Written by butterflyxxx

1 Jul 2011

My previous boy friend was as adventurous as I when it came to sex. We would go at it for ages and never stopped exploring eachothers bodies. From really filthy talk to really ternder and loving - we did it all. Our relationship was volatile as they come. I remember one time he had been out the whole nite I had no idea where he had been or whom he had been with. I received a phone call from him asking me to pick him up. So i willingly obliged. I would have done absolutely anything for him. He was in a foul mood - grumpy and tired. I picked him up and he callously mentioned (yet again) that he wasn't really interested in committing to me, and wanted to be out doing whatever he felt like. I proclaimed that I didn't care and only wanted to be with him no matter what. We tersely argued the whole trip home. On the way after 15 mins or so - He looked at me out of the corner of his eyes and said "so you realise when we get back to my place I am going to fuck the ass off of you..." thats the way he spoke to me and I can't even tell you how much that fully turned me on. We got back to his place and shagged like rabbits. It would often start with him going down on me and using his tongue. Flicking it all over my clit and sucking and gently biting. He knew Exactly what he was doing and how I liked to be pleasured. After I came, he would penetrate me hard (his cock was so wide and I loved feeling the width of it in my tight pussy) It hurt but my oh my it felt amazing. He would the side of the bed, i would be laying on my back and he would grab my legs and drive his hard cock deeper than deep into me. When he was ready to cum, he would pull out and make me suck him off until he came, deep in the back of my throat. I remember he would be standing on the floor, I would be semi-kneelin g on the bed or laying naked on my tummy to suck him off. When he cum, he would push deep in the back of my throat and stand up on his tip-toes and blow hard. I would grab his firm ass and squeeze hard. He also got off really good when I used to rim his ass. He loved it


then there was the time we decided to go to a swingers party. i had dressed up in my red stillettos, suspender belt, matching bra and g-string. The bell rang, and it was time for us all to strip. So we all did. Down to underwear. He was wearing a studded leather G My god he was hot. He used to be a exercise instructor. Spent the evening talking to others and flirting mainly with eachother. The highlight of our evening was when we got so horny seeing other couples around made us both apprehensive and horny. We found a vacant room with a large mattress. Another couple was already on the bed kissing. So we started cdoing the same. Then we looked up and saw the other couple watching us. The guy was watching us, making eye contact while kissing his gir. We started chatting and I made advances to th girl.. I really wanted to kiss her. Her bofriend and mine were all for it, but she was sxared sio we didn't. Both of us couples then started having sex with our own partners. It felt like he and i were the only people in the room. I was on my back, G pulled off, stockings off, only wearing my heels. He was standing at the bed, thrusting into me deeply, my legs in the air. After we screwed for a while and I came hard. We finally stopped kissing. He was yet to cum, we opened our eyes and there was about six couple standing round watching us. It thrilled me to know we had an audience and I wanted to kep going but he was all of a sudden quite shy and couldn't cum. We ended our nite there. one of the sexiest nites of my life. I so want to do it again.