Written by Unchained

10 Nov 2013

It was the night of the school formal and as I sat having a quiet drink a couple of girls came into the pub.

They ordered drinks and just leaned on the bar enticingly. One girl wearing a grey silk formal gown, kept stroking her hand over her stomach and down to her pussy almost unconsciously. I could feel my cock start to harden in my pants, her eyes flashing on my crouch. She then walked to the pool table and lent back, her cute little pussy sticking out through the dress, if that didn't say come fuck me, nothing did. Our eyes met and we knew what we both wanted. She walked to the door and looked back at me.

I followed her outside into the balmy hot night. We ended up at my place where she asked me to unzip her long gown. A little wet patch had formed where she had been pushing on her juicy pussy in desperate longing. She had no pants and grabbed my hard cock and demanded I fuck her straight away. I got my glistening pole and started to rub it across her wet engorged clit.

Gentle moans start to come from deep inside her. I slid inside her every so slowly and she let out a loud groan of pleasure. I knew she was not going to last long in her heightened state of ecstasy. I bit her pert little tits ever so carefully, each time I did she groaned more. We were now on the floor and I could feel her reaching a crescendo of unbearable delight. She moaned I'm going to cum. I quickened by thrusts, deep inside her tight pussy, I was ready too. I held back just so I could feel her cum, her whole body shuddering uncontrollably. I pulled out and shot my load all the way up to her mouth where she licked a little bit off her cheek. I knew we would keep fucking all night.