Written by wifetoshare

10 Sep 2013

I recently married my Filipina wife and brought her back to Australia. She is half my age, slim and educated. She was a virgin when we met. Because I have always been inclined to enjoy sharing, as I did with my first wife, I decided to search online for a guy who would pretend to be an old friend with a view to sharing Cathy with me. By arrangement he sent me an email renewing an old friendship. We corresponded and he invited us to visit him in Sydney some 600 kilometres away. Cathy wanted to see the opera house and was very excited. As the date approached for our journey to Sydney I began to plant the seeds in Cathy's mind that my newfound friend John would possibly want to share her. She was confused as such a possibility had never entered her mind and she couldn't understand why her new husband who professed to love her would agree to share her with a friend. In the end it was the belief that John may be able to impregnate her, an impossibility for me and unbeknown to her also impossible for him, that convinced her to agree.

We arrived at John's house having driven for over 6 hours. As we approached Cathy attended to her makeup giving attention to applying sweet scented body butter to her legs and arms and perfume to her neck and breasts. This simple act gave me confidence that she was as keen as I was to make a good first impression. John met us and the pretence of past friendship continued. Cathy was dressed in a short, soft pink, velvet dress which accented her long legs. She is 5'5" tall and weighs a mere 46kg. Her long straight black hair was loose and framed her beautiful Asian features. I could feel my cock throbbing as John ushered us into the house, a small timber dwelling in an inner suburb.

The time passed and Cathy seemed at ease even though her mind must have been concentrating on this giant of a man who was apparently to be her lover. John is 6'5" and well built albeit with a biggish belly. Eventually, as night closed around us, John showed us into his bedroom indicating that there was only one bed and that he would sleep on an inflatable mattress in an adjoining room. I could tell that he was finding it difficult to know where to begin. As he was silhouetted in the doorway with the light from the adjoining room behind him I could see his arousal inside his clothing and knew he was keen to begin.

Cathy and I undressed and slipped into John's bed. As always we hugged each other closely and I nibbled and licked her nipples. It seemed like hours but was only a short time before I felt John slip into the bed beside Cathy. She seemed resolved to this and I began to relax knowing it had almost reached the point of no return. Cathy continued to cling to me as John began to caress and fondle her. He began to whisper words of comfort to her as I felt his fingers replace mine between her thighs. She began to whimper as John took her right nipple into his mouth his face close to mine as I licked the left. Now on her back with her legs apart I could hear the soft, wet sounds as John's fingers massaged her vagina and clitoris. My usually flaccid cock was rock hard with excitement.

Cathy's body movements revealed that she was masturbating John's cock. He repeated over and over how beautiful she was and how wonderful she made him feel. Cathy responded by moaning softly and her hips began to thrust against John's invading fingers. Fingers the size of long, thick, beef sausages now deep inside her tight vagina.

Almost without warning John lifted himself over her right leg and poised himself above her now raised knees. I could see his massive organ swaying in rhythm with his heartbeat, pulsing with desire. It was easily eight inches long, pointed and uncut, with a massive thickness at the base. The subdued light from the adjoining room outlined his body in silhouette as Cathy lifted her hips to meet him her breath coming in short pants of expectancy. And then he was inside her. Unaided his beautiful, pointed cock slipped into the wetness of her waiting vagina and she issued a load moan of satisfaction or pain. Probably both as John thrust himself deep into her, pounding like a sledge hammer.

Cathy's arms and legs encircled John's body, clinging and pulling his cock deeper and deeper into herself. She cried with pleasure as John hands lifted her hips to meet his, both of them in unison. mating desperately blow for blow.

I massaged my still erect cock as I watched my wife and this virtual stranger making love beside me and before long felt the pleasure of a dry orgasm. Moments later Cathy's voice became more urgent and she seemed to be willing John to go even faster and deeper. He responded his face now contorted with pain and pleasure as his overheated muscles cried out for relief. And then, with a bellow like a rutting, bull elephant he had his orgasm and Cathy felt hot cum fill her for the first time

in her life. John's movements slowed momentarily as he came but resumed long enough for Cathy to shudder in ecstasy. Over and over she thrust against him her movements like a tortured creature in a trap. Her hands thumped against his back then hugged him close as he slowed to a stop; his ragged breath coming in deep rasping bursts.

They lay together for what seemed like hours before the confines of the bed forced him to retreat to the adjoining room and his inflatable mattress. Almost as if nothing had happened Cathy came into my arms and declared her love for me. She refused to comment on how her first real sex had been but I was happy and so was she and that's all that mattered.

For the next three days and nights John and Cathy fucked. I lost count of the number of times they coupled but it was many. We drove back home as is nothing had happened out of the ordinary.

Two weeks later Cathy had her period and vas visibly disappointed. She agreed readily to spend another four days with John, the lovemaking only interrupted by driving as we visited the usual tourist spots, Cathy between us, John holding one hand and me the other. We must have looked a strange sight these two old men with one young, almost teenage looking Asian girl.

Her period came as I expected and she was disappointed again. She declared she didn't want to do it any more and that she didn't like John. I was very disappointed and have tried everything to get her to change her mind. I am perplexed as to whether she is against sharing (she says she only wants me) or just against John. She wont elaborate.

I am determined to find someone who will replace John but it will need to be done without alerting her to the fact that I have solicited anyone. The person will need to be older; average height and size; single; prepared to be patient and be my friend as well as Cathy's lover.