Written by Randyrascal

14 Jan 2012

So this was my second date with E, she is a hot little Indonesian girl who has a very cheeky look, cute size 6 with C cup tits, piercings in her eyebrow and tongue. We had a very sexy first date at Gin Palace in the city lying around in a persian day bed drinking cocktails and flirting. We had chatted online for a bit between dates and discussed a few things like my penchant for girls wearing short skirts without knickers, etc. I picked up E in my beautiful black ute and we drove to a great little cocktail bar down chapel st. There weren't many people there as it was mid week, E was looking amazing with a short skirt on and her boobs popping out the top of her singlet top and a punky little jacket on all topped off with some sexy heels. Again we had a couple of drinks, a flirt and checking each other out. At this stage we hadn't as yet kissed, so the tension was in the air.

We decided to continue our chat in the car and go for a drive, but firstly I need to go get some fuel. With some courage, as we drove to the service station, I said "I was going to ask you to slip your knickers off when you went to the bathroom back there..." not knowing how that would be received, she responded "well you might have to wait see what happens"...."haha, am I going to have to dare you then"?, "maybe". Well it was fair to say I was getting pretty turned on by this point, "Ok, then I dare you to take off your knickers". "ok, when you fill up I will". So I hurry up, fill up the ute, go and pay and come back. E had a very shy but cheeky look on her face "did you do it"?, "you will just have to wait and find out" "Alright, I dare you to show me, ha" we laughed and she lifted up her skirt showing that she not only had taken her knickers off but her pussy was completely bare...mmmm

"well I guess it is your turn to dare me now", but she couldn't think of anything so I dared her to sit facing me, which she did without hesitation, oh boy what a view!! To my surprise she had her clit pierced and some serious clit bling going on as well, this girl was turning me on like nothing else! Then she started to get in to it. She dared me to take my jeans off, well it was well and truely obvious just how much I appreciated the view...I dared her to take her bra off and show me her tits..nice! both nipples pierced! She dared me to take my jocks off. So I pulled over and took them off, "Oh My"!! she let out and I smiled getting comfortable to start driving again.

My turn to dare again, hmmm what next..."I dare you to stroke me for 10 seconds", so she leans over and grabs my cock with her hot little hands and starts stroking it, for a lot longer then 10 seconds and then stops, smiling, "I dare you to finger me"! So I lean over and slide a finger in to her pussy, it was sooo wet, my favourite! we went back and forth pulling and fingering each other as we drove around Port Melbourne and Albert Park, then I dare her to suck my cock, she leant over and sucked me all the way in to her throat and her saliva was all over my cock and balls, what a turn out, I could have blown right there and then. I drive around the grand prix track and pull in to a car park near the southern end of the track.

We both hopped out of the car, I only put my jeans back on and she didn't bother putting her bra or knickers back on. we walked over to the running track and I dared her to strip off and walk 5 metres down the track and back. given it was about 11pm there weren't many people around, so she stripped off except for her sexy heels and strutted down the track swinging her tight little arse from side to side then turned around and strutted back with her firm 20yo titties bouncing nicely as she smiled a naughty smile at me. Then she said "I dare you to FUCK me for 30 seconds" so I pushed her up against the poplar tree and slipped my rock hard cock in her tight little pussy that was absolutely dripping with her juices dribbling all the way down my bald shaft and balls. I was trying very hard not to blow straight away after the hour of teasing leading up to this. A minute of this went by and we heard some people walking down the track so E quickly slipped back in her skirt and singlet top and I squeezed my hard cock back in my jeans just in time as the couple walked past and gave us a fairly knowing grin, haha clasic!

so we moved over to the park table and she sat on top of it spreading her legs inviting me in, I lent in and kissed her for the first time, what an amazing kiss, her tongue bling darting around my mouth biting each others lips she opened my shirt and played with my chest and abs sliding her fingers down to my jeans ripping them open. My cock bounced out and she grabbed it firmly stroking it and guiding it to her open wet waiting pussy. I slid in again, this girl was so tight, I pushed all the way in hitting the back of her pussy, she was a small girl with an equally small pussy, I started sliding in and out enjoying how wet my shaft was getting from her horny pussy. She was going off "fuck, oh fuck yeah J, Oh fuck, I'm coming, fuck me harder", and so I did until I was about to blow.."I want to cum in your mouth"! so I pulled out and she went to her knees and started sucking my cock and I blew everything I had deep down her throat. What an amazing finish to a crazy night of teasing.

We tidied ourselves up and went back to my car both pretty pleased with ourselves, she left her knickers off but put her bra on, I didn't bother with my jocks. I drove her back to her place and kissed her as we said good bye, we both knew there were going to be plenty more adventures, of which I will be sure to share with you soon.