Written by julialoves

27 Nov 2017

hi all , thought id keep an up date of my exploits to you , well sat night came , I got dolled up push up front clip bra no panties well smoothed pussy well waxed , perfumed short skirt low top , went to sandstone pub my fave pick up place lots of guys and some couples , well few drinks dancing I finally zeroed in on a black handsome guy tall muscles yumm . we hooked up to my place only 3 min walk away , he was like an octopus all hands on me on the way there, in the door I stripped off , he followed suit wow its true what they say they have huge cocks lol we hit the couch for heaps of oral sex really loved him doing that I sucked his cock as much as I could fit in , huge bugger omg but I was in the mood ,we went to my bedroom I needed lube to fit this giant in me lol , he got between my legs licked and nibbled my clit to 3 or 4 orgasims , then lubed up to take thus nearly 11 inch cock thick as my wrist , it was slow to start feeling him slowly inch in to me then we kissed then he pushed all in omg insane I'm slim and slim women seem to able to take larger cocks but I got him all inside me , he said wow babe this is a first I said shut up fuck me that he did he had huge control slow fast deep in out he fucked me for over 40 min before he let go his load in me I felt it happen I had a massive orgasim as he came I'm a huge one for multiple orgasims always have been tonight was no different , he stayed in me felt softer but after gentle in and out by him I felt him getting harder again ohhh my tits were screaming to be sucked e did it well got me going again/ we changed position me on top I like control of sex I rode him wildly he was bucking into me then we went to doggy mmm love that too he really is in command that way fondling my boobs flicking my clit while he pounds my pussy ohh yeah I was screaming in joy never had a cock this big before and I'm loving it , he fingered my butt I said u will never ft that head up there , my mistake out comes the amyl ok yes it worked relaxed my arse so well it went in I went off god I love anal too been to long with out huge cock tonight I'm his , we finished off wee hrs of morning both showering together slept , I awoke midday with his cock entering my pussy again so quick 30min fuck full on spooning as we went at it orgasims flowing wow what a weekend sadly he had to go , I slept till 6 pm after that my pussy still thinking of him max ur the best hun