Written by Nic

17 May 2016

Well it was Saturday early afternoon and I had decided to come into the CBD and do some shopping and a little teasing. I was wearing my now favourite white cotton summer dress (buttons down the front) and a lovely little white G to match. It is the kind of dress that requires a lady to remember if she bends over too much or kneels down the wrong way she might give someone more than just an eye full but, lol, that was the plan.

There are several nice little shops along Flinders St that I hadn't been into for quite a while so at a very leisurely pace away I went..............

I couldn't believe it but In the very second shop I went into there was this very sexy LBD hanging on the wall and I just loved it and goodness it fitted like a glove. The shop assistant even commented, 'looks like it was made for you', and they even had a set of black medium heels that were almost a perfect for the dress and all for what I considered a very good price so I bought the dress and shoes. So off I went again and what was the next shop that caught my eye, 'Bra's and Things' and in there I found a very sexy little pink G which I couldn't resist buying. It had a matching bra but I only wear bra's at work so I passed on the bra. It was a great start to my shopping day and just put me in an even happier mood.

I had saw a couple of guys check me out but when I was in one shop I looked out the window and noticed that one older guy (mid sixties, fit and strong looking) who I had seen checking me out earlier was sitting on a bench near the shop. I wasn't sure if he had been following me or not but it did arouse me so while in the front of the shop I innocently bend forward to look a nice hand bag. With my top three buttons undone he should have been able to get at least a half look at my boobs and then sneakily I looked up and sure enough he was looking. I made out like I didn't see him but when I walked out of the shop I casually looked in his direction. He was looking at me alright, checking me out.

Even at that early stage I just had this feeling that there was something about him and I have learnt to trust my feeling..........

As I walked along looking in shop windows I could see that he was again behind me, I wondered how see through this dress was in the bright sun light so I wasn't sure exactly how much he could see. It's quite a short dress and there was a breeze so maybe I was giving him flashes of cheek as I walked which only made my pussy wet but I kept browsing and into another shop.

When I walked out of that shop there he was sitting not far away looking in my direction and damn it if I couldn't help but smile at him which caused his face to light up considerably. Emoji

Off window shopping again when I came to a shop that had some lovely garden accessories on the foot path out front. I was looking around at them and there he was again sitting at another bench close by and I just couldn't help myself and bend facing away from him to look at something. That move must have given him more than just a flash of cheek I was sure, hopefully some G as well. I stood up and continued looking and this time while face him but not looking at him I squatted and it was then that I got the courage to look up at him.

He was looking straight at me and obviously was liking was he was seeing. I looked down then back at him as if I had just realised I was flashing him and pushed my dress down covering his view. Playing the innocent, lol, but once again I smiled as I stood up and by now I think he was starting to realise I was playing a game with him because now he walked much closer behind me and I was lovely it.

I was close to Denham St and there was The Brewery so 'why not a cold beer' I thought so in I went and got myself an ice cold schooner of Carlton Mid and into the shaded beer garden I went. I found myself a nice spot and sat and surprise surprise who also walked in with a beer and sat at the table opposite mine. He smiled at me as he sat down but very cool like he sat side on to me so to look at me he had to turn his head. I started looking at the things that I had bought and slowly but surely I parted my legs and even pulled my dress up just a hint wanting as I did to give him a good look at my white G.

After I put all my things back into my bags and looked straight at him, he was certainly looking but not just at me but also under the table and then I smiled at him and straight away he winked at me so feeling those butterflies coming to life in my stomach I motioned to him to join me.

He was up in an instant and pulling the chair to my right closer to me, 'G'day beautiful I'm Rob', he said as he sat very close, 'G'day Rob I'm Nic', and then as bold as bold he came out with, 'so are you just teasing me or what', he asked, 'what do you mean by that', I asked, 'well your out dressed like that wearing your wedding ring and showing me your cunt under the table, your either teasing me or you want it real bad'.

Well he certainly didn't beat around the bush and his up front approach certainly caught me by surprise but he was spot on I did want it bad so I replied, 'I guess I'm not just here for a tease'. He laughed, 'of course your not', he said and quite boldly put his hand under the table and on my leg, 'mmmm yes your definitely a hottie', he said looking around quickly as his hand found my pussy and he started feeling me up. Emoji

I took a drink of my beer and also checked that no one could see as his fingers eased their way under my G. Again he looked around, 'we're all good', he said and then, 'oh yes you want it, your cunt is soaked, he said as his finger snuck between my lips and he started fingering me. Goodness it felt good and didn't I feel naughty!

'So you'd like some cock hey', he asked, 'I wouldn't mind', I replied. Goodness its so hard keeping your composure when some is fingering you but it's so exciting. 'So do you want to come back to my place and we can arrange some', he said. Some he said, some cock would be great I thought to myself and besides he had me hook, line and sinker and he knew it and I couldn't say no even if I wanted too.

'Where do you live', I asked him as I moved my legs open more, 'the top end of Stokes, its only a 10 minute walk', he said, 'ok why not', I told him as he slipped a second finger inside me, 'you like that don't you', 'very much', I replied trying to conceal my delight. He looked around again before, 'so show me how much you want it', but I didn't understand, 'sorry what do you mean', I asked feeling a little silly. He casually looked down and said, 'touch my cock', 'oh yes of course', I replied now getting nervously excited. Discretely I moved my hand and put it in his lap. 'That's a good start', he said moving himself around a little and continually looking around even though there wasn't anyone else in the garden, 'now the button', he said and oh goodness don't I love being told and some how I think he knew it. I undid his button, 'yes that's getting there', he said and then I started pulling down his zipper and once down I put my hand on his yummy hard cock and rubbed it through his jocks, 'mmm yes almost there', he said, 'hope no one can see us', I said, 'no one can don't worry go on I know you want too, he said so ever so naughtily I put my fingers in under his jocks and took his cock in my hand and started stroking it.

'Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm' I could feel his veins all up and down his shaft and his head was so hard, 'very good indeed', he said, 'so you like playing the slut when you go out on your own', he then asked, 'I might', I replied, 'that's not the answer I was after Nic', he said as he fingers continued delighting my pussy. I knew the answer he was looking for and I knew I had found another dirty old man so, 'I love being a slut for strange men Rob', I told him, 'much better Nic, just me or some others too', he asked.

Wow was this guy just what the doctor ordered and so in charge I thought to myself and then I answered his question, 'others too would be fun', feeling myself almost at the point of orgasm at the mercy of his fingers, 'that's what I wanted to hear now put him away', he said so now visibly shaking with excitement I carefully put his cock back in his shorts and even pulled up the zipper. Emoji

'Just wanted to make sure you weren't pulling my chain', he said, I smiled, 'that's ok I loved it', I said, 'that was obvious', he replied as I had the last of my beer. He laughed and said, 'and you drink beer too', and he finally eased his fingers my pussy and gently pulled my G back across my pussy then took his hand from under the table. He held up his two index fingers, they were covered in my juices and then he put them in his mouth, 'mm mm tastes as good as you look', he said very naughtily.

I knew he was a naughty one but him licking his fingers straight from my pussy was just so yummy, 'so do you want to show me your place', 'you bet lets go', he said so up and out of The Brewery we went.

As we walked along Flinders St he asked, 'do you realise how much that dress doesn't cover in the sun', 'is it too much', I asked feeling a little shy, 'hell its perfect', he said laughing

Only a ten minute walk he said, yes but it was all up hill, Emoji, but that was ok. On the walk up he did say, 'you are certainly a find and a half you look gorgeous', I thanked him and asked, 'so how old are you', '68', he said, 'well you look great for 68', I told him to which he just laughed and said, 'only as old as the woman your going to fuck'. Goodness he was bold and naughty but that was the attraction.

Finally we were at his place, an old unit and nothing flash but it was neat and as soon as he closed the door behind me he grabbed me and started squeezing my cheeks, my boobs and then started undoing my buttons down the front of until the last was done and he flicked it off my shoulders and to the floor it fell. He took one step back and smiled, 'turn around for me', he said so I turned around for him feeling like a model, 'oh yes very fucking nice indeed', he said and then he pulled my G hip up onto my hips, 'fuck yer sit down will you', he said and he helped with a gentle push pushing me back onto his lounge. He knelt down and pushed my legs open and went straight down on me. He was rough with his tongue but I didn't care and before long he had his cock inside me, fucking me.

I was moaning my delight over his cock when he said, 'you like that don't you', 'oh yes do I', I replied, 'like a good serving of cock', he continued, 'oh god yes', I moaned, 'and you'd like more again wouldn't you', he asked and without a seconds delay I replied, 'yes please'. 'I knew you would', he said with lust written all over his face. He rolled me onto my side and took me like that and then over onto my knees, 'damn that's a hot arse you've got there woman', he said as he took my pussy from behind, 'you can have that too if you want', I told him, 'what fuck your arse too', he asked, 'yes if you want', 'hell yes', he replied and instantly he put at finger at my bum and started probing, pushing a finger into my bum, 'it'll be tight in there', he said, 'I don't mind', I told him as I continued delighting as he started slamming my pussy and before too long, 'well we had better try some of that arse then', he said and eased his cock from my pussy.

'Here', he said and grabbed my hands and directed them to my cheeks, 'show me', he said so knowing exactly what he wanted I pulled my cheeks apart opening myself up for him. 'How fucking good is that, yes very nice', and then, 'here goes', he said and then I felt his head enter me as he pushed his cock into my bum, 'oohh yes tight but willing', he said as he continued pushing until I felt his balls against my pussy, 'god yes', I cried as he then he started getting a slow but yummy rhythm, 'jesus my cock looks good in your arse', he said, 'feels good in my arse too', I told him 'so you want me to make a couple of phone calls, serve you some more cock', he asked, 'please Rob yes', I replied as his thrusts increased deeper and harder, 'yes give it to me Rob', I called and he did. I felt his cock grow that little harder as his swelled then, 'fuck yer', he called. Feeling his cum erupting up his shaft and start flooding into my bum was so, 'mmmmmmmmm', 'oh fuck yer', and, 'fuck yer', he said as done his best at slamming me until he had emptied his balls inside me.

'Wow', I thought that was alright as he slowed to a stop and just held his cock inside me and rested on my back, 'how was that', he asked, 'wonderful', I told him as his cock slowly started to sofen inside me until, lol, it just slipped out of me and he slumped onto the lounge beside me catching his breathe. He looked to me and said, 'not bad at all Nic not bad at all', 'not bad yourself Rob' I told him and then I looked to his cock. It was covered in his cum and my juices and I just couldn't resist and so I slide down off the lounge and opened and got between his legs gave him a big sluttie smile and started licking his cock, 'that is so fucking slutty', he said as I went about cleaning up all of our juices. 'Do you want me to stop then', I asked, 'don't be bloody silly girl of course not', he said, 'good', I replied. He watched me for a minute then looked to his right and reached for and grabbed his phone. 'How much time to you have', he asked as I was licking his balls, 'lots', I told him feeling very happy and then he was on the phone. 'mate you need to get here fast', then he listened, 'I'll explain when you get here' he said and then, 'great mate see you in ten'.

He hung up the phone watching me suck his head with that cock in my mouth smile, 'fucking hell', he said and again he was dialling a number, 'fun fun fun today', he said as he waited, 'mate can you be here in about an hour', he asked, 'you won't believe the chick I've picked up and she wants cocks', then a pause then, 'fucking serious mate she's a real slut but gorgeous', another pause then, 'great see you in an hour', and then he hung up.

