Written by Nic

25 May 2016

I walked back and sat on Rob's lap, 'so', I asked. He put his arms around me, 'so what have you got planned now', he asked, 'going home to a empty house I guess'. 'The Newmarket puts on a good feed if your interested, my shout', he asked, 'you bet I'm interested', I replied smiling, 'excellent then lets go', he said. 'I'll need to change', I told him, and I jumped up and grabbed my shopping bags, 'I have just the outfit, bought it today', and I pulled them out of the bag, 'oh boy can't wait to see you in that', Rob said so there right in front of him I stripped of my day dress and G and put my new pink G on, 'pink is your colour', he said as I pulled the LBD down over my shoulders. 'What do you think', I asked him putting myself on display, 'very sexy Nic very sexy', he said so I then I got the heels out and put them on the, 'wow even better', was his next comment.

Rob put on a neat pair of shorts and a casual shirt, 'very handsome', I told, he laughed and walked over to me and looked me up and down smiling, 'do those things ever go down', he asked with a laugh referring to my nipples, I looked down and saw them pushing through my dress, 'sometimes', I replied. He laughed, 'you look incredible', and he took my hand and we headed out of his unit and down the hill, at least it's easy walking down the hill (once I took my heels off, lol).

It's a nice pub and there were quite a few people there but we managed to get a table for two, 'man all the guys checking you out', he said as we sat down, 'oh don't be silly', I told him knowing all the well that he was right.

He ordered our drinks, 'your the hottest chick here by 7', he said but I sure he was exaggerating, 'oh only by 7', I asked teasing him. He gave me that look, 'you dress like that because you love guys looking at you don't you', he said, 'you know the answer to that Rob', I told him, 'no Nic tell me', he said. I smiled feeling myself getting wet once again so I leaned in closer to him and in a soft voice, 'I love dressing sexy so guys will look at and want me', 'mmmm want you hey hell I want you again', he said, 'good', I told him but he was on a roll, 'so did you have enough today', he asked and cheekily I replied, 'why don't you tell me'.

He stopped and thought for a second and smiled and said, 'I don't think so gorgeous'. I rested my hands in my chin, 'well then', and I dropped off my shoe and put my foot up between his legs and quite easily I was able to massage his groin with my foot. He was surprisingly hard which just delighted me.

We ordered while I still had my foot between his legs, it was so erotic. 'The couple over there can see what your up too', he told me so I casually looked in their directions and Rob was right. He was grinning but I was surprised to see that the girl had desire in her eyes. I smiled at them cheekily rubbing Rob's groin some more and wow she winked which was lovely.

We both had Pepper steak (well done) and it was beautiful and while we ate we talked about things. Rob is quite the naughty man and continually made comments when he saw guys checking me out and goodness is was just so much fun. I was actually getting a little nervous as I ate my last mouthfuls with comments like, 'we might have to give that one something more to look at hey', and, 'never said the day was over did we', he said with a laugh and after a couple of reds I was certainly very willing to play.

The short nap I had earlier really helped me and I was very much alive.

As we talked and teased each other I noticed a guy sitting behind Rob to his left was checking me out. He was sitting with another guy but he had his back to me. Rob noticed me glance over his shoulder more than once and asked, 'it someone perving at you', 'yes just behind you', I told him, 'do you reckon he can see you under the table', he asked, 'I'm not sure', I replied and then Rob put on his big smile and naughtily said, 'well open your legs and find out'.

I smacked him on the hand and told him how naughty he was but as I did I also moved in my chair and parted my legs just a little and then a little more until I caught the guys eyes go down and his face lit up. 'Yes he can see', I told Rob, 'are you sure', 'yes I'm sure', I told him now grinning, 'excellent give him some more', he told me but I had to be careful I didn't give the whole place a view. The other couple were keeping an eye on us but I was convinced they were just enjoying our play time. She kept giving me this look of shock followed by a smile of approval.

Anyway I was sure the guy perving was getting a good view on pink G when slowing the other guy he was with looked right around at me. I was telling Rob what was happening and he was loving it, 'you glow when your being a slut', he told me, 'that's because it turns me on', I told him and then added, 'you wouldn't believe how wet I am', 'maybe I might have to feel for myself', he said, 'maybe you just might', I replied. 'Fuck yer your a bewt you are, back in a sec', he said and got up and went to the loo.

