Written by colpom

5 Dec 2010

I peeked down Rachel's top as she bent over in front of me once again. I was allowed after all, being married to her. She had on a conservative two piece swimsuit, but the top was loose enough over her cleavage to provide and excellent view whenever she bent over. Something that was happening often as she served everybody lemonade. She was always a good hostess, eager to please, what was surprising was that buy the looks the guys were giving her I could tell they were getting the same view she was giving me.

She'd shown off to truck drivers a few times and loved to tease me, but she'd never teased like this before. Of course we didn't usually have a get together without any family or kids present. Today was just a couple of guys I worked with and on them had brought along his girlfriend. She was a rather large breasted girl in a revealing bikini who seemed a little disappointed with all the attention my wife was getting.

Once everybody was served she headed for the pool, which was the whole point of this get together. The guys had helped us set it up a couple days ago and were back now that the water had warmed up enough to get in. So with three sets of male eyes following her every move, my wife climbed in the pool.

"The water's great," she told us and my single friend, John, wasted no time in joining her. He was a little younger than us in his late twenties, opposed to our early thirties, and worked out in his spare time, which he had a lot of being single. John protested it was still a little cold as the water neared his waist and Rachel responded by splashing him. It took him full in the face and she immediately apologized, but it was too late as he went towards her threatening to dunk her.

I watched as my wife ran from and then wrestled with this young man in the water. He did, after much struggling, get her hair mostly wet at least. Next Zack went in while his girlfriend chatted on her cell phone.

Soon the two of them were trying to finish what John started and moments later Rachel climbed out of the pool protesting being dunked. She sat by me and took a long drink of her lemonade.

"Why don't you join us?" She asked and then leaning close whispered, "Or do you want to be the only one who hasn't groped me today?"

With that she returned to the water. I hesitated for a moment sorting out my feelings of jealousy and arousal. Arousal won as I followed her to the pool hoping the cold water would help my growing bulge.

"Too bad we don't have a volleyball or something yet," Rachel said after eluding another dunking attempt.

"All we have is the football the kids toss around," I said holding up a small floating football.

"Sounds interesting," John said.

Everybody agreed it was better than just splashing each other. The teams wound up being me and Rachel against the two men. Lisa was still on the phone. Rachel didn't want to throw so that made me QB and after one play I realized why the guys liked this game. Rachel caught the ball and Zack moved behind her wrapping his arms around her and pulling her mostly under the water. I could see on hand partially on her breasts and could only imagine where the other was. Another play and we had scored although; John did "tackle" her in the end zone.

Now it was there turn. Zack took QB so I guarded John. Zack did something I hadn't thought of and started to run. Rachel moved in front of him, jumping on him and pushing him back into the water. Wrapping her legs around him she managed to tip him over and pay him pack for a dunking. I decided to guard Zack after he finally separated himself from my wife, knowing he would just throw it this time. Zack lobbed the ball in John's direction and Rachel grabbed it out of the air. Laughing at her success she started to move towards our end zone only to have John reach for her. His hand reached around and caught on her swimsuit pulling it down, dangerously close to exposing her breasts. Rachel turned as he pulled and I couldn't be sure, but I think he did get to see all of one of them.

Now it was time to throw to Rachel the ball again. I considered running it, but was enjoying the horseplay between her and the guys. So I tossed it to her. The guys let her catch it before moving in and with one on each side scooped her up between them. I could see there hands under her legs holding her up, dangerously high up. She struggled between them as the started carrying her towards their end of the pool. She flipped over in their arms and I could see them each holding a breast under the water, their other hands high on her legs. Deciding to get in on the fun, I went over and grabbing her legs starting pulling her the other way. This resulted in their hands sliding up against her pussy. She continued to struggle which only rubbed their hands against her. I was sure her breasts were getting squeezed too. The fun went on another couple minutes until Lisa finally joined us. We all kind of relaxed for a while. Lisa hugging on Zack doing her best to keep him focused on her. John got out getting a drink leaving Rachel and I with a moment alone. Standing behind me she had me get on my knees and rubbed my shoulders. Leaning over she began whispering in my ear again. She told me what I already knew, that they'd been groping her breasts and touching between her legs, but it as a lot hotter coming from her. Especially as she described how hot it was making her. Lisa pulled on of their rafts into the pool and slid up onto it. She did look pretty good, but something about Rachel just seemed more sexual. Zack started rubbing Lisa down with sunscreen as she lay on the raft.