I had finished cleaning up by then and was kneeling back on my knees, 'they are some great tits', he said, 'thank you', I said sticking them out for him, 'fuck yer', he said and he stood up putting out his hand at the same time and helped me up. 'Tony will be here soon he's a good bloke, put your dress back on hey and give him a real treat, he , 'sure and use your loo', 'course through there', he said pointing so I picked up my dress and headed for the loo. A quick wee and a clean and wipe of my privates and as I was putting on my dress heard a knock at the door and then talking.

I looked into the daggy old mirror as I tidied my hair, goodness though my nipples were so hard, excited and they just poked through my dress, 'such a lucky slut aren't you', and out I walked and saw another handsome mature man. When he saw me his eyes lit up, 'wow ', he said, 'G'day you must be Tony', I said and put out my hand. He shook my hand looking me up and down, 'not bad is she', asked Rob. Tony turned to him and then back at me, 'mate not bad at all', he said.

I love it when men talk about me like I'm an object because he hardly said 'hi' being more interested in just checking me out. He walked around me and pulled up my dress, 'fucking G-string and all', he said and, 'great tits too'. 'A bloody jackpot I reckon', said Rob and then, 'so show him your tits', I smiled and started undoing the buttons down my dress and as I did I could see a bulge growing in Tony's shorts.

Rob walked around behind me just as I had undone the last button and pulled my dress of my shoulders and let it fall to the floor and again he pulled my G high up on my hips. 'So do you want some mate', Rob asked his friend who was already fondling my boobs, 'you bet I do mate', he replied as his other hand went down to my pussy. His fingers went under my G and he pushed a finger straight inside me as I stood there in front of him, 'fucking alright' he said. I was so keen to show how willing I was I reached out and started massaging his groin, 'can I suck that for you', I asked. 'Honey you certainly can', he said so I knelt down in front of him and pulled down his shorts and gently released his yummy hard cock from his jocks and started licking his head looking up at him.

'Oh yer', 'oh yer honey that's the way', he said again with a look of enjoyment on his face. Rob came around and stood beside him and they watched, 'Nic here was flashing her cunt at me and invited me over at The Brewery, 'Rob told his friend, wasn't half obvious that she wanted cock', he continued, 'well she's getting some now', Tony replied, 'and there's more coming isn't there'.

I smiled at him/them as I ran my tongue up Tony's beautiful shaft, 'who's coming', Tony asked, 'Chris in about 45', Rob told him.

'Hell 45 I'd better not waste anytime', Tony said looking very excited by now and he put out his hand, 'come here you', he said and helped me up like a true gentleman and sat me on the lounge and spread my legs, 'yes that's a hot looking cunt', he said and as he was pulling my G aside he said, 'god I love a woman in a g-string', and then he parted my lips and went down on me.

More rough tongue action but again I didn't care because once again it wasn't long before he was thrusting his cock into my pussy. I was moaning my delight, loving another stranger taking me, fucking me when, 'she fucking loves it Rob', Chris said, 'that she does', he replied and then, 'and she takes it in the arse', 'hell it only gets better', Tony declared as he squeezed and sucked my boobs as his balls slapped against my bum with each thrust.

I wasn't long before I was again on my knees resting on the lounge feeling another cock penetrate my bum, 'you lubed her arse up well mate', Tony said as his cock slipped deeper inside me, 'hell yer that's where I dropped my load', he told Tony sounding very proud, 'sounds like a plan to me what do you reckon Nic', Tony said as his rhythm increased, 'yes yes cum in my arse if you want too', I replied not thinking and then away he went at my bum.

Rob who had been standing watching for most of it sat beside me and started running his fingers through my hair. 'So Chris will be here soon, better get on the phone' he said appearing almost to ask, I looked to him as Tony continued having my bum, 'yes', I moaned, 'ha ha yes brillant', he said and with his very next thrust Tony started unloading his hot cum and let out a loud, 'oh yes sirie how good is that'. Rob laughed, 'fucking great', and then he was on the phone. 'Paul you need to make an excuse and get over here, you won't believe it'. I listened as Tony finished with my bum, Rob and then I heard, 'great mate see you then'.

Tony pulled his cock from my bum and fell into the single chair behind him. 'Did you enjoy that mate', Rob asked, 'fuck yer certainly did thanks', Tony replied.

Fucking look at that mate', 'what', asked Rob, 'cum', said Rob. Rob stood up and looked over me and at my bum, ' you've got cum running out your arse', he said and gave me a big slap on the cheek. I could feel cum running down my legs as I turned to Tony and pushed his legs apart and started cleaning up his naughty mess, 'jesus Christ honey go for it', Tony said seeming to be delighted with my extra attention to detail, lol. 'She did the same for me mate, got ourselves a real live one here'', Rob told him, 'well I'm not complaining', Tony replied. Rob laughed and said, 'feels bloody good doesn't it but Paul will be here soon so you had better hurry up with that', hinting to me to wriggle it along.

One more suck of Tony's head and, 'there done', I declared and I stood up, 'do you want me to put my dress back on', I asked Rob, 'you read my mind didn't you', he replied, 'ok give me 5', I told them and off I went to the loo to freshen up.

I had to sit on the loo for a minute or two longer than I expected due to the cum draining out of my bum. Dirty I know but so amazing to experience and any way I wanted to be as clean as possible for my next encounter. I was back in my dress and looking in the mirror and at that very second I heard a knock at the door and a new voice, 'go get some more I guess', I told myself and there was number three.

