Written by Pepperberry

30 Jul 2011

Ah..... hot water coursing down my back....I tilt my head back and the water from the shower drenches my light red hair. I take my soap and lather it slowly in my hands, the fragrance subtle. Taking the soap I apply it to my shoulders making a rich lather dragging the soap lower I soap up my left breast flicking my nipple at the same time, sending a bit of a shiver down towards my pussy.

The door opens to the bathroom and then a cold draft sweeps across me as the shower door is opened and my man steps in, pulling the door closed behind him. I smile "hey hey, you wanna help?" He just smiles and takes the soap from my hand. Gently he turns me so I'm facing the wall with the water falling over my head and down my back, my hands on the wall above my head.

He takes the soap and softly suds up my back, drawing his hands over my shoulders and up the backs of my arms, lightly caressing as he goes. His hands curl around my body to soap my belly and slide them higher brushing the fullness of my now heavy breasts. The soap slides over one of my breasts, my nipples tighten expectantly, the soap slides to the other and his free hand now cups my soaped breast, kneading softly, flicking the nipple, squeezing a little. My body shuddered, my head tilted back as he lowered his head and bit my base of my neck, the soap falls to the floor as both hands now took to massaging my breasts with skill and playing with my nipples with his playful tugs and flicking.

He kissed my neck, lightly biting and licking, one hand slid down over my belly and his foot lightly pushing my feet apart. His hands now reached my hot apex, he cups the mound, one finger dipping between the folds just gliding over my sensitive bud.

I felt his shaft hard and long against my bottom as he moved his hand down so he could slid two fingers suddenly into me feeling how wet he had made me. His hands moved to my hips pulling them back a little as he guides himself into me pushing up and into me making me gasp as his thick length fills me, the friction delightful. He pulled out slowly and just as slowly pushed back in, one hand found my clit, his fingers flicking over it, making me groan with the heat he was creating. I went to move my hands down and he moved to keep them raised.

He moved in and out of me starting a rhythm my hips knew, I rocked lightly with the movement, my breathing heavier, as his was.

His fingers working on my clit, as he pumped into me. I felt the heat rising, our breathing getting shorter as the climax rose, he tensed as I let out a soft scream, I came violently as he came deep in me, filling me with his cum. My body shook and my core tighten around him as waves of pleasure washed over me.

I lowered my hands as he pulled put of me and I turned around still in his embrace.

Placing my hands on his shoulders I softy kiss him. I whisper to him "can I finish my shower now?"

"only if you join me in bed after you're done".....