Written by Ralph_1

11 Oct 2013

This story go's back almost 20 years now.

One night we, my wife Judy & I were at a friends place having a few drinks, this friend of mine was not getting any pussy, nor had he a girl for a long while. Between drinks I asked Judy if she fancied giving poor Steve a bit of a glimpse of her G-string panties, she wasn't that sure at first but after awhile thought it would be a little sexy. So being that we three were drinking in a small lounge room, and with Steve sitting across from us Judy slightly parted her legs giving Steve a wee view up her shortish skirt. Not wanting to give the game away I just kept chatting away as if everything was normal. This went on for awhile and every now and again I could see Steve steel a quick glance between her legs. Steve left the room to get a few more beers and I asked Judy how she felt, she said she enjoyed giving a bit of a tease to my old mate, but felt a bit bad about it. By this time we all had a good amount of beer and I was feeling a bit horny after knowing Steve was catching glimpses of my girls panties. Judy was a little under the weather too with all the drinks we had, and I asked her if she fancied giving Steve a little more to think about, I told her I would just leave everything up to her, but whatever she did would be fine by me. After Steve returned with a few more beers we sat around and chatted some more, I could see Judy was a little uneasy, not knowing what to do, or how to do it. I made off to the loo as I thought this would help things move along a bit, when I got back Judy and Steve were still in the same places laughing and chatting, Judy's skirt had ridden up some more without her knowledge and I caught Steve's eyes glued between her legs. I joked to Steve about the closest he has come to seeing pussy for a long time, and he agreed with me, I then said to Judy why don't you give Steve a little cuddle and let him know we care about him, and feel sorry for his lack of sex. Judy said what if I give you a quick gobble instead of a cuddle Steve, would that be better then a cuddle. Steve's jaw just dropped, but he just thought it was a joke until Judy went over to his arm chair, and sat on the side, she put her arm around his head and said it again. Meanwhile I was sitting across from them and started getting a rise in my trousers. Judy then run her hand across Steve's pants and squeezed his now hardening cock, saying did you want me to suck your cock Steve, he couldn't get a yes out fast enough. She then moved and knelt down in front of Steve and started undoing his fly, she asked him to stand up while she slid down his pants & jocks, once free of his pants Steve's cock sprang to attention , he stepped free of them and Judy had him sitting again. His cock was a medium size much like mine and Judy started to handle it for awhile before climbing up on her knees so she could put she mouth over it, she spent a little time licking the head and shaft and then slid it into her wet mouth. This was the first time I had seed my wife suck another mans cock, and I was stiff as a board, I just watched her head bob up and down while her arse was poking out from her skirt. I went over to her and started rubbing her bottom, and bare cheeks, and would let my fingers slide up her bum crack against her G-string string. I could feel her wetness so I pulled the string away so I could lick at her wet pussy. I licked and started inserting a couple of fingers into her moist love hole, that made her squirm and wriggle her arse about while she was still sucking Steve. It didn't take long before Steve started to pant and I could see he had his eyes shut as he unloaded all that stored up cum into my Judy's warm mouth, Judy never missed a beat as she swallowed his thick load down.

I asked Judy if she wanted to make it a double, and give me one of her wonderfully blow jobs too, she just swung around and started pulling my cock from my pants too, at this point it was stiffer than I had ever seen it before. She wasted no time in getting her mouth around my cock, and started sucking like a trooper. By this time it had dawned on me that while I was playing & fingering her wet hole, and at the sudden surprise of Steve cumin in her mouth that I hadn't pulled the string back, as I looked over to Steve I could see he was enjoying a good eye full of very wet pussy. I said to him don't look a gift horse in the mouth, at that he moved forward behind Judy and started rubbing at her pussy, Judy jumped at first not knowing what to do, and I just said go with it girl, I love you.

Judy then relaxed a bit more and with a mouthful of cock smiled at me. By this time Steve had started fingering her wet hole, and Judy was pushing back onto his hand. As I looked over towards Steve I could see he was getting hard once again, I motioned over to Steve to put his cock into her and he didn't need telling twice. As he pushed into her she started sucking my cock like a well serviced slut, then I could feel my self starting to cum, I grabbed her head pulling it down onto my cock, and filled her hot little mouth with all I could muster. I held her head there for awhile so Steve could give her a good pounding, the look on her face was priceless, and one I will never forget. They changed positions a few times but I could see Steve getting closer to filling her pussy with another load, then all of a sudden he let out a roar as he filled her sweet hole. As soon as he had removed his cock I took to her sloppy hole and fucked her with all my heart until I came again myself.

This was the first time I had ever see Judy take another man, and I wasn't going to let it be the last. There is nothing I have ever enjoyed, then seeing another man enjoy the pleasures of my wife.