I walked over to him as I did before, 'you must be Chris', I said putting out my hand and shook his. He looked quite dumb founded as he looked me up and down and said, 'so where's the catch here', 'no catch mate she's an early Christmas present for you', Rob told him, he hesitated for a second then, 'very sexy indeed', he told me, 'well thank you so much Chris you know flattery gets you everywhere', and then I started undoing my top button and looked to Rob for approval. He winked an ok and said, 'I thought you'd like her mate', as once again Rob walked around behind and once again as I released the last button he pulled my dress off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Again he pulled my G high on my hips and said, 'mate have some fun hey', 'shit yer', he said so without waiting I moved towards him and put my hand on his bulging groin, 'I love sucking cock Chris', I asked him now in total slut mode.

'Go for it baby', he said and went for his shorts but I stopped him, 'no no please let me do that, sit down on the lounge', I told him, 'yer ok', Chris said and sat on the lounge allowing me to get where I love, on my knees. Down came his shorts and once again I was reaching into a strangers jocks and taking his cock in my hands and 'mmmm I'm so glad you like me Chris', I said referring to how hard he was. 'There's nothing about you not to like', he said, 'thank you', I replied and I started licking his head whilst smiling at him, Rob and Tony.

'Oh fuck me now we get to watch', called Tony. I saw Rob look to him and say, 'great isn't it', with a huge grin on his face. They both sat down and enjoyed the entertainment, me.

It was fun giving myself to him, he seemed nervous about everything and didn't start relaxing until he had me on the floor doing me missionary and that's when he started kissing my neck which always gives me goose bumps and then he was kissing my ears and then he kissed me on my mouth, 'mmm a kisser', I thought to myself and responded by finding his tongue with mine.

Instantly I felt his cock harden inside and his rhythm increased so I pulled my mouth away and whispered in his ear, 'don't cum too quickly please', and then back to kissing him I went. I could see Tony and Rob just watching so I gave them a wink. Tony elbowed Rob and said, 'fuck mate she's red hot, might have to go again', 'after me mate', Rob replied and they both laughed.

'Fuck her in the arse', said Tony, 'we did', and with that Tony stopped kissing me and just looked into my eyes and very honestly said, 'I've never done that before', I smiled up at him and said, 'well you can if you want', 'oh jesus I'd love to try', ' ok but it's more comfy on my knees', I told him he said so he eased his cock from my pussy.

As I got up and over onto my knees I turned and rested my arms on Tony and Rob's legs and wiggled my bum at Chris and said, 'but you'll have to be gentle not like these two', I said looking at them smiling. 'Were we rough', Tony asked, 'oh come on I'm just teasing you', I told them as Chris readied himself for my bum.

'Oh man oh man how good does it feel', he said as his cock sank into me, 'feels incredible', I told them as he slowly started fucking my bum. I reached up for my two other men being so close and started massaging there balls, 'yes that's it don't forget about us', said Rob, 'don't you worry I haven't', I replied. Tony pulled his ball bag up so I started tickling the base of his cock with my finger nails, 'yer baby that feels good', he said and next thing Rob had did the same and they were loving it.

Now of course me being me I couldn't help but explored further with my fingers until I found their bum holes and started teasing their holes looking for reaction which just as I expect was delight, 'have you ever had a chick touch your arse hole', Rob asked, 'not me Rob but it feels great doesn't it', replied Tony which made me giggle but I was all too aware of Chris.

My bum was starting to get tender unfortunately which usually happens after two or three men have had me but I knew he was getting close.

I could feel him harden and his moans became louder but I wanted something so I asked for it, 'Chris please I want you to cum in my mouth', 'fuck yer', said Tony and Chris replied, 'can I really', 'yes Chris take it out and give it to me', I told him and luckily he did and there was instant relief at my bum, (pain and pleasure and that thin red line). 'I'll be back for you two', I told Rob and Tony, 'can't wait', said Tony.

I swung around on my knees and was greeted with Chris hard cock pointing straight at me so I immediately went to work on him sucking him deep and fast and also massaging the base of his cock, he was looking down at me smiling, loving my mouth and within minutes I was receiving my reward. 'oh jesus fucking Christ yes', he called as he unloaded, 'fuck mate she's swallowing', said Rob, 'fuck yer look at her will you', said Tony and when he was finished so I had did my duty, kissed his head looking up to him. 'Did you like that', I asked, 'I'm lost for words', he said, 'good', I said and I turned to Rob and Tony. 'So how am I doing fella's', I asked, 'your doing real well', Rob replied then, 'better than I ever imagined', he continued, 'excellent then', I said and going totally out of control I leaned up between them, 'so if you go wash up down there I want to show you something', but at that moment there was a knock at the door, 'shit that'll be Paul, ok show us after go get ready', Rob told me, 'what about a rest break first', I quickly enquired being thirty, 'hell yes sorry your right, get ready and we'll have a beer', Rob said so again I grabbed my dress and off to the loo I went as Rob went for the door.

Another freshen up and another look in the mirror, 'three and counting you slut', I said to myself but the only difference was my bum, it wasn't hurting but it was noticeable but I'll survive.

There was a knock at the loo door and Rob burst in, 'hey feel like playing a game', he asked, 'love too, I told, 'damn your so cool, ok come out like nothing been going on cause I've told Paul your a friend visiting', ' don't show too much and we'll have a beer, I'll ask you to get something off me coffee table and bend over and show him that gorgeous arse and then sit legs open and we'll see what he does', he told me as he did up one more button on my dress, 'sounds like fun', I told him and then he hesitated and put his hand on the side of my face, 'do you mind', he asked motioning closer, 'of course I don't mind Rob', and he kissed me, and a full on tongue kiss too and it was lovely and then he pulled away, patted me on the bum and said, 'fuck yer', and walked out.

