Written by Screwer

4 Aug 2012

A few months ago I took my GF to Silverwater to see what all the fuss was about.

There were a few cars parked and a couple of obviously gay meets going on in the bushes, but not much else.

We wandered down to the waterfront, and as we came near the gazebo I could see a cigarette glow.

I stopped, turned my GF round, undid my flies and she bent down and started sucking me.

I got hard in no time.

When he saw this, the smoker came to within about ten yards to watch.

I signalled him to come closer, telling my GF what was happening.

He began to wank himself and then my Gf turned round and started giving him a hand job.

He threw his fag away and threw his head back.

She stopped sucking me and took him deep into her throat. She gives great head and he was over the moon.

This carried on for about 5 mins. Then my girlfriend surprised us both by asking whether he wanted to come inside her.

No prizes for guessing the answer to that.

She turned round and he was inside her in a flash, pumping for all he was worth.

They both came together, with me a few seconds behind.

He was grinning like a cheshire cat as we left.