Written by sexe769

29 Aug 2013

Well, I can cross another one of my 'bucket list'

Last night I was invited to my mate's sex shop to take part in a

local porn movie.

I don't know about you, but the only measure of whether it's real or not is when you're dick is buried in a gorgeous pussy and you're humping away. Up to that point, it's all just imagination.

Anyway, I put in the effort to front up to the shop at 6.30pm as asked. No one was there except my mate, Shaun, who owns the shop and he confirmed that the mob were coming.

Next the two professional photographers, Dave and Harry rolled up with their impressive equipment and started putting up the lights in the shop.

Vanessa, the star then appeared… boy was she horny… an older small very curvacious blond with gorgeous tits pushing their way out of her tight black blouse, a beautiful narrow waist and flaring gorgeous hips in a short fuck me skirt and gorgeous little black fuck me boots. I got an instant hard on.

Vanessa obviously knew Shaun and went around the counter and kissed him passionately. She jumped onto his lap and his hands immediately went for her pussy which appeared from under her skirt and Shaun started caressing her boobs and beautiful nipples which instantly appeared in the raw. I couldn't stop myself and pulled my dick out and started stroking myself. Vanessa was so fuckable and you could see she was ready to be fucked by us all.

The script included Vanessa stealing from the shop and then being caught by Shaun who threatened to call the authorities unless she sucked him off and fucked his staff.

Two young dudes Paul and Jo, apparently tradies, in trackies rolled up looking somewhat bemused. They had been recruited by a mate to be in the porn movie. They had never made a movie before. We all introduced ourselves and the filming started.

Sexy Vanessa stole some stockings and put them in her clothing, Shaun accosted her and she denied stealing the stuff, whereupon Shaun lifted her clothes and grabbed the goods. When given the alternative of being reported to the authorities she unzipped Shaun's trousers and pulled out his huge long cock and started sucking him off. What a turn on. Shaun then put her across his knees and smacked her bare arse until it was red as, while Vanessa was yelling blue murder.

We 'the boys' were told to go and get ready in another secluded part of the store. Vanessa under camera's gaze, was dragged around to our space and proceeded to pull the boy's cocks out. Wow! both were massive, Paul's in particularly was as thick as and big as a large long sweet potato. Vanessa's eyes lit up. It was obvious she enjoys big cocks. (mine is just a medium cock, so she didn't give it much attention). Anyway you could see the boys were enjoying themselves. I took advantage of sticking my fingers and hands into Vanessa's gorgeous wet pussy while she was busy sucking the boys off, and feeling her beautiful arse and gently putting a finger up her arse. With my other hand I was feeling her gorgeous tits and hard nipples. She was crouched close to the floor sucking the boys off and I did manage on two occasions to slip my cock into her wet pussy. On both occasions she let out a little moan as the old fella slid passed her pussy lips into her wet vagina. Wow! She was mesmerised by the sweet potato. She got him to sit on a chair and she mounted him and slid her vagina over his massive cock with a gasp. We all got wonderful views of Vanessa fucking Paul. He just sat there looking quite pleased. I was a little peaved that Vanessa wasn't paying much attention to my cock so I decided to take things into my hands so to speak. Vanessa jacked Paul and Joe off and got the cum shots all over her breasts and face and then I asked her to jack me off. Luckily she agreed and I sat down on the chair and Vanessa placed her heavenly lips around my cock. OMG! I got so horny I said. 'Vanessa I really want to fuck you' 'Lie down on the floor and open your legs' Thank God she complied. What a view! Her tits were out, her huge nipples hard as and that pussy! OMG open, wet, inviting with her gorgeous white thighs wide open. I jumped on top of her. 'Hey, not so fast' called out the cameraman. I've got to get a shot of Vanessa's pussy. I pulled back stroking my hard cock as they took amazing shots of Vanessa's open wet waiting pussy. 'OK'. I slid my aching cock deep into Vanessa's pussy and fucked the shit out of her. Vanessa looked me in the the eyes and said 'Fuck me, fuck me' 'Cum all over me'. God was I aroused. I didn't want to cum immediately as I was so enjoying fucking Vanessa so I fucked her hard for about 5 amazing minutes before letting out a huge yell and cumming on her stomach for the cameras. Wow!

Vanessa then wanted us to piss on her, so she took all her clothes off and enjoyed an amazing pissing scene (we sat her in a small plastic pool for this)

OMG what a night. I'm already organising the next one!