I waited 30 secs and walked and saw Paul sitting on one of the chairs talking so I walked over to him, 'you must be Paul g'day I'm Nic', well he looked at me and boy did his eyes light up, 'G'day Nic', he said, 'so where's mine', I asked turning to Rob as he took a drink from a stubbie of beer, 'shit sorry in the bar fridge over there', he said so over I walked thinking 'its not the coffee table but it's down low', and then I giggled to myself and quite innocently bend over and opened the fridge and took my time finding a beer, 'fucking hell will you look at that', I heard then I closed the door and turned round, 'any coolers', I asked, 'on the coffee table', and over I went and purposely got between Paul and the coffee table and bent over to get a cooler almost putting mu bum in his face, 'holy shit', Paul said so I turned and smiled at him and then I sat myself next to Rob, opened my bottle, 'cheers', I said and we all touched glass and had a drink. 'Mmmmm nice and cold', I said.

Rob, Tony and Chris all had big lustful grins on their faces but Paul was unsure, 'so anyway Rob what was the hassle that I had to get over here', Tony asked, 'yer sorry about that mate, not really a hassle more like', and with that he put his hand on my leg and lift my dress and said, 'well Paul I promised Nic here I would serve her some cock and your next on the list', said Rob. Paul smiled even though looking very surprised and said, 'your shitting me', and straight off Tony and Chris replied, 'no he's not mate', and then I added, 'he's not shitting you Paul', and I slide of the lounge onto my hands and knees and walked over to him and instantly noticed his groin start to grow.

'Oh fuck if anyone tells Suzie I kill them', he said, 'we won't mate', Rob told him and he sat forward looking at me, 'so do you want me Paul', I asked, 'fuck do I', he replied as he leant forward in his chair. 'Show him how much you love sucking cock Nic', Tony called, I turned and smiled, 'would you like that Paul', I asked teasing him as I pulled at his shorts.

'Lift up', I told and he did allowing me to pull down his shorts and there was another fine looking mature cock, 'mmmm it looks like you like me Paul', I said and I took his cock in my hand, 'mmmm yes you like me lots', I again said feeling ever so naughty and I started licking his head, 'jesus boys I wasn't expecting this', he said as my mouth entertained him. 'Hell none of us were mate, said Rob, 'I spotted her walking along Flinders, fucking see through dress in the sun', he said with a laugh, 'started flashing her arse and cunt at me and even let me finger her at the fucking Brewery', he told them, 'lucky bastard', said Paul still enjoying my mouth, 'lucky us', said Chris.

I felt hands touching my bum again, it was Tony. He was playing with my G, pulling up between my lips and licking me as well, 'fucking nice arse', he said, and then another set of hands, 'isn't it just', it was Rob's hand. They were sitting right behind me and were obviously enjoying the view. 'I might go some more after if that's ok, Tony said, 'ok with me', said Rob then asking me, 'you not going to up and leave on us soon are you Nic', 'of course not', I said hearing every word as I sucked, 'I was hoping you'd want more', I said, 'jesus what a slut', said Tony as he and Rob again attacked my pussy with their fingers.

I looked over to Chris, he was just sitting watching but oh goodness me he was already hard again so I gave him my cock in mouth smile and went back to business.

'Fucking hell I want to try that pussy', called Paul as he lent be back, 'get on this chair will you', he said and I did. He knelt in between my open legs and pulled my G aside, 'no one tells Suzie', he said as he gave me a fingering before sinking his cock into my pussy and fucking me. 'So I'm number four hey', he asked as he gave pussy a yummy slam, 'yes that's ok isn't it', I said looking at him. He laughed and said, 'hell nothing like a gorgeous slut on a Sadie avro is there guys', they all laughed with him agreeing whole heartedly and Tony asked, 'mate are you going to fuck her arse, we have', 'well never let it be said that I don't go with the flow', Paul replied and after a couple more minutes he had me on my hands and knees waiting as he lined up his cock for my bum. 'Looks like that arse has seen some action today', he said with a laugh which embarrassed me a little but some things are just out of my control and then he was inside me.

'You'll just have to be gentle Paul', I told him, 'no worries sweet thing I'm not into burning my bridges', he said and away he went. I could see my other three men watching so I reached for Chris and stroked his cock, he was smiling and said, 'reckon I could cum again you know', 'I'd love that', I replied as I ran my finger nails gently up and down his shaft. I looked to Rob, 'don't forget what I said before Rob', I said, 'haven't forgotten don't worry', he replied elbowing Tony as he did and said, 'I'm game are you', 'hell yes mate just want to see Paul cum first', he replied and they all laughed.

'Gently please Paul a girl can only take so much', I told him, 'only take so much arse fucking in one day', Rob said and then Chris saved me, 'cum in her mouth mate Chris did'. Paul laughed saying, 'shit so many options', then he was out of my bum and slamming my pussy, 'is that better babe', he asked, 'thanks', I said.

After a few more minutes he was telling me to get down on my knees and being cheeky I asked, 'why Paul what do you want to do', 'I want to cum on your tongue, he replied, 'good do it', I said as I got comfy in front of him and opened my mouth, 'you can fuck my mouth if you want too', I told him, 'jesus if you insist', Paul replied so I stopped moving and let him take charge. 'Fucking hell Nic', Rob said watching as Paul pushed his cock in and out of my mouth, I looked to him and winked as with each movement Paul started realising that I was very comfy taking his cock and would even though he was gentle he would push his cock further in my mouth, 'fucking awesome', he said with delight written across his face, 'awesome alright', said Tony and then he pulled his cock from my mouth and started stroking himself madly, 'almost', he declared so I went for his balls I went and started sucking them, 'yer keep doing that', he said and shortly after he pulled back and aimed for my open mouth, and moaned, 'here it comes baby', and started splashed his hot yummy cum all over my mouth and tongue and goodness I do mean a load. Even Chris commented, 'jesus mate looks like a fucking litre', which almost made me laugh but luckily I didn't because then I would have gagged and I didn't want that.