While he was away I continued sneaking looks at the guy until Rob returned, 'that's better', he said as he moved his chair around the table putting it close to mine. He sat down and put his arm around over my shoulder, 'so where were we', he asked, 'you wanted to feel how wet I am', 'that's the girl', he said and straight away put his left hand under the table and on my leg.

Funny enough I still gets the nervous shakes sometimes and started getting them then which Rob noticed but was very cool about it and whispered, 'don't worry this will be fun', and then he started moving his hand up and between my thighs and then he started telling me a funny story from his work as his fingers found my pussy and he interrupted it with, 'Jesus your cunt is soaked'.

The guy sitting was now mesmerised and the guy he was with had moved his chair around and was also watching as Rob pulled my G aside and started teasing my lips, 'careful Rob please', I told him looking around that no one else could see, 'feels good though doesn't it', 'yes', I told him, 'your a real exhibitionist aren't you, flashing your cunt at strangers', he said as I got off on his fingers and his dirty talk. I was sure they wouldn't have been able to see too much but they certainly knew that he was touching me. The couple were still there but were sitting close together now at their table and were arm in arm which I thought was nice. I think our naughty actions were rubbing off on them.

Rob continued with the talk, 'so what should we do now do you think', 'I'm open to most suggestion', I replied. He laughed softly, 'such a sexy sexy slut I got myself here', and he removed his hand from my pussy and out from under the table and up to my mouth, 'try some', he said so I naughtily sucked his finger. It was extreme!

'Ever blown someone in a toilet', he asked, I grinned and replied 'once or twice', and he looked at me for a sec, 'yer I'll bet you have', and we both laughed, 'I want to watch you do it though', he told me, 'of course Rob', I told him a little confused that he would even ask such a question because I was his today but obviously he hadn't realised that quite yet.

'Ok', he said and for the first time looked at the guys sitting at the other table and motioned his head twice. They looked confused so I licked my lips and then they realised and nodded understandingly.

'We'd have to be careful though, go on I'll be right behind you', Rob said and gave me directions to the loo's so I got up and walked close past the guys at the table smiling and walked towards the loo doors. Down a hallway and through two doors, 'perfect', I thought as I waited brirfly and then down he walked, 'hello', I said , 'g'day', he replied and straight away I went for his zipper, 'I'd love to suck your cock', I asked just as Rob walked in, 'that'll be great', he said. 'Go on then get to work', Rob said smiling as I lowered myself down and opened his trousers and took his cock in my hand, 'very nice', I told him and went about pleasing him'. 'She's bloody good at it isn't she', Rob said to the guy, 'yer', he replied. Back and forth and round and round I went while massaging his balls. He was moaning his approval when Rob said, 'she wants you to cum in her mouth you know', I nodded constantly maintaining eye contact with him, 'hell that sounds good to me', he said.

You can give a slow entertaining suck that can last as long as you want or you can give a fast and furious one that brings them along much quicker and that was my plan. No time to waste in a pub loo, lol, and so before to long and with a well placed hand massaging the base of his cock I had him coming very heartedly, 'oh christ bloody hell', he said as he unloaded down my throat. 'Your the fucking best Nic', said Rob appearing absolutely delighted with my performance. I swallowed him all up and kissed his head, 'Is your friend coming', I asked standing back up. 'He was I'll go get him thanks', he said and walked out the door pulling up his zipper. 'Come here', Rob said and grabbed my arms lifting me up and gave me a wonderfully big kiss and didn't put me back down until the other guy walked in.

'Uuumm', he said walking in and straight away I saw that he was hard, 'so it's your turn is it', I asked him moving towards him and started rubbing his hardness. I had him coming in about the same time as his friend much to his and Rob's delight, 'this is the best day ever', he said with a cheer as I swallowed down yet another strangers load. A kiss on his head and we were done!

We walked back out together all three of us and the only people who had noticed a thing was the first guy and the ever watching couple and oh she knew what I had been doing, you could see it in her eyes and she was horny.

We sat back at our table like nothing and happened and got one more drink but I was quite disappointed when the couple who had been observing us got up to leave but that quickly turned to happiness when she walked over to me and slipped a piece of paper into my hand and whispered, 'your living my fantasy', and left. The paper had her name and a mobile number so I was absolutely thrilled and told Rob what she said, so your into woman too', he asked, 'sometimes', I told him and we ordered one more drink.

