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Sex Shop Pick -Up

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4 min
Published 6 years ago
I had been feeling horny all day with a cock that just kept twitching and was desperate for some fun. I decided to head to the local sex shop in Cannington and see what was happening. Browsing through the store I kept glancing at a 50s couple that were looking as well. They kept themselves together but she kept glancing over and smiling whilst they looked at all the toys. She was certainly attractive and had a full figure and my cock was moving north just looking at her- I was hopeful they would head to the booths but they kept well clear. I noticed she casually kept rubbing his crotch area and laughing together. My cock was just twitching in my jeans and when we passed I am sure she could see how erect I was through my shorts. 15 minutes later I left the store but waited for them to finish paying for the bits they had bought. When they stepped put he store I though I would chance my arm and just asked them casually if they were looking for some company as well -they both laughed and said thanks but not tonight and kept walking - however she did look back as they got into their car. I just stood at my car leaning against the door -but they never moved in their car they just sat there. I could not see what was happening as the car had dark tints but after two minutes the window slowly came down. The guy just said they were not looking for company -but if I fancied driving round with them for a few minutes they would be happy. Not believing my luck I agreed straight away and before I could get into the car his wife got out and jumped into the back and the look said it all - follow me. Settling in the back seat she was smiling at me and all I could see was her breasts popping out her dress. Her husband just started to drive and as we pulled out the car park she placed her hand on my leg -so green light I placed my hand on her thigh and started to rub her leg. She lent over and kissed me full on the lips at the same time her hand just started to rub my cock through my shorts. I looked at her husband but he was driving just watching in the mirror. Before I knew it she had unzipped my cock and was rubbing it hard - I slipped my hand in to her top and started to rub her large tits playing with some nice sized nipples with my fingers. Her husband had only driven a few hundred yards and immediately parked in a side road. He had stopped and was now wanking his own cock watching. I slipped my hand out her top and forced it between her legs making her open them wide so I could get at her - feeling her knickers I could feel how damp she was - I slipped some fingers under the elastic and straight into her -she was really wet and her lips just slipped apart - my cock was now throbbing. She pushed me back in the seat and dropped her head straight onto my cock and really sucked hard - all I could do was feel her tits as she gave me a first class blow job -I told her I was Cumming but she just kept locked on my cock as I blew down her throat. Her husband was still wanking in the front as she came up with my cum round her mouth. Enjoy that he said ? All I could say was yes - That's all he said and asked me to leave the car -Before I knew it I was outside she was back in the front seat and saying thanks. What I did notice was him kissing her hard just as they drove off - leaving me to walk back to the store. I keep looking for their car as I drive pass the store now -but have not seen them again -but I am hopeful. Just lucky to be in the right place at the right time

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