18 Oct 2015

Il never forget this actually happened to me,I had been with a gorgeous blonde with massive firm tits and 19 yrs old clubbing till midnight, when She said she had to go and gave me her number. i thought i will call her the next week. ,The blonde hot titted girl left, and then as soon as I turned around , a red head large but very cute and sexy looking girl genlty grabbed my cock and said "hi". This turned me on instantly and within 5 minutes We were leaving for My place to Fuck.

This horny young girl was very passionate and She was sucking me the whole way home. After our dirty hot 5 hrs, i dropped her home via cab.

I was 20 , young and very freaked out( in a good way) how enjoyable meeting new lovers was. It was amazing.


The next Friday night came along andI called the blonde girl for a meet at the same place. She said sure cant wait, so i got my friend to drive me to her place, and it was all good.

As she opened the door She was heaving her chest at Me and was in a cut top that shown her waist, and with her huge stiff tits inside. A large brass ring on a gold zip right down her cleavage, just so suckable., She soflty said " cme in".

As I walked in it kind of went round in a circle, and bang there was the redhead from the last week!! IT WAS HER BIG SISTER!!!

She introduced me to her Mum and her mum told me to "be good to her". I said "il try my best hehe"

When the blonde and I got to the table at the bar She asked"did you fuck My sister last week?'

I said "Yes i did", presuming She was going to pour her drink on My head.

She sighed, and said


One for the peeps who experienced similar :) PW