good friends with the Steve we attended. we meet steve who was dressed as a slut at the front door and then introduced his wife and a few fellow guests. there was plenty of drink on hand and as the night was warm the drink flowed and every one was getting tippsy. i noticed my wife chatting a fellow who was dressed up as santa and she was getting slightly tippsy her self. while i was chatting to a few couples i noticed Jill hand rubbing santas leg so i kept an eye on her without being to caught. i then noticed jill disappear outside shortly followed by santa. i waited about 5 minutes and went outside. it was dark out and i couldn't see much until my eyes ajusted to night setting. i heard some noises comminig from behind the large water tank. I crept around slowly luckly there were a few shrubs i could hide behind without being noticed. luckly someone turned on an exterior light on and i could see Jill with out being noticed my self. i noticed Santa kissing jill and she was kissing him back. this went on for about 4 or 5 minutes then i noticed santas hands feel jills tits and she was slowly rubbing santas cock through his pants. i was gettin lightly jealous but exicited my self as Jill has never done this before.jill slowly unzipped his pants and rub his cock while he had jill tits out and sucking on them.santa guestered to jill to suck his cock in which she did deep throating him he was close to comming jill noticed tis she got up and lifted her skirt up i then reliazed that she wasn't wearing any panties santa inserted 2 fingers pussy and commeted that she was wet he turned her around facing the water tank he then started to fuck her from behind and going for it he also grab jills tit and pulled it which excites her to no end. Jill was telling him to fuck her harder and faster she came and he came within a minute after her and so did i. i sunck back to the party and went to find santas wife and when i found her she asked me have you seen simon i replied no. simons wife she was about 45 year old good looking nice tits and reasonable good figure and also slightly drunk her name was monica.. well i did some small talk with her for about 5 minutes when simon arrived with a few wet spots on his pants and when he was questioned obout it he replied some one split some drink on him, then jill turned up about 3 minutes later slightly flushed i asked her where she had been se told me steve's wife was showing her around the house ok i replied but you look hot and flushed jill replied it was the drink. ok i then went back to my conversation with monica it was about 1 am jill was asleep on ane of the couches so i made a move on monica that story later.