Written by pjb

20 Dec 2010

It was 6years ago now when i really started to experiment with self pleasure after a long drought.I had been with my girlfriend for about 3 years & she no longer wanted sex due to some medical conditions & the sideafects of the medication. For me this was very hard to take, sleeping next to someone that never wants you to even see them in that way. It only makes you want more & more until finally even the strongest must yelled.

I was not going to stray, but had many opportunities to do so. in hind sight It would have been good to take advantage of those opportunities but then I may not of discovered what i now know & have experienced today!

I was working shift work & had been brought back from nights to days. On my night shifts I always end up with a lack of sleep , mostly caused by horniness! So I have stayed up all day with that great but also terrible feeling of want & need for sexual contact. I used this energy to remove some trees from my front yard to make way for the rose beds I have today!

That night was really bad. I was so horny I couldn't sleep! I tossed & turned, walked around the house a bit like a somby going insane. it was 5am & i was in state to go to work so I rang up & took a sicky. my other half went to work around 7am. Finlay i was free to play & get rid of that huge sexual tension that had built up in my loins.Only one problem. i had been that worked up i could not make it to the point of climax! even hornier than I had ever been before by myself getting more frustrate by the minute. By now I had been teasing, rubbing & pulling with no result. Just a rock hard cock that had vanes popping out everywhere!

Its was now 2pm & i was siting on the floor in my front room. Naked ,leaning forward just watching every possible movement of my cock whilst pulling & caressing. I stared for over half an hour. I had cock envy! I had been tasting the percome all day & it was so sweet! I thought what if I could only lick or maybe even suck it. The thought of this still didn't help me go over the edge!

It was now 3pm.8 hrs none stop of cock pulling! I was in a trance & would stop at nothing at succeeding in having an orgasm! I layed on my back, head facing to wards the wall. lifted my legs up & placed the on the floor next to my head making me into a ball. my cock was only inches from my mouth. I spread my legs & placed my arms around my back side in a position to pull my lower half towards me. I WAS NOW LICKING THE PRECOME FROM THE TIP OF MY COCK. I WAS GOING NUTS JUST WANTING MORE & MORE! The longer I was in this position the easier it was getting. By now i had the tip of my cock in my mouth & was licking & sucking. I had to stop as the blood had rushed to my head! I unrolled myself & sat legs flat on the floor. Now that the back had been stretched I was able to lean forward & start sucking. i started to spread my legs. i placed my arms under my bum & pulled up. Fuck I could get 4' of cock into my mouth i start bobbing up & down vigorously. My heart was beating at a million miles an hour. I was finally get to the point of climax! I kept sucking. i was now about 5' down my shaft wishing I could just get at least a few more in!

I was about to blow! I just kept on going! Oh my god ! Then it came! I nearly chocked ! It shot out so hard & fast! All of it going straight down the back of my throat! I sat there in amazement! I was physically & mentally done. Finally I released that sexual tension that had been built up over such a long period!

Up until just recently I could still perform this act! I'm now not flexible enough to suck but can still lick easily! This is what happens when one is left alone to long!

I bet you didn't think I could do this either! If i was to tone my stomach back up i recon I could get over 8' in. Now that would be so horny!

This one of many things I have now tried on my self!