'A nice night for a walk don't you think and it's only early', Rob said and it was a nice night being cooler now and it wasn't even 8:30 yet so yes, 'I'd love a walk Rob anywhere special', I asked, 'not really', he said and we got up, he paid and we walked out.

As soon as I was outside I took my heels off, 'they so nice but hard to walk in', I told him. He laughed as we walked down Ogden St towards the river. Emoji

We talked about things as we walked and when I told him that up until my early forties I had only ever had one man and he was shocked, 'so your making up for lost time then', he asked, 'well yes that's alright isn't it', I replied, 'hell yes gorgeous you only get one life so why not enjoy it', he said and took my hand. Why not indeed I thought to myself.

'And hell I'm having the best day ever', he said, 'really are you', I enquired, 'you betya hell I've always been a dirty bastard and just thought it was me but today I met you', and he squeezed my hand.

We sat on a bench over looking the river and straight away his hand was on my legs rubbing up and down and gently massaging them, 'so we could go over to Palmer St, maybe The Australian', he said, 'that's a nice pub', I replied, 'might see if we can't get someone to fuck that sexy little cunt of yours if your interested'. I thought for a sec then, 'I tell you what Rob you think it and I'll do it', 'seriously but I'm a dirty old bastard', 'seriously seriously', I replied, 'fucking hell girl', he said and put his arm around me. 'Don't mind do you', he asked as his fingers again worked their way under my G and inside me, 'of course I don't', I told him. 'Did you see the look on their faces when I started touching you', he said laughing, 'that was gold', 'its an incredible turn on for me', I told him, 'you love flashing your body don't you', he said and started kissing me. I was just happy that he was happy and also happy that he was being much gentler with pussy.

I'm guessing that by that time I had orgasmed maybe six or so times since meeting Rob earlier and there I was again at the mercy of his fingers and he knew, 'feel good does it', he asked, 'very much', I replied, 'ha ha well I had better keep you wanting hadn't I', he said and his eased his fingers from my pussy and licked them clean, 'jezz you taste good', he said.

I wanted to do something for him, 'give him a little suck', I said and slide down in front of him and undid his button and eased down his zipper. He looked around and said, 'this is the best go for it', so I reached in and took his semi-soft cock in my hand, 'I hope no one can see', I said naughtily as I lick his head and slowly but surely he started getting hard in my mouth again. He laughed and said, 'haven't had so many hardons in one day in my life', as I gently sucked his head. He didn't get really hard like earlier but that was ok because he'd already cum twice that afternoon so a girl cant expect too much but he did enjoy my mouth. We heard voices coming from the apartments that were just over there and weren't sure if they could see us so I put his cock away for him and sat on his lap.

'You know Rob I just love it', I told him, 'being a slut', 'yes', 'I kind of figured that so lets go', he said, 'yes lets', I replied and off we went. As we walked from Haran Park and past 'A Touch Of Salt' restaurant which was very busy we saw one guy sitting on a park bench looking at his phone but as we walked closer he looked at us and was obviously checking me out. Rob squeezed my hand, 'drop something', he told me so just as we walked right near him I dropped my purse and bent down to pick it up and as soon as it was in my hand again I turned my head, 'hello', I said smiling and stood up knowing all to well that I had just given him more than just and eye. 'That's the way gorgeous', Rob said as we slowly kept walking. I looked back over my shoulder at the guy, he was watching us walking and then Rob looked back, 'I bet his cock is harder now', and he pulled me changing direction for another park bench very close by under a beautiful rain tree and we sat. 'Lets show him your cunt hey', he said and very boldly pushed my legs open with his hands. 'Be careful Rob', I told him, 'no one will see', Rob said and then he started rubbing my pussy through my G and looked up at the guy. The guy just watched for a minute before Rob called, 'what do you reckon not bad hey mate', he said enjoying the show we was giving him. The guy hesitated for a minute then got up and walked over, 'are you swingers', he asked, we looked at each other, 'sort of', I said but Rob was on a roll, 'no mate she just loves it so I thought I'd have some fun with her', and then he pulled my G aside, 'come on mate feel how wet her cunt is'.