"We're out of Lemonade," John said as he got back in the pool.

"I'll get some," Rachel immediately offered, but I told her to take a break I'd take care of it and headed into the house to make some more. Sliding the other raft to her as I got out. Rachel slid up onto it and John was standing beside her as I went inside. I could see them from the living room window and watched as Zack handed the sunscreen to John who rubbed some on his face and arms before looking nervously towards the house. I could see him talking to Rachel and a moment later he squeezed sunscreen onto the backs of her legs, working it in gently all the way up to her ass. He also rubbed it on the exposed areas of her back. Rachel then turned over and taking the bottle began rubbing it on herself, covering the fronts of her legs and rubbing it over her cleavage as the two men watched. She lay back on the raft legs spread hanging off each side, giving John an excellent view between her legs. I was about to go back out when Lisa's phone started ringing. She got out leaving the two men alone with Rachel in the pool. The horseplay soon started again as they began spinning her raft in circles. I went back out hoping they would continue and eager for a better view.

I stopped and refilled Lisa's glass for her and then stood by the edge of the pool for a bit drinking my own. Watching as they tipped her off the raft. John grabbed her legs one in each hand holding her up in the water. She was laid back floating as he held her there threatening to dip her under the water. She wrapped her legs tight around him pulling his crotch against her as she tried to pull herself up and push him over. Zack moved behind her wrapping his arms around her chest and tried to pull her off John. I watched her struggle against them, loving to see her having fun, but also aroused by the fact that her struggles were rubbing her pussy up and down John's cock, only their swimsuits separating them.

I climbed back in the pool as Rachel's legs slipped from around John. She escaped Zack and ran to hide behind me. Everybody was laughing and having a good time. I decided to get in on the fun and turned picking her up. She wrapped her legs around me and putting her head close to mine whispered, "I could feel his hard cock rubbing against me."

With that she twisted away from me and I caught her from behind just as Zack and John each grabbed an arm. I lifted her legs up bringing her ass to the top of the water. They stood on each side of her holding her so that her head was out of the water. I could see each of them had a hand under her and guessed that each one had a breast. I had my hands on her hips holding her from escaping and then did something I still find hard to imagine, sliding a hand under her I slid her bikini over so that one edge of it was between her pussy lips. Leaving her partially exposed, I then let her go. She stood up. It wasn't obvious with her standing there but I knew it would be if the raised her up again. I excused myself to get a drink and left her with them.

She swam away from them only to have John catch her again.

"I don't think so," she said as he tried to lift her from behind. She managed to flip over on her back. John found himself looking down at her half exposed pussy she continued to struggle seemingly oblivious to her suits position. So much so, that I wondered if she even knew what I'd done. Lisa got off the phone again and I heard her tell Zack as she kissed him that she had to go. We all told her good-bye and Zack walked her around front to her car. I asked Rachel if she was hungry yet and then went to get the hamburgers to grill. Inside I looked out at the two of them alone and watched as John's had not so innocently slid up her thigh and gingerly touched the exposed lip of her pussy. She rose up putting her arms around his neck and they remained like that for a minute, his hand still in between them against her pussy. They broke apart as I went out and lit the grill. Zack returned and everybody got out of the pool. The three of them got the plates and stuff ready. I noticed Rachel had fixed her suit.

"I think maybe I'll go change," Rachel said to no one in particular.

"No," they both said in unison. I just smiled.

"I just want to dry off," she said leaving the disappointed guys there as she went inside.

We all chatted around the grill while she was gone. Other than a couple of comments about how lucky I was nobody said anything about all the fooling around in the pool. Their disappointment at her changed ended when she came back out. Wearing the shortest pair of shorts I'd ever seen her wear and one of my tank tops she walked out to us. The top was white, the shorts gray. The hamburgers done, we all sat down at the circular table. I sat across from Rachel, the guys in between us on each side. Looking down through the wire mesh table I realized her shorts were not only short, but loose and as she sat with legs apart I could see a little of her pussy. As she ate she pulled one of her legs up resting her foot on the chair. I watched as John looked down to see her pussy revealed to him. She remained like that letting him look throughout dinner; I couldn't believe how much it turned me on as well. Added to which Zack kept trying to get a peek at her breasts. I was actually impressed that she managed to keep them from showing with my shirt on. It was way too big for her and showed tons of cleavage and the arm holes were designed for a man, not with the intention of concealing breasts.

