9 Jan 2016

It’s was so quietly serene out here, just us alone, in the bush ..

Now here you are, groaning and with an ass full of my thick cock, you grind back onto me, as I thrust deeply into your anal passage.

Moaning loudly as you feel my creamy seed flooding and pumping deep inside you, you try to stop yourself call out, but I know you love feeling my cock throbbing, pulsing and shooting hot loads of cum up into your anal tunnel...

Out here, you can squeal and cry out as much as you want, your ass is gaped and stretched wide, drilled open on my cock. Out here, you will end up on all fours, my thick cum, dripping from your used asshole and running sexily down your inner thighs..

I know your sweet voice said that anal was hard for you, but here with your wet little cunt squirting juices all over my balls, your body says otherwise, princess. Now be a good girl and hold still while I ream and fuck your wide open pink arsehole. I fuck you so hard, I use your arse tube so completely.

It’s been such a wonderful day of fucking and filling your body, splitting your arse for my screwing pleasure.

Now with your arse full of my cum, you can barely walk, by the time we get home.

You are so fucking hot, so fucking good, I lust you so much baby...