The guy looked around and sat on my left and casually put his hand on my pussy, 'wow isn't she just', he said. 'Are you sure they can't see us', I asked with the restaurant just over there, 'no we're in the dark', Rob said even though it didn't seem that dark. 'Give her a finger if you want mate', Rob told him, 'sure', he said and started teasing my lips before slicing a finger inside me, 'Boy I don't believe this', he said as he finger fucked me. 'Feel good does it', Rob asked me, 'feels lovely', I told him, 'good so do you want him to fuck you', he then asked, 'alright yes', the guy replied even before I could, 'if you want me too'.

'Mate so you want to fuck her', Rob asked the guy, 'that'd be awesome but where', he said still fingering me, 'over there under the bridge is a good place I fish there', Rob said, 'catch anything their', I asked, 'sometimes', he replied and then, 'come on lets do it'. Rob took my hand and up we got and walked around the other side of the bridge. It was ideal, and real little hide out. I turned to Rob, 'bend over', he said so I grabbed hold of the railing fence and bent over and Rob lifted my dress up and said, 'go on mate give that a try', the guy got behind me, 'nice arse', he said and next he was pushing his cock inside me. 'My girlfriend is running late', he said with a laugh as he started giving me a yummy serving of cock...Emoji.... All men are naughty...Emoji.... Rob stood close to my side, 'how's that then', he asked, 'yummy', I told him smiling as the guys balls bounced again my pussy. He was quite well built and I was certainly enjoying him when Rob said, 'so are you thirty', 'very', I replied knowing what he wanted, 'good then mate cum in her mouth will you', he told the guy, 'shit I'd love too, can't believe this', he said, 'give it to me first', I said and he started slamming me, 'how's that', he asked 'ooohhh yes like that', I cried as he gave it too me until I knew he was very close..........

'I want you in my mouth', I said and pulled myself from him and quickly turned around and lowered myself down and took his cock in my mouth and started on him. 'she swallows the lot', Rob told him and then oh yes he started unloading straight down my throat. 'awesome bloody awesome', he called. He arched forward pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, I almost gagged, lol, and then he was done.

I kissed his head and stood up, 'so how was that', Rob asked, 'bloody bewt alright', he said as I adjusted my dress and G. 'Did you like that Nic', then asked, 'very nice', I told him and straight away Rob said, 'well mate but your girlfriend might be there so on your way', and he said thanks and walked away.

Rob turned to me smiling, 'now I really enjoyed that', and then he looked up as if he was thinking and then he said, 'mmm so what did you say, if I think of it you'll do it', and then he smiled at me, 'that's what I said', I replied, 'well then I reckon we walk up to Night Owl and get ourselves a cold drink and come back down and sit ourselves down and see if we can't get you to attract some more interest', he explained, 'ok', I told him and so up to Night Owl we went.

That naughty man had his hand on my bum nearly the whole time we were in Night Owl and was constantly looking around to see who was checking me out. We bought a couple of cold drinks and walked back down to the steps of Victoria Bridge, 'where shall we sit', I asked, 'up there', he said so we walked up onto the bridge. There is seating all the way across the bridge but he told me to sit at the third seat along. 'The camera's can't see fuck all here', Rob said, 'what camera's', I asked surprised, 'bloody CCTV camera's', he said and pointed to a pole, 'how do you know they can't', I asked, 'I know one of the security guys who mans them', he said with a laugh and then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. 'I didn't know you smoked those things', I told him, 'trying to quit but not right now', he said and he looked at me and lit the smoke.

'Show me', he said, I looked around and slowly opened my legs again, 'little bit more, yep that's it', then, 'jesus pink is definitely your colour', he said and goodness I felt so sluttie sitting there.

An younger couple walked past but they didn't say a word and only looked and then a group walked past but they were all looking into their phones. 'Bloody wankers', Rob said but before long a guy walked from the other end wearing a T-shirt and jeans and as he walked closer he saw how I was sitting and immediately slowed his pace. 'G'day mate do you smoke', Rob asked offering him a cigarette. The guy was surprised but excepted the smoke and was looking right at me as Rob lit it for him, 'not bad is she', Rob said looking at me, 'that's an under statement', the guy said. 'So what are you up to tonight', Rob asked him casually, 'meeting a couple of mates at Cowboys', he said, 'so if your fifteen minutes late they won't care', Rob then asked him. The guy stared smiling, 'nah they won't care', 'so do you want to try some', Rob said next. The guy looked confused, 'try some what', he asked so Rob looked at me and said, 'show him your cunt', so not hesitating I reached down and pulled my G aside, 'alright', the guy said. 'Go on mate sit down and have a feel of that', Rob then said, 'shit you bet', and taking a drag of the cigarette he came and sat beside me so I turned a little to him and lifted my leg up onto the seat giving him a better view and I said, 'touch me', 'hell ok', he said and down went his hand between my legs and he started rubbing me up.

