Written by birmygirl

12 Apr 2013

I was married to a great guy and we had an understanding that we could play with other people as long as we knew what the other one was doing, that way there were no surprises or misunderstandings. One night a male friend came over for a few drinks, we have both played with him before. Time passed quickly and we decided we would all like to play, so we quickly undressed, moved the lounge, spread out a quilt on the floor and started having some fun. Oral is one of my favourites so hubby was giving me oral while I was giving oral for our friend, he has a great cock good length and thick. Things progressed and we swapped many times and had lots of great oral and vaginal. After about 2 hours we were exhausted and went to bed. Hubby quickly fell asleep but I was still as horny as hell so I went into where our friend was sleeping, slid between the sheets and thats when the fun began. I loved giving him oral so he lay there quietly while I worked my magic sucking and rubbing his cock until he was ready to explode, teasing him I stopped and then sucked longer and harder until he came in my mouth. We were still both horny and he wanted my arse badly, he positioned me in a doggy and slowly started fingering my arse, I began to moan, it felt so good, he slipped one finger in with the help of some lube. He lubed his cock and started fucking my arse, my moans became louder. Loud enough to wake hubby he came in with a huge erection and told me to suck him off, which I did until he came in my mouth. My arse and mouth were full of cum. I still wanted more so they swapped, hubby in my arse fucking it long and slow and our friends cock in my mouth, what more could I woman want. We did have many more sleepovers and they were just as much fun.