Goodness the look on his face as he unloaded was wonderful and the reason I love it and when the last drops of cum landed on my lips I swallowed and started licking his head clean. 'Fucking hell', he said and quivered ( I love it when they quiver, lol) and then I was done.

'Did you enjoy that Paul', I asked, 'bloody hell did I', 'I thought you might', I replied and look around at my new friends, they were all smiling. 'Boy I need a drink', I declared and reached around for my beer and had a big drink, 'needed something to wash that down do you', Rob asked. I had a drink and replied 'I certainly did big boy', and I stood up and readjusted my G and had a stretch. 'Geez you have a great body Nic', Tony said, 'so you work out do you', he also asked, 'three times a week does it show', I told him, 'it shows alright, he said and stood up and walked over to me and got behind me and grabbed my arms pulling them back sticking my boobs out, 'love those tits too', 'thank you', I said.

He released my arm and put his arms around me and fondled my boobs and then ran his fingers down my over my stomach, over my pussy and up again. 'Goosebumps', he said, 'what', I asked, 'you've got goose bumps', he replied, 'well it feels nice', I told him and he started kissing my neck as his hard cock poked me in my back. Rob and Chris were still sitting on the lounge and they were both semi-hard but grinning, 'so', I asked looking at them feeling so alive, so sexy and so dirty but just a little shy about what I wanted next.' 'So what sexy', Rob enquired.

'Hang on Chris', I told him who was still kissing my neck and giving me more and more goose bumps and I pulled away from him and knelt between Tony and Rob. 'I want to see if you two like something', 'yer we're game', Rob said, 'then go wash', I told them. They looked at each other and smiled, 'shit ok', said Tony so up they both got and went into the bathroom.

I sat myself on the lounge and there was poor Chris standing there, his cock sticking out like a flag pole, 'oh come here with that', I told him and gave him another suck while I waited. Paul came and stood next to him, 'she sucks a mean cock doesn't she', he said, 'you betya', Chris replied and then oddly enough Paul asked, 'feel like a joint honey it's some good stuff', 'mmmm if they are why not', I thought and then out walked Rob and Tony.

Paul pulled out the joint he had, 'hey fella's want to try this, better than viagra', he said with a laugh, 'what do you reckon mate', Rob asked Tony as they both walked over and stood and watched me pleasing Chris, 'might be a good idea what about you Nic'. I stopped sucking Chris, 'I'll try some', I said and as I went to stand they all offered their assistance.

'Over near the back window', said Rob so over near the window we went and Paul lit it and I was offered first try, 'ladies first', he said. I coughed and they all laughed and I past it on.

I loved how happy they all were as the we shared the joint. Two semi naked and two totally naked men and men just in my G. I laughed feeling the effects starting to take hold and said, 'I can't believe I still have my G on', 'love a woman in a g-string', said Tony, 'fuck yer and it's staying on', said Rob, 'whatever you want', I replied. It was back to me with the joint but I only had a quick puff and past it on.

'Not bad gear is it', said Paul who was now grinning wildly and it wasn't bad a all and low and behold I was delighted in watching as one soft and two semi-hard cocks start to come back to life before my eyes and as for Chris well he was already hard but I swear his cock was rock hard. I smiled, 'well well looks like my day is far from over then', I said to them as I using both hands started stroking them all in turn, 'seems that way beautiful', said Rob who eyes were now quite glassie.

Goodness was I horny and as naughty as it sounds I felt almost desperate to try my new trick out on them, 'are you all nice and fresh now', I asked Rob, 'as a daisy', he said, 'good then sit yourself down', I said moving towards him. He backed up and dropped onto the lounge. 'So what's this about then', Chris asked, 'you'll see, I said as I knelt in front of Rob again and gently lifted his balls and started licking the base of his cock, 'fuck yer', he said. I felt hands touching me again, lots of hands touching me all over. Fingers again at my pussy then, 'mind if I fuck you again', Chris asked, 'not at all Chris but just my pussy', 'shit sure thing', he said and once again I had cock in my pussy. 'Sit out more Rob', I asked him so he moved his bum out a little, 'that's much better', I said and then I was doing it. Teasing his bum hole with my tongue, going round and round, 'fucking hell woman', he said, 'feel nice does it', I enquired, 'does it ever'. 'Fuck me she's licking his arse', said Paul, 'I know I know mate', Tony said , 'and I'm next', he added.

I took a breathe and turned to Chris and Paul, 'only if you wash down there', I told them and back I went to entertaining Rob's bum. Really though if a guy can lick and have fun with my bottom why can't a girl return the favour and oh goodness do guys love it. I stroked Rob's yummy cock as I teased his anus, 'oh jessus fuck me', he said and I couldn't help but think of my neighbour Jim the first guy I ever tried such a thing on. I was amazed at how much he moaned his delight and there was Rob doing exactly the same thing and for me that what it's all about, pleasing them.

Chris was being lovely and gentle with my pussy with just slow gentle movements and I was actually quite comfy when Rob lifted up his legs putting his feet on the lounge, 'sorry fella's', he said I think because of how he positioned himself exposing himself like that but it was perfect so I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, 'oh fuck me you guys have got to try this', he called and then he laid his head back on the head rest and just enjoyed.

I saw Paul out of the corner of my eye disappear into the bathroom as Tony who was getting frisky sat himself down beside Rob, 'give us some room will you', he said. Rob moved and straight away Tony lifted his legs up onto the lounge. I can't believe how dirty I felt, it was unbelievable, 'I'll be back', I said to Rob and I turned my attention to Tony, 'fuck yeh mate I was enjoying that', Rob said, 'share and share alike mate', replied Tony before he too became lost in moaning his delight as I teased his bum.