I moaned as his finger entered me, 'far out', he said, 'so you like my pussy', I asked him, 'you bet I do honey', he said driving his finger deep into me. As he touched me I reached and started massaging his bulging groin, 'is he hard', Rob asked, 'oh he's very hard'', I replied, 'good then get it out', he then told me so gently I pulled at his button then lowered his zipper and reached in and took him in my hand and started stroking it.

He was yet another one today who was well put together and felt yummy in my hand but then. 'Hang on kids there people coming', Rob informed us so we stopped touching and sat as they walked past and as soon as they were gone I reached straight back for his cock.

'Quick while its clear suck him', Rod said and in a flash he pulled the front of his jeans down and looking around first over I leaned, 'yer that's the way', the guy said resting his hand on the back of my head as I suck his head. 'That better do', Rob told me after a minute or two so I sat up and looked to Rob wanting, 'do you want him to fuck me', I asked, 'yes', he replied and turned back to the guy, 'do you want to fuck me'. The guy looked to Rob, 'sure it's ok', he asked him, 'bet your arse it's ok mate', he said.

I took the guys hand and led him down the stairs and around to our little spot and turned to him, 'you won't tell anyone how bad I am will you', I asked 'no way honey', he replied, 'good', I said and turned around and leaned against the fence again, 'take me from behind', I told him and he did and what a lovely cock. Rob stood beside me again, 'you look so sexy getting fucked', he told me, 'I'm glad', I said as the guy served me, 'how's your cunt', he then asked, 'pussy is just fine', I said. 'Good', he said and then, 'mate this one wants it in her mouth ok', he told the guy, 'whatever she wants I reckon', he said sounding very happy and then Rob looked to me, 'I want him to fuck your mouth'.

Mmmmmmmmmmm it seemed like as the day progressed Rob only got naughtier and naughtier as he became more and more comfortable with his fuck toy, me!

'Well he's getting close so we had better do it', I told them feeling his head hardening, 'ok mate her mouth', he said so he pulled out of me and I swung around and down right onto my knees and readied myself. He eased his cock into my mouth and started pumping, 'like this', he asked, I smiled that cock in mouth smile of mine and let him go. 'Fuck Nic everything about you', Rob said and then I took the guys balls in my hand and started massaging them, 'ooohhh yes that'll do it', he said and obviously it did because very soon I was again receiving another delightful load of hot cum straight down my throat, 'oh brother this incredible', the guy said as I swallowed him down'. 'That's a good slut', I heard Rob say and then I kissed his head and stood up licking my lips, 'was that ok', I asked him, 'that was brilliant thank you', 'my pleasure', and then I turned to Rob, 'how am I doing', I asked him, 'like the man said bloody brilliant', he replied. Goodness what a day I was having, lol.

'Thanks for that mate better go find your mates hey', Rob said and they shook hands and thanked me again off he went.

I looked to Rob unable to control my happiness, 'Christ you really are enjoying this aren't you', he asked, 'does it show that much', I asked trying not to giggle, 'fuck yer it shows', he said and took my hand and led me back up onto the bridge.

'So what are we doing now big boy', I asked hoping as we sat at the same seat again, 'my mind is just boggling with ideas', he said and he put his arm around me and kissed me again, 'what ideas', I asked when our lips parted, 'jesus everything', he said, 'like what', I enquired, 'do you want to get fucked in the arse again', 'if you want me too', and then he thought for a second, 'and cum on your face', he then asked. I smiled and replied, 'I love cum on my face Rob', 'fuck don't you but I want to see lots', he said and started running his fingers through my hair, 'how much is lots', I asked. He smiled, 'we'll have to wait and see on that', he said and oh my goodness as incredible as it sounds my pussy started aching again.

