Written by pete

28 May 2013

A while ago the wife, mary, and I lived on a boat, we had it berthed at a marina in Sydney. The marina was being renovated and there were a lot of workmen on site. I came home from work one day and noticed all the workmen had stopped and were looking at the boats, mine in particular. I didnt think too much of it at the time and continued walking to our boat. As I walked down the jetty I noticed two workmen walking back from the far end and as they got near our boat they slowed right down and had a real good look. When they walked past me they had big smiles on their faces. As I got closer I realised why, Mary was scrubbing the decks in a little tank top with no bra and a pair of shorts that were very loose fitting with no undies. She was facing away from the jetty and on her hands and knees, you could plainly see her waxed pussy and arsehole and also her tits which were hanging down. My god what a beautifull sight, I started to get hard right there, I also wondered how long this had been going on because they must have been taking turns to walk down the jetty in pairs. We went inside, she told me she did not notice that she was on display or that she noticed the men walking past but when I felt her pussy it was very wet and I just had to bend her over the galley table and fuck her right there. It didnt last long but was very intense. We talked about what happened she told me she would often go to the shower block and wank whilst having a shower, she would be quite loud as she came as she knew there were men just outside who could probably hear. She also hoped a few of them would come in and hold her down while they forced themselves on her. Not in a violent way but a sexual way, this always got her off real quick she told me. Turns out she loves showing off at times and I love it when she does.