The sun had been starting to go down by the time we started eating and as we finished up it was fairly dark. We sat around chatting for a while, moving back to the lounge chairs by the pool. The horseplay returned shortly as our food settled. Plus John was still getting a good view of Rachel's pussy sitting facing her as she lay back with her legs apart. Rachel soon had the two men throwing her in the pool. She emerged soaked in a transparent tank top. Nipples now clearly visible through the fabric. She grabbed the two men standing by the pool and hauled them in with her. They didn't struggle and I watched as they stood beside her obviously staring at her breasts. Rachel fell back in the water and floated away from them, her breasts floating on top, nipples obviously hard. She stopped suddenly, having to fix her shorts which were trying to fall down. I joined them in the water not wanting to miss out on the fun and we began tossing the football around again.

It started out as just playing catch watching my wife's breasts sway and then it turned into keep away with her trying to intercept it. Until she caught it in front of John. He grabbed her from behind trying to steal the ball back. She leaned out in front of him trying to slip through his arms. She extended her arms out in front of herself until Zack made it over then she tucked the ball against her chest. Zack's hands went for the ball and I could imagine what else they were grabbing. Rachel broke free from John and then from Zack turning her back towards me. I moved behind her and reached around for the ball. She extended herself in front of me and I grabbed her upper thighs tipping her forwards. John and Zack caught her again and we had her stretched out in the water. Their hands supporting her top while I held her legs. I looked down to see her shorts were halfway off her ass. The other two were looking as well. I could also see there arms disappearing under her. Her own arms were stretched out in front of her and the guys were reaching for the ball with one hand while supporting her with the other. What I wouldn't find out until later was that there hands were actually inside the shirt holding her bare breasts. They succeeded in getting the ball, but I didn't let her go, my own cock was quite hard from her teasing and I was enjoying her myself now. Turning her over on her back so she was floating in the water I pulled her pussy tight against me. She rose up against me and told me about the hands in her shirt. I was so shocked and turned on; I let her go as she pulled away.

The guys realized the real fun was getting the ball back, so it only took a couple of tosses before she got it. This time John grabbed her and held on. She turned in his grasp and was soon laying on her back, arms extended, this time I moved to one side and Zack to the other. John had his hands on her hips. Her shorts were down lower. Rachel keeps her pussy trimmed and even so the shorts were down enough that a bit of hair was peeking out the top. John's hands were on her exposed hips above the shorts holding her tight against him and in a position that if she struggled she was liable to lose her shorts.

As we got there and went for the ball she pulled in down to her chest. Zack went for it and I watched as they fought for the ball. We all stared as a breast became exposed and I know I was as horny as they were to see my wife's nipple. Rachel pretended to be upset and covered it. She managed to twist onto her stomach, mostly because John let her and I found myself supporting her by holding her breast. I could feel Zack's fingertips against mine and knew his hand was on the other one. To top it off, in turning over her shorts had slipped lower and we all had a great view of her ass now. She rose up and struggled some more pulling away from John, but leaving her shorts in his hands. We all just stood there as she swam to the other side and turned to face us. Her shorts were hanging from John's hands.

"Oops," she said walking back over. Holding out the football she added, "Trade?"

"I don't know," John said thoughtfully. Then with a grin he tossed the shorts out of the pool. Rachel headed after them only to be caught by Zack. She turned to face him and his hands slid down her back to her ass. John moved behind her and the two men pressed against her from front and back. Working together they pulled the shirt over her head leaving her naked. Rachel looked to me, but all I could do was stare with a stupid grin on my face. The two men turned her sideways and floating her on her back in the water began exploring her body. Fingers first, but soon they were each sucking a nipple. I was ready to cum in my suit when John moved between her legs and lowered his mouth to her pussy. I joined in kissing her and whispering that I loved her, before we carried her to a lounge chair. John was first climbing on top of her and pushing his cock inside my wife's pussy as I watched. Rachel turned him over and straddled him, with Zack and I on either side, she stroked and sucked our cocks as she gyrated her hips against John's. Zack was soon cumming on her breasts and I couldn't stop from joining him. I could tell when she began to cum on John's cock and was still in the middle of my own orgasm as I heard her beg him to cum in her. He did. Our lust temporarily sated, Rachel got up, John's cum dripping out of her, and went in to shower. She returned with only a towel on to find us drinking a beer and chatting. We played until two in the morning that night, each of us exploring her body as she remained naked and all of us cumming in her before they left.