I felt absolutely at his mercy, insatiable even and the desire to please this man I'd only met eight hours earlier was only becoming stronger.Emoji

Rob stood up and got out another smoke and looked at me again, 'come on gorgeous take up the pose', he said so I got comfy and opened my legs for him, ' fuck me that's it', he said. 'I might need another drink soon', I said, 'hell I could use a drink now', he agreed, 'lets go', and he grabbed my hand and led me off over the bridge and towards Palmer St. 'What's say we have a couple at The Australian, we can always come back here if we don't find anything for you there', he said as we walked, 'sounds good Rob', and so into Palmer St we went.

Lots of people around as usual for a Saturday night and The Aussie was almost full but we managed to find our way to the bar and got some drinks. I had already had three stubbies of beer and four glasses of wine today so I had to be careful but not right now, lol. We could only find a spot to stand but that was ok and suited Rob because he delighted in continually pulling up at my dress which was short enough already but it did work because several guys had seen him and were loving the show.

'You have to be careful Rob', I told him, 'if security see's or someone tells them they'll boot us out', I tried to explain to him. 'Come on gorgeous I know you love it', he said not wanting to stop, not that I could blame him but sometimes discretion works in a place like that. I must admit though the two guys that were watching (early thirties) were quite cute so I told Rob, 'another red please and let me try', he smiled and off he went so I made myself available and smiled at them and typically it worked because straight away the came over.

'Hi guys so what's happening', I asked, 'we've been enjoying the view', one said, 'and you liked what you've see', I boldly asked them, 'you bet we have so what's the go with you two then', the other replied, 'just having fun', I explained and then Rob returned, 'so what's this then as soon as me backs turned your trying to jump me woman', he said with a laugh and followed up with, 'only if I can watch'.

'See I told you I fucking knew it', said one to the other, 'knew what', I asked wondering, 'your swingers aren't you', he said. I smiled and looked at Rob, 'yes we're swingers alright aren't we baby', 'that we are', I confirmed, 'alright we're definitely interested', one said looking very excited and was brave enough to get close to me and put his arm around me, 'very sexy', he said.

Rob took a drink and said, 'well hell that was bloody easy', 'it always is', I replied cheekily because it always is easy and I put my arm around the guy who had his around me. 'So darling I think these two will do just fine what do you think', I said to Rob as the hand travelled down and started rubbing my bum . The other guy was standing right in front of me looking me up and down and had lust written all over his face. 'I reckon so gorgeous but have they got somewhere to go', Rob asked in reply. 'We're got a room at the Crown', one said, 'your shittin me', Rob said, 'no Room 46', he said. 'Nice motel that we should go then', Rob said. It was funny because as soon as Rob said that they started elbowing each other like a couple of boys and were saying excellent and it was nice because they both obviously liked me, 'fuck me settle down will yers', Rob told them not quite as pleased with their behaviour as I was, lol. Emoji

We head out of the pub and walked the 100 or so metres to the Crown and goodness it wasn't hard to tell they both had wonderful hard cocks waiting for me because it I could easily see the bulges in their trousers, something I pick up on very easily I might add. In the elevator we went and that's were they really started really getting horny, 'so you just watch', one asked Rob, 'hit the nail right on the head mate', Rob replied. They both laughed and one said, 'I love coming to Townsville', and then the door opened. They led us to the room and opened the door and as we walked in Rob told them, 'you've only got an hour so don't waste it', and he closed the door. 'A whole hour with her Pete lucky fucking us', 'your not wrong bro', the other said watching me as I walked into the bedroom. It was lucky me too because there was a beautiful big King size bed so I turned to them and said, 'I want you both to fuck me on the bed', and they came over to me.

They were ravenous and had me naked in seconds laying on the bed and they took me. 'You've got a great body', one said, 'hasn't she just', the other said. I looked over to Rob as the first cock entered my pussy, he was standing there with a big smile on his face and then there was a cock in my mouth and oh my wasn't a lovely sized cock, mmmm. They took turns in missionary, on my side then had me on my hands and knees, 'their keeping you busy', Rob called having helped himself to a beer from the fridge and he was right they were and I loved it.

