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Sex with a local Aboriginal woman

We were arranging to meet the next day then I got a text, she was horny and could not wait till tomorrow!


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I chatted to an Aboriginal woman online for a while and she was not far away from me. We exchanged phone numbers and were texting each other one evening about going for a walk in the bush together and then fucking afterwards, then she sent a text to me ‘fuck I am so horny, come over now, I cant wait till tomorrow’ so I rushed there. I arrived at her house and she let me in, nervous as we had only met the once prior to this, and we both knew she was as horny as so what the evening was to entail. We used her spare bedroom and stripped and lay together, caressing and getting to know each other, exploring our bodies and kissing and fondling. She had large breasts and a great body. She rolled onto her front so I could give her a back massage for a while and she was moaning with pleasure. I then slid my cock into her from behind and we fucked in the bodysurfer position for a while. She rolled over after a while so I could go down on her, savouring her now saturated pussy and enjoying the fact that she had left the lights on so I could have a good view of her. I loved her chocolate skin, jet black wrinkled pussy lips, and contrasting bright pink vagina. What a sight for sore eyes. Her labia were very elastic and I spent time spreading them, stretching them, and massaging them with my fingers. She was moaning with delight. We fucked again in the missionary and yawning positions so we could maintain eye contact. It was a memorable evening. We never got that bush walk in the next day but we could both live without that!

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