Written by batsam

5 Mar 2013

My mate, who had already had the pleasure of my lovely wife, rang up late one night & asked if I was up for a few beers. My wife was already in bed asleep when he rang, so I said no worries. When he arrived I was already pretty well liquored up & he joined me on the verandah & we proceeded to down a few more more beers & having a good old chat about anything & everything. He did ask where my wife was & I told him she was asleep in bed. It was around one o'clock in the morning & I was getting very sleepy with a belly full of booze & still trying to hold a conversation with my mate when I drifted off to sleep mid conversation. I awoke suddenly to see my mate was not there & thought he got pissed off & went home. I picked myself up & went inside. I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water & headed of to bed. As I got to the doorway I heard my wife moaning & saying my name. Thought that was strange so i peaked around the doorway to see her laying in bed with the sheet over her & a bit lump between her legs under the sheets. My mate had obviously taken advantage of my drunken slumber. My wife obviously thought it was me that snuck between the sheets & between her legs to give her pussy a good tongue lashing. She did seem to be enjoying herself with the pleasure she was receiving. They seemed to be going at it for a hell of a long time & watching my wife in a pleasure state was a massive turn on for me. It was a little bit longer on when my wife started to say my name a few more times (as she does when I know she is about to cum)& commenced a very long & fulfilling orgasm. She then relaxes back into the mattress & catches her breath. I then see movement under the sheets as my mate repositions my wife onto her side, lifts her leg & it was then that the gig was up, because as soon as he inerted his cock into her she new it wasn't me. She flinched & threw the sheet back to see my mate with a dirty big grin on his face. She says what are you doing? His reply was that I was fast asleep on the verandah & he wanted a piece of her again & he couldn't resist her when he walked past the open bedroom door on his way to the toilet. He tells her that he just wanted to feel her again. He grabs his cock again & started to rub it against her wet pussy, kept talking to her & with his free hand was caressing her back, neck & shoulders. It was then that she lifted her leg to allow him to insert himself back into her with an acknowleging sigh & moan from her when she felt his longer & fatter (than mine) cock go into her. She laid there & enjoyed a long slow fuck from my mate, all the while he is caressing her soft skin as he is moving in & out of her. I heard her say to him that she loves how he fills her pussy up with his cock. He moves his hand over to her large full breasts & fondles them with gentle massaging & tweaking her nipples which seemed to do the job as he brings her to another orgasm. He then moves her up into the doggy position & starts to pound a bit faster into her pussy & I could see her huge tits swinging to & fro with the force of his pounding. He then asks my wife if he could do her anally & she responds with a sexy "Yes, but be gentle, your cock is quite big." He pulls out & my wife goes into my drawer for lube. He puts some on her spot & some on his cock. He gently massages her entrance & relaxes her. He then places his cock at the spot & she proceeds to push back onto him. His cock was slowly being engulfed into her arse & I could see she was loving it. When she was ready he started to slowly move in & out of her, keeping this up for a while. He then started to pound a bit faster but not too hard so to hurt her. He then says " I absolutely loving fucking you, you are such a great root". She replies with "I love your cock". It was then that he pushed into her one last time & groaned quite loudly as he spurted his thick, hot cum into her arse. They came down from their high in that position until he softened a little & pulled out. They collapsed together onto the bed & just looked at each other & I heard him say thankyou to her & hope we can do it again. I thought that I better get out of here & back to the verandah to resume the sleeping position. I heard him walk past me out to his car & drive off. I looked at my watch & it was almost 3am (quite a session they had). I got up & went into the bedroom to see my wife laying there with a very satisfied look on her face & she asks me if I want to fuck her. Of course I said yes. I later told her that my mate had popped over late for a beer but I fell asleep & he mast have left. She just smiled at me. I told her that I would get him back another time to apologise for falling asleep on him. She reckons that was a good idea...............