'Are they having your arse too baby', rob asked, 'if they want it', I replied through my moans of delight, 'fuck her arse to boys', Rob told them. 'Alright', one called out and almost immediately the cock in my pussy slid out and was pushing against my bum hole. 'Ha ha how good is this', he called as he pushed deeper inside me as the guy in my mouth started pushing towards me as I sucked. I looked to Rob still standing, smiling, watching as they fucked my arse and mouth. He walked over and said, 'such a gorgeous slut aren't you', I smiled my cock in mouth smile, 'you like that don't you', he continued so I nodded my approval.

Then suddenly I thought of it, something Rob hadn't seen me do yet, 'I want you both to fuck', I told them, 'bloody ripper a double banger', one of them said as I pulled away from them and leaned over towards Rob smiling wildly, 'you haven't seen me do this', I said and kissed him on the cheek, 'hell go for it, he said and as I turned back to them he smacked me on my bum, 'love that arse', he said.

'On your back', I told one so he laid down and oh goodness he was hard, mmmmmm sometimes a healthy hard cock almost takes my breathe away, lol. Anyway I positioned myself over him and guided his cock, mmmmmm, deep into my pussy. The other guy knew what to do because he was already there behind me waiting so he got ready and started easing his cock into my bum, 'you'll have to be gentle', I told them being that they were both quite excited and oh so very hard and then they started on me. Just a hint of pain but that soon passed so I looked to Rob and very slutishly licked my lips and said, 'and who said three's a crowd'. Well goodness me didn't he just love that comment, 'oh jesus woman you are bloody amazing', 'I have to agree with that', one said. 'Great tits', the one under me said as his suck them, 'I need to lean forward', I whispered to him and rested my head on his shoulder as their cocks took me. Feeling their cocks inside me, EmojimmmmmmmEmoji another orgasm for the day and then I started kissing the guys neck as he gently fucked my pussy and oh yes instantly I felt his cock hardened and that is why I always kiss. Wow though wasn't my bum was getting some attention paid to her, 'hey big boy you need to settle down', I told him, 'oh shit sorry your just so hot', he said, 'don't be sorry', I replied.

Rob interrupted, 'anyway times almost up and I want you both to cum in her mouth', he told them, 'you want their cum don't you', 'you know I do darling', Rob laughed and said, 'bloody hell woman get that pretty arse of yours off the bed and on your knees', yes sir', I replied with a giggle as the guy in my bum eased himself out and then I lifted myself off the other and rolled off the bed and onto my knees, 'wow you boys', I said feeling a little flustered. They were both smiling widely and knew that I had enjoyed having their cocks inside me. 'Clocks ticking', said Rob so I smiled at them and opened my mouth and asked, 'so who's first', 'this is just the best me', one said as they both came in close and started stroking their cocks madly, 'bloody hell', one said, 'don't get any on my make up boys', I told them as I wiggled in just that little closer. Rob was standing just behind them so I was able to look straight at him. I started massaging their balls and then, 'yes yes I'm first', one declared and with his head just inside my lips he started unloading all over my tongue, 'aaaaahhhhh yes yes how good is that', he said as he delighted in watching his cum squirting into my mouth and a healthy load from a healthy cock it was, 'that my good slut swallow it all down', Rob said with a glow on his face and know sooner had the first finished the other guy, 'now it me', he said and with a very determined look on his face he moved in, 'damn yes', he then called as I received yet another delightfully healthy load.

I stayed kneeling mouth open and tongue out like a good slut until the last droplets had found their mark and then I kissed both of their heads and stood up and went straight to Rob, 'how did I do', 'very well baby very well', he replied, 'good', and I got between my two new friend a put my arms around their waists, 'hope you two enjoyed that as much as I did', I said. 'I'll never forget tonight trust me on that', one said and the other, 'if we ever match this I doubt it', two lovely comments I thought and I kissed them on their cheeks.

'Give me five Rob to freshen up', I told him and off to the bathroom I went. Dress and G back on and a quick tidy of my hair and considering the wild day I was having I thought I looked ok, lol. What I couldn't believe as I looked at myself in the mirror was that I actually wanted more and the thought of going home was the very last thing on my mind.

Rob walked in, 'you ok, he asked, 'I'm very ok why', 'just asking', he replied and he grabbed the hand towel from the rack, 'just in case', he said as he had a wee, 'I'm all ready', I said and walked out. The guys were still putting their clothes back on, 'going out again are you', 'going back to watch the footie', one said and with Rob still in the bathroom I took the opportunity to thank them again, 'here's my number so if your ever back in town txt me', 'sure thing thanks without him', one asked just as Rob walked back in so I just winked but they understood.

