Written by letmedoyou2

23 Jul 2012

It all started with a little dirty talk on the phone that went on for 6 months nothing that would have you fantasizing about at night just little hint of sex.

then out of the blue i mention i was going to a field show and lets call her T,

T said her company was setting up a stall their and she had to attend the show on the same day i was attending she said that she had to man the stall which was actually a mobile display van while her bosses were all invited to another part of the show.

anyway on the day i turned up at her stall and she was sitting reading a book as there were show displays happening that attracted all the visitors and there was no one about just T and me.

I put a little show pretending i was interested in her companies display where T jumped to her feet and said she was waiting for me, i was little surprised how tall she was, let me say T is a very sexy lady and she has those come to bed eyes and dresses in the upper class level.

so T started to show me the stall and all the time she was leading me towards insides of the van once we got in the van it was a tight squeeze to pass each other at this point T swung her arms over my shoulders and gave me the deepest wettest kiss and then handed me her Phone number and address and said only call me if you cannot be at my home tomorrow for lunch.

with that she composed herself and exited the van with me hot on her heels, at that time her boss returned and i moved on.

The next day i Told work i had to leave early and i headed off to the hills district arriving at this well presented home i rang the door bell only to be greeted by T who was wearing a slightly oversize white men's business shirt and a black collar around her neck and nothing else.

i entered the hall and that's where we stood madly kissing and cuddling for 10 mins T than led me straight to her room and said get undress while i lock the front door while bending over removing my shoe i noticed the largest dildo laying on the floor beside the bed i reached over to push it a side only to find it was smooth and wet this was all my fantasies coming true at once.

when T returned i was laying on her bed with the hardest ragging cock.

T did not say a thing she headed straight for my cock straight deep throat my god i was thinking am i going to cum in her mouth or hold on, T licked it sucked it wanked it than squeezed my precum out onto her tongue with that T came up to me and tongue kissed me sharing the precum, what a turn on. after the kiss T got up on her feet over the top of me and lowers her Tight but wet pussy over my cock where she bounced up and down a few times the landed hard down on my cock where T than held her breath and started to shake, she was having the biggest orgasm after just 30 seconds. when she finished she said do i like her wet pussy, which i reply fuck yeah. T said she is going to make it wetter where she than proceeded to rub her clit while my cock was deep in side her again. she held her breath but this time she lifted herself up with the tip of my cock just between her pussy lips she started to shake again and this time T started to squirt her juices all over my cock and balls after that T rolled off me with her head in the pillow and said your turn now i want it doggy style hard and deep.

her tight pussy was not so tight just hot and wet i started pounding her and T started talking dirty which made me cum deep in her.

I rolled off her laying beside her T said she had prepared herself for this for about a half hour before i arrived, she was playing with her toy. With this comment i reached over beside her bed and grabbed her toy, i lifted it up and ran my tongue. up the length meeting T's lips and the tip of the dildo T Said you like that toy then she grabbed it and proceeded to insert the dildo deep into her wet cum filled pussy, in and out a few times then she lifted it up to my mouth and we both licked the cum off from the bottom to the top. After 20 min of small talk and playing, my cock showed signs of life. At this point T said now for her favorite, she again stood over me this time lowering her self down onto my cock deep into her pussy then she lifted her self up and said she loves it in the ass. At the rite moment and this was the rite moment and slowly she slid my ragging cock into her ass, slowly down and up at first. Then her sex drive took over bouncing on my cock deep in her ass, it was so hot and wet now like velvet on my cock, tightly pulling the skin on my cock up around the head of my cock causing me to want to cum again. I tried to slow T down but this just excited her more until i shot my load in her ass.

T needed more and she reached over and grabbed her toy and slid it deep into her cum filled ass. She played as if i was not there, this only excited me more and my cock stayed hard. I pulled her toy away and got her into the doggie position and fucked that ass for a good 15min before i came for the 3 time in 1 hour.

We spent the next 4 hours fucking, each time my cock to ripen and each time we fucked like rabbits until the last. then T gave me the best blow job and she did not miss a drop swallowed the lot not wanting to share it with me.

Me and T are now Fuck buddies for the past 5 years, i am married she is divorced.

T has one other man that fuck's her and then we both know about each other, maybe one day we will do the MMF. I am half way there i know what he tastes like as one day i waited down the road from t's place and after he did the deed and left, i climbed into the warm Pussy and licked it clean for her. T invited me and dared me.