Rob got up just as Paul returned from the bathroom, 'there you go Paul have a sit', he said as he moved around behind me and told Chris, 'come on mate my turn', 'there you go mate I had better go wash up anyway', and he eased his cock from my pussy and walked away. Rob knelt behind me and with his hands parted my cheeks again, 'fuck that looks so hot', he said and then he was inside me again.

Paul sat beside Tony and started stroking his cock watching me so I reached over and took him in my hand and did it for him, 'feel alright does it', he asked Tony, 'jessus does it', he replied as my tongue pushed as far as I could. Guy bums are so tight but do eventually loosen up a little, lol.

'So have you done this much before', Tony asked, 'no only discovered it by accident with my neighbour', I told them. 'Your neighbour, fucking hell imagine having you for a neighbour', he said, 'lucky bastard', Rob said and laughed.

Sneakily I swapped my tongue for my finger and started probed his anus as I sucked his balls, 'oh yer jessus fucking christ', he called as my finger tickled his rectum and then he grabbed his cock out of my hand and started stroking himself madly. 'Yes fuck I'm going to cum again', he cried, 'go for it', called Rob. I just kept sucking those balls and wiggled my finger and then he arched his back up almost knocking me backwards but I kept my composure and oh goodness me he came. 'Fuck...................', he called as cum started raining down onto my forehead, my eye lashes and my cheeks. It was so intense. Once he had finished he slumped back into the lounge and said, 'jesus that was incredible', so I gave his balls a kiss and rested my elbows on his knees.

I could feel cum running down my face and goodness did they love it. 'I want my cum on your face too', said Paul, 'ok', I said smiling at him but Rob interrupted, 'I might have some more here for you real soon', he said still having my having pussy called out. I turned to him and said, 'you just say when big boy', 'on that pretty face', he asked, 'yes please', I replied, 'no Nic tell me you want it', he said.

Some guys love hearing the words and Rob was definitely one of them. 'Give me a minute', I said to Paul who I knew was very keenly awaiting my tongue, 'ok', he said. I pushed Rob away from me with my hands, 'stand up', I told him and as I turned round on my knees he stood up. I smiled up at him and took his cock in my hand, 'You want to fuck my mouth first', 'fuck yer', he said, 'and then l want your cum all over my face Rob, give it to me', I said and opened my mouth. 'Perfect', he said and he drove his cock into my mouth and starting a moving back and forth.

He had watched Paul take me in the mouth earlier so knew I didn't mind it but still he was not rough or anything. He just held my head and gently went for it, 'aaahhh Jesus fuck I love those green eyes', he said with his cock now almost hitting the back of my throat, 'yer yer fuck', he said and then, 'damn am I going to enjoy this', he then said and he pulled his cock from my mouth and madly stroked his cock and made aim. 'Yep here we go', he said as a yummy little load of hot cum splashed across my lips and nose, 'so fucking sexy, he said with a wild stoned look in his eyes and then he pushed his cock back into my mouth, 'clean it all up now', he said and once again I gave him my cock in mouth smile.

'Quite the cum slut aren't you', he said as I sucked his head so very cheekily replied, 'I never so no', and kissed his head.

I was on fire (and very stoned) and loving being their slut so I immediately turned back and got between Pauls legs. 'Come on open wide', I told him, 'fucking hell', he said and up went his legs onto the lounge and down I went not even bothering to wipe any cum from my face. Tony sat there with the biggest grin just watching while Chris started getting toey so Tony got up and Chris sat beside Paul.

'Musical chairs', I said as I explored Pauls bum and balls with my tongue, 'use your finger nails again', he asked so of course I did. Just at the base of his cock and he loved it but I kept getting distracted by Chris. He was still hard and just had the nicest big smile on his face. I realise he was stoned but there was an underlying attraction between us I was sure.

Anyway as I entertained Paul I couldn't help but notice that his bum hole was much looser than the others and he didn't moan quite as much either in fact as I was sucking his balls I slipped a finger into his bum I realised that there was more than enough room, not tight like the other, 'mmmmm', I thought to myself, 'I wonder if another will fit in there'. It wasn't as if the others could see because of my hair so I tried and oh goodness in went in very easy (a first for me, two fingers in a guys bum, lol) so I gave him a good little finger fuck as I stroked his cock and sure enough that started him moaning, 'feels fucking good doesn't it', Tony asked, 'dame straight it does mate', he replied and then I felt him start squeezing his rectum around my fingers and after another minute or three he took his cock from my hand and started stroking himself and pushed it down, forward.

'You want more cum on that pretty face don't you', he said, 'yes give it to me, I told im as he leaned forward trying to aim better as I tried to continue fingering his bum with some difficulty due to his legs muscles. I felt a splash right onto my fore head and then more across my cheeks, 'how good is this chick', Rob called watching as Paul released a very healthy stream of cum right where he wanted it.

Goodness I was the dirtiest girl alive and you couldn't have wiped the smile of my face if you tried. Some even landed in my eye but not wanted to spoil anyone's fun I left it until he was totally finished and I had licked his head clean.

Chris was shaking his head, 'what's wrong', I asked as I wiped my eye, 'nothing at all your just so fucking hot', 'even with cum all over my face', I asked, 'especially with cum on your face', he replied. I looked around to all my new friends as I knelt, they were all happy but Chris had still not had his turn. 'Maybe I should go and wash up first', I asked looking at him, 'it's up to you', he said just as a droplet of cum dripped onto my left boob. I could even feel it starting to dry on my face, lol, so I turned to Rob, 'maybe a rest break and a shower if that's ok', I asked, 'fill your boots gorgeous we're not going anywhere', 'ok give me 15 and I'll be back', and up I got, grabbed my dress and as I walked to the bathroom I heard Tony say, 'that's the sexiest chick I've ever fucked', and Rob say, 'and the wildest', and they laughed and I closed the door.

