Written by Paul

22 Dec 2012

Since my last post getting caught with Jenny I have sadly not slept with her since. Jenny still wants to continue our affair but wants to wait a while after our last slip up. However since that time of getting caught I have slept with Sara again.

Sara since her divorce had been living with friends and finally found a place of he own. So Sara asked my wife if she could borrow me, my ute and my trailer for the day to help her move. My wife said yes and I helped out reluctantly.

I arrived where Sara had been staying and she greeted me at the door wearing an extremely tight top that showed off her huge tits and a pair of denim shorts that were a few sizes to small that nicely exposed the bottom of her arse cheeks. We quickly loaded up and headed for her new place. After the second trip Sara stayed at her new place to start to unpack. When I returned Sara had unpacked a fair bit and was bending over giving me a nice view of her chubby arse and the tiny g-string she had on. I felt myself getting aroused.

Sara told me it was time for lunch so we had a break. Sara reached over and started to rub me cock through my shorts and said she would like to reward me for helping her. I was hard and naked in no time and began to undress Sara. She soon was naked as well and I was sucking on those huge tits. I reached down to her bold pussy and inserted two fingers, and she was wet as hell. Sara pushed me onto my back and mounted me. Sara rode me for a few minutes and got off me and got between my legs and wrapped my cock in her tits and started to tit fuck me. Soon I was cumming and shot my load over her face and tits. I could not believe how much of a slut Sara was. I had never done this to any other women before.

We quickly cleaned ourselves up and went to collect the rest of Sara stuff. For the rest of the afternoon I was horny as hell thinking of what happened earlier. My wife called and asked Sara if she wanted to join us at the pub for dinner and Sara accepted so it was arranged I would wait behind when we finished to take her to the pub for dinner.

We finished soon enough and I was watching TV while Sara showered. Sara soon appeared in the lounge room naked and told me her pussy need some attention. Sara sat on my face and I began to lick her pussy. She was really moving up and down on my face and she came hard.

By this stage I was hard as hell and needed some of that sweet pussy, so I stripped off and Sara laid down on the lounge and I entered her.

I grabbed a hold of her large hips and started to pound her hard. Soon I felt myself wanting to cum and grabbed hold of Sara's hips and buried my cock deep inside her pussy and came. Sara was a little shocked and reminded me she was not on the pill. I told her it felt to good and that's why I came in her.

We both got dressed and headed out to the club to meet my wife and kids for dinner.

During the evening I was sitting opposite Sara and got a sly foot rub off her from under the table. Later in the evening I got a look up her skirt and she was not wearing any nickers. All I saw was her bold pussy with traces of cum. Later at the bar Sara told me that her pussy was still leaking my cum.