Written by A long time ago

21 Jan 2014

I used to live in an all male boarding house. All of the showers were communal, so there was no hiding anything. Of course it was taboo to check out what the other guys had and mostly everyone played by those rules. Occasionally one of the guys would get a case of morning glory and naturally turn away or try and hide his erection. While I never considered myself gay, I admit that I always checked out the guys who were erect, if for nothing else but comparison sake.

I don't recall how it started, but one night I reached over to the bed next to mine in our dormitory and started playing with the other guy's penis. He was erect in an instant and it didn't take long before he'd shot a load of hot cum all over my hand. Although he'd let me wank him, he wasn't happy about what we had done and it was never spoke of again.

Later we were allocated separate rooms. One day my "next door neighbour" came into my room and started playing with me through my trousers. In a nano second I was hard. It initially started as nothing more than wanking ourselves in front of each other, but that pretty quickly moved to him suggesting that I should suck his cock. He had a very small penis and it wasn't difficult to take him completely. This occurred on many occasions. His cum was slightly sweet and although what we were doing was taboo, I loved it.

Then one night another guy came to my room unannounced. I have no idea how or why, but he was just standing next to my bed. He was rubbing my penis through the bed covers and he asked if I'd suck his cock. At first I didn't know what to do or say. I was surprised, anxious and a bit scared. Eventually I agreed. His dick was enormous. I could get much more than his head in my mouth. His load was hot and in comparison to my neighbour, the taste was no where near as sweet. He then watched as I wanked myself. That was the only occasion we met. But as for my neighbour, I must have blown him dozens and dozens of times. It'[s a wonder he wasn't dehydrated!

The thing that I found the most exciting was one day my neighbour asked me to come over to his room and when I arrived, there was another guy there. He assured me that all was OK. It wasn't long before we were sucking each other daisy chain style. This other guy was about 6 inches and curved upwards. For some reason, everyone just finished by wanking themselves. At the time, I would have been more than happy to blow the 2nd guy, as well as my neighbour, had they wished.

All of this was a long long time. No condoms required then.

Would I do it again? Straight male on male....probably not. I was single in those days. My wife knows that I've blown a few guys when I was younger, but I think she'd be horrified if I said I wanted to do it again. In a wife swapping situation if the other guys dick was near my face, then yes, I reckon I could get away with it. My wife however is absolutely straight and while I'd love to see her going girl on girl, that's not going to happen, so the prospects of me finishing a guy off is equally unlikely. Ahh for wishful thinking.