Oh goodness when I looked in that daggy old mirror I surprised myself, 'cum slut he called me', well no wonder because it was everywhere. I've had cum on my face before, two was the most at one time but I had never looked in a mirror with it on me before and it hit me. That's why guys like it so much, I felt very sexy dirty.

The shower was just great, lots of pressure and nice and cool. Rob even had women's shampoo and conditioner even though he had no hair, lol, so I thought why not. I wasn't in any hurry to go home to a empty house so I washed my hair as well EmojiEmoji .

There was a knock on the bathroom door, 'you ok in there', Rob called out, 'just another minute', I replied. I put my dress and G back on and combed my hair and even though it was still wet I walked back out.

They were all sitting around the open window near the back of the unit passing around another joint, 'that's so much better', I told them, 'fucking hell', said Chris looking at me, 'you approve', I asked, 'definitely approve', he replied as I walked over and sat on Rob's knee, 'another smoke', I asked them, 'better than Viagra', Rob laughed putting his arm around my waist. Paul got me another beer and I had another puff of the joint.

This time the smoke seemed to really get me and l got all sleepy so I had to lean back and rest my head on Rob's shoulder and shut my eyes for a minutes, 'good gear isn't it', Tony said. 'It certainly is', I replied getting myself more comfy on Rob's shoulder

As I rested I once again felt hands touching me again. Rob started kissing me on my ear, licking my ear 'mmmmmmm', and what a lovely sensation it was and then he whispered loud enough that all could here, 'so what are we going to do with you', 'whatever you like', I replied, 'Jesus Christ did you hear that', said Tony, 'yep', said Chris and then someone gently opened my legs and started touching pussy. I moaned a sleepy moan at their touch and relaxed my body.

'I think she's asleep', said Chris but I wasn't I was just very stoned and quite spinnie but I let them think that. 'Fucking hell I reckon I could go her again soon', Paul said, 'I think we all could mate', replied Chris 'have you still got that dildo', I heard Tony asked Rob, 'shit yer mate never got rid of it, it's in the TV cabinet'. 'What do you reckon we have some fun with her', Tony said, 'are you there Nic', Rob asked but again all I gave them was a sleepy, 'mm', 'yer mate why not I think she's out to it'.

I couldn't believe I could feel Rob getting hard again laying on him.

I think it was Tony who got up and went to the cabinet, 'what the hell, where did you get that', Chris asked, 'won it at a Chrissy party years ago', Rob explained. I opened my eyes ever so slightly and saw Tony standing there with a black dildo, 'naughty men', I thought to myself and just closed my eyes again.

It felt gorgeous, they were trying their hardest to be gentle and not to wake me but I couldn't help but notice it being pushed into my pussy, 'fuck yer look at that', I heard. Someone started sucking my boobs, 'living the dream', said Rob as he ran his fingers through my hair.

I must have really fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was feeling me being picked up and carried. I woke up in Rob's arm, 'well hello beautiful', he said, 'must have feel asleep', I asked, 'you did', 'what's the time', I asked, 'just gone 6pm', he told me and then he laid me out on his bed and I was naked. 'Oh shit sorry', I told him sitting up now wide awake, 'nothing to be sorry about', he replied and then, 'I was going to let you sleep', he added.

I got off the bed and looked around for my dress, 'where's my dress', I asked, 'in the lounge', so we walked out of Rob's bedroom feeling disappointed that I had fallen asleep but as soon as I saw Tony, Chris and Paul all still there sitting having a beer I was happy again.

'So your awake', said Paul, 'yes sorry about that,. thought I'd missed you', I told them, 'ha it's all good', he replied. I had a big drink of water and immediately felt much better. My dress and G were laying on the floor near the lounge, 'mmmm I wonder how that got there', I enquired but they all played coy. I smiled at them, 'as long as you had fun', I cheekily said putting my G and dress back on.

'Are you leaving', they all asked, 'not if you don't want me too', I replied, 'hell no', Rob said as I buttoned up my dress. 'But I have too', Paul said, 'but I haven't', I replied, 'if I don't I'll get myself in all sorts of trouble', he interrupted. He got up and shook Rob's hand and thanked him, 'glad you could come over mate', Rob told him, 'hell mate it was bloody great', he said and looked to me. 'I'll walk you out Paul', I said and walked him to the door. He stopped at the open door, 'I hope you had fun Paul', I asked, 'hell did I', he said. I told his hands and motioned closer offering him a kiss and wow did I get one. He took me in his arms and gave me a wonderfully long and passionate kiss then he said, 'thanks beautiful', and he left.

'That was a long goodbye', Tony said when I returned to them, 'he wanted a kiss', I told him, 'nice', said Chris and then Tony piped up, 'hope I get one', 'of course you will', I replied and went and sat straight on his lap and looked at him smiling. He hesitated a sec, 'so did you want that kiss', I said and moved in offering my mouth and then our tongues played. 'Jesus Nic', Rob said watching us and then finally our lips parted, 'awesome', Tony said, 'just my way of saying thank you', I said.

I really enjoy that guys like kissing as much as I do, it's all part of it and its one sure way of getting a guys cock hard.......

'Hell I gotta start work at midnight so better get going', Chris said putting on his clothes, 'no worries mate', Rob said. I waited then walked him to the door, 'it was nice meeting you Chris', I told him, 'baby the pleasure was all mine', he said and he left after another wonderfully farewell kiss.

Tony was putting his clothes on when I returned and was getting ready to leave also. 'That was the best arvo I've had in years Nic thanks', he told me and shook hands with Rob, 'see you on Tuesday ok', he said. I saw him to the door to the door also and that him kiss me good bye and was he gone.