'Thanks guys we're out of here', Rob said taking my hand, 'ready baby', 'led the way', I said and out we went into the elevator. 'Do you want to go home yet', he asked, 'not if you don't want me too Rob', he laughed replying, 'hell I could do this all bloody night you a incredible', he said, 'thanks Rob lets just wait and see but I think no more anal', I told him squeezing his hand, 'fare a bloody enough', he replied returning my squeeze.

We walked out of the Crown, 'where are we going now', I asked, 'we could try the Shamrock its just there', 'sounds good', so over and in we went. Not as busy but goodness there were three pool tables, 'do you play pool Rob', 'hell yes', 'let's have a game', I said surprised that there was actually a free table even though three wasn't a lot people in the pool area. 'I'll claim the table if you get the drinks', I said, 'sure', so away we went. I hadn't even reached the table when I saw one guy nudge another as he checked me out. I smiled at them thinking to myself how easy it always is.

In went the coins and out came the balls and very lady like I knelt down and put the balls up and set them up, lean over discretely now I thought as I positioned the balls as I wanted Rob with me watching when I broke. Looking around I couldn't find any queues though, 'behind the door', a guy called out. Another smile and I found them and chalked up waiting for Rob. Goodness sometimes it can be hard playing little miss innocent when your horny and guys are checking me out and I couldn't help smiling and guys always pick up on it.

Finally Rob came back and obviously he knew several of the guys there because he said 'G'day mate' to at least two guys before he reached me, 'did you get lost', 'ha bloody slow', he said and handed me my drink, 'can I break', I asked, 'go for it, so feeling myself getting nervous with excitement once again I leaned over, 'hey Ian have a look at that', I heard just before I played the shoot I looked to Rob. A guy went over to him and they were talking while watching me. He winked and I knew and then I played the shot and put one down. I walked around to him, 'so how was that', 'crafty thing aren't you', he said as his friend looked me up and down and then I played my next shot, another down, lol, and played another shot but missed.

It was so much fun because I knew that in this little dress every shot I played I was giving strange men a good view and mmmmm doesn't that turn me on.

While Rob played his shot the guy he was talking to came over and introduced himself to me. He seemed nice and as it turned out Rob is quite a good player and put down four in a row before someone called out, 'come on mate give her another turn will you'. I looked to the voice and smiled and then Rob missed and I heard, 'come on love your turn', so I smiled at Rob knowing that he was just loving the game. I only had two reasonable shots that I could play for, one was bend over a little and the other I would have to bend over and stretch so naughtily I decided on the later shot so over I went and wow the whistles and cheers that erupted was just amazing. 'Fuck me look at that', 'check out that arse', god damn a g-string', were just a couple of the comments I heard as I played and got the ball down. 'Way to go baby', Rob called clapping his hands in approval, 'come on lets see some more of that', I heard just loving the attention so trying my hardest not to smile too much I played another shot and purposely bend more than I really needed too. More whistles and cheers as I played and down went that ball, 'she's on a roll now', I heard and oh yes wasn't I but I missed the next so it was back to Rob but the mood in the pool room had changed and all the guys were watching, laughing even coming over to say hi.

'Can I buy you a drink', I was asked and I thought fuck it, 'a shot of tequila please', and next thing I had two shots sitting on the table. Rob got one down then missed so I threw down a Tequila and away I went again showing off bum as I played until it was down to the last ball but it was a tricky one. I leaned over but wasn't sure if I could hit it and then there was a hand on my bum so I turned and saw a guy standing there with a big smile, 'are you right there', I asked and suddenly he lifted up my dress above my waist, 'ha ha better now', he said as every guy in the place clapped and cheered but what caught them by surprise was that I didn't pull my dress back down but rather turned back, took my time, even wiggled my bum and played the shot but missed, 'very cool there Nic', Rob called out and then I stood up and pulled my dress back down and turned and walked over to the guy who had pulled it up, 'now that was very naughty of you', I told him and grabbed his groin and gave him a gentle squeeze. Again more cheers from the other guys and I turned and walked back to Rob smiling wildly. He played his shot and sunk the black and it was game over much to the disappointment of the guys.