Written by Horny_angel

16 Sep 2010

It was a gorgeous sunny day with a slight breeze. My lover and I decide to head to the local nudist beach where we found a lovely spot with some bushes to give us a very small amount of privacy. We both disrobed and lay back on our towels. After surveying the scene for about half an hour, watching several men walking up and down the beach, we were getting very hot for each other. Feeling each other up I was getting very wet, especially with the idea that we would finally have sex in public on the beach, my ultimate fantasy. I lay on my side and bent down to take my lover's amazingly hard and large cock into my mouth. After a while he was playing with my naked breasts and kissing my nipples. He went lower until he started licking around my clit, making me more excited than ever. We decide that he should enter me from behind in a spooning position. A few metres away a gentleman was laying on his towel watching us. As my lover slipped his cock into my pussy we started rocking in rythym. Our watcher sat up to stroke himself and I couldn't stop watching him as I was being fucked from behind.

Going at it for quite some time my lover finally reached his climax. Still hard he lay me on my back and entered me again in missionary with my legs wrapped around his torso. After reaching his second climax we had another short break, still fondling and caressing each other. About 15 minutes later, still very horny my lover enters me from behind in doggy style, filling me to the hilt. This causes me to squirt my orgasm out over his balls. Unbeknown to me we had another onlooker standing right behind us as my man again came deep inside my hot and wet pussy. Still not fully satisfied, my man uses his very talented fingers to bring me to several more amazing orgasms, whilst squirting and making a little riverlet of orgasmic juices run down my legs onto the sand. He then enters me again whilst laying on our sides thrusting hard until we both cum together in unison. All the while I was watching our neighbour watching us fucking. Relaxing and cuddling on the sand, another excited onlooker got up to leave and thanked us for an incredible show and for allowing him to watch us enjoying our bodies with each other!