Written by BigBotomedBetty

3 Dec 2011

This is a true story, and happened to me a couple of years back. After reading some of the awesomely hot & horny stories here I felt compelled to share my TRUE story, the place where this adventure happened is a very well known Hotel just out of Fremantle, WA.

I had been chatting to this guy on-line and phone for quite some weeks, and we both decided it was about time we actually met face to face. I was at that stage working for a very upmarket company as their Corporate BDM (no not Bondage & discipline Mistress hahahahaha), and so dress requirement was such that I needed to be suited at all times. Skirt, stockings, & high heel shoes (as I am not a pantyhose wearer I used to wear the thigh high pull-up stockings). As the majority of my clientele were male bosses it's always nice to give just a hint of sexyiness, hence I used to also wear a little lace teddy under my shirt & jacket, hair up, and I wear glasses. Just setting the scene.

Anyway, I arrive at the deisgnated meeting place, inside the beer garden to find him waiting for me, male suited up. We moved to a central table and started chatting away, we talked about all sorts of non-sexual stuff, but the sexual tension was getting quite tense, so I excused myself and went to the ladies, where I removed my panties, which by then were soaked right through, and placed them in my briefcase. I also removed from my briefcase my best friend, my travelling vibrator, which is a very sexy little compact number. I sauntered back out to where we were sitting and as I sat down whispered in his ear "I've no panties on". The look on his face was a Visa moment, priceless. He slid his tongue across his lips and insisted I move closer to him so that he could feel my nakedness and wetness. I suggested we moved to a table & chairs less cent the action of the pub so that whilst we could be seen, if people really wanted to look, we could be a tad more discrete. It was a Thursday evening and the place was quickly filling up with people wanting to listen to the music, have a few drinks, maybe a meal or just catch up with friends. Anyway, we go to a table nestled in amongst the garden, and sit. By then I was sooooooo wet I couldn't help myself and seductively moved both his hand and mine up my skirt, so that he too could feel how wet I was. We sat there "chatting" whilst all the while he was either fingering me of smearing my wetness all over my inner thigh. By then I could see his manhood almost bursting from his pants. The music was getting louder as was the general volume of chatting going on around us. Of course we were both oblivious to this, just enjoying the game of normality we were playing whilst I was being fingered. I again whispered in his ear "I have my best friend here with me in my suit jacket pocket, would you like to see", he looked confused, but excited. I took his hand and placed in in my jacket pocket, when he felt it, he knew exactly what it was - my travelling vibrator.

He extracted it from my pocket and could hardly contain himself as he inserted into my wet, wet, wet cunt. Slowly & deliberately he started moving it in and out, in and out, in and out, adjusting both the speed and intensity as he went. I was by this moment ready to just fuck, and went to undo his pants and discretely remove his throbbing cock, but he wouldn't allow me, telling me that before I was allowed, I was to cum, all over his hand. Now I am rather partial to a bit of dirty talk and we'd discussed this in our phone chats, and when he started to tell me what a dirty little slut I was, and that my cunt was for his pleasure, I was just about to go over the edge, when the waitress came over to remove our glasses - Fuck was that a close shave as by then I was moaning and asking for him to tell me what a dirty fucking little girl I was. So we started up again, didn't take all of about 5 mins and I had drenched not only my best friend but also his hand in my cum, and then as I am multiple I quickly orgasimed again. I begged that I could hold his cock in my hand, rub it, stroke it. He finally, after I almost got down on my knees to beg, relinquieshed, and I was able to hold his throbbing manhood in my palm. We started chatting about all sorts of things again, as I was stroking the head of his cock which was peeking out of his fly, he still had my best friend inserted in me, still singing away on medium speed. Every now and then he would tell me how dirty & slutty I was and give the vibrator a hard push.

The place was just about chockers with people drinking, laughing, dancing etc, and no-one seemed to take any notice of the goings on over in our corner. As I also like to dance I suggested we get up and have a dance. He was keen and we slid his hard cock back in his pants, but I was not allowed to remove my best friend and so off we went to dance. I can tell you it was not an easy feat keeping my singing vibrator tightly inserted in my cunt whilst dancing, and having him talk real dirty in my ear. After a dance we went back to where we were sitting, and I asked if he was ready to fuck, you guessed it - YEP certainly was. He opened his wallet and took a condom out of it and we discrestely opened it and slid it on his throbbing cock, not easy, and removed my best friend back to the safety of my jacket pocket As everyone had seen us dancing and other couples were sitting on each others laps, I slid on, face to face, and together fucked each other to the beat of the music. After we were both spent, I removed myself from his cock and sat back in my seat. We were both still so horny for each other we decided to go out into the carpark which is behind the hotel, and find a dark spot. So, off we go up the hill and into the carpark, and over to a dark corner where in an instant, with no warning I am over the bonnet of a car skirt up, and I hear WHACK and I'm like OW that hurt, what was that for. Then I get WHACK again and I hear him telling me I wasn't dirty or slutty enough and that he was going to give me what I deserved. Now I loooooovvvvvveeee having my bum spanked, so it's a couple of more hard open handed spanks WHACK, WHACK, WHACK, when we hear voices and it's this mature couple in their 50's heading for their car. The woman is pretty smashed (drunk), but hubbys not. They come over and hubby asks if everythings OK, and he's told that I'm only getting what I deserve. The wife, who as I said was pissed asked if she could spank me to, hubby took a step back a bit shocked at everything. As I was not allowed to say anything, she was given permission, man could she spank. Then she asked if she could see my tits and cunt. So, I was ordered to turn around and show her. So, I turned around, unbuttoned my shirt, lifted my teddy and cupped my breast to pull them up and over my bra. Man what a sight I must have looked, this corprately dressed woman in suited attire with skirt hiked up over her cunt and tits hanging out over her bra. The wife was very happy with this and without asking started sucking and nipping my nipples and fingering me. My man grabs my best friend from my jacket pocket and gives it to the wife and steps back to watch. I cum, cum and cum again, then he steps in again to administer a good couple of cunt slaps. In the meantime hubby has his cock out and it's in his hand, and he's hard at it whilst I'm on the receiving end of both my man and this woman. Then hubby grabs his wife and throws her over the car next to us, has her dress up and he's going for it. My man decides it's time for his due desserts and I'm spun around and on the receiving end of his throbbing cum filled cock. My face is pressed hard against the bonnet, and he's grabbing my hair whilst he's pumping, pumping, pumping till he's completely unloaded his cum (into a condom - ONLY SAFE SEX IS WHAT WE EVER PRACTISED). After we're all finished, not another word was spoken to the Hubby and wife as they headed off to their car. We left the pub, and went back to my mans place for another session. This was the first of many such adventures we both shared with each other over a period of about 6 - 9 months before he was transferred with his job to sydney. I have many similar tales of our jaunts - Kings Park, Fast Eddy's disabled toilet in one of their stores, construction sites around Perth, opening day of a shopping centre. anyway, lifes not as exciting as this anymore :-(( who knows maybe it can be again, sometime, some day sooner rather than later.

Hoped you enjoyed my TRUE STORY