Written by Ric

25 Sep 2015

Shona Rides...

The first time I made a meal of Shona's dreamy creampie, it was my own, I didn't think Shona would go for it that much.

Well, Our last weekend proved me so wrong.

I had laid out several candles in our bedroom, Shona came in, was so impressed at my setup, she sweetly dropped to her knee's and began sucking my cock, it was slow, sloppy and a very damn sexy head job.

Shona had me, so fucking excited, so fucking erect,, I was leaking fresh seed into her mouth, my dirty angel shared with me several mouthful's of my own sticky precum directly from her tongue, before urgently suggesting that I eat her pussy, "to give her some much needed attention" she squealed . After eating her for just a bit, Shona wailed out, "Feed me your fat cock, baby, I need your cock!" So I leaned forward and drove my cock deep inside her wet, wide open cunt, I fucked her long, deep and deliberately, .

Shona whispered into my ear as I fucked her, "Fill my pussy baby, fill me with your creamy cum, then wailed out loud as she orgasmed "FILLLLLL meeeeeeeee!" I blew my hot load right then, filling her randy cunt! her sexy dirty talk, whispered into my ear,

I filled her delicious sexy body with everything hot and creamy in my balls...

Shona orgasmed. She recovered and as she lay back, she opened her legs to me, "Eat me sexy, she said in a sexy tone, tongue fuck my creamy pussy!" So down I went, on her pounded full and very creamy pussy.

Shona threw her legs high onto my shoulders and pulled my face harder onto her wet pussy, squealing ,"Eat my cunt baby, eat your hot creamy cum fresh in my cunt, my sexy man!" I dived in, Shona did not last long, she was so excited, she orgasmed fast, squirting all over my face.

I was left well fed with her sweet cunt juices and fresh spunk.

Lucky, lucky me, I cannot believe it!

Now when Shona fuck's other guys maybe she will let both us men, clean her up...