Written by erotica3

7 Dec 2012

Online friends make life worthwhile.

Meeting people from different states and sharing fantasies.

One of my many encounters happened in South Australia..

Again travelling for work i had mentioned to a friend online that i was coming to SA .

A few quick txt and my lift organized from the airport to my accommodation.

2 men picked me up from the airport ..But from the tarmac i could see Ians smile, radiant and glued on my E cup breasts as they peaked out of my very tight low cut black shirt .the closer i got the bigger his smile.. i noticed a boner bulging from his pants as we embraced and as he drew in my body, scent and my mouth to his ,we kissed, tongues circling and ready for lust.

He dragged me to the closest bathroom and pinned me to the wall, slid his hand into my pants and divided my pussy flaps to reveal a cunt dripping in readiness, his finger slid easily into my needy hole, then another until three fingers pumped slowly, as his thumb worked my clit..hmmmmmm i was in heaven, our eyes fixed on each other , as he worked my hole, my moans of excitement grew .this was hot, not even in a stall , if someone had come in i would have been exposed and disgraced..but at that time all i wanted was cock or a mouth and to blow my juices over his hand..no cock for me yet he said ..even though his bulge was busting from his pants...his clit massaging and my realization of my environment made me blow my love juice all over his hand..he pulled his had from my pants and licked the wetness from his fingers , allowing me a taste to share the moment..

we exited from the bathroom to be greeted by Dane , short blond and a little embarrassed...because i was , while working in SA coming for a threesome ,my ultimate fantasy,hmmm what girl doesn't want to enjoy 2 men to her self?have a cock in your mouth and cunt at the same time , i know i do , and my SA adventure would produce that ...or so i thought ..

so now we are all in the care Ian Dane and myself,,bucket seat , trapped together ,my hands wondering over the legs either side of me , working up towards cock Ian , still has a boner , so i took it upon myself to liberate his shaft and feel its softness and hardness together,a lil precum oozed from its head .I had to lick it , which ,well invited more of the same..and when he grabbed my head ,i welcomed the knob to the back of my throat and sucked his shaft backwards as he gave out a load moan of delight ..."baby you do that so well"He said."I've been practicing" I replied .i turned to Dane and he was gazing out the window...oh i dont think he was that keen to watch, oh well:( i do love an audience.i returned to Ians knob and sucked hard on his steel-like manhood,i dont think he could concentration on the road ahead and he pulled to the side of the road and sat back to enjoy it.."baby , Ive been waiting for your mouth and cunt ,been waiting to share you with Dane and explore your body ,suck harder baby"his words were the motivation i needed.Using my mouth and sucking on his tool my hands worked his ballsac and his shaft, lots of wetness in my mouth as well as my pussy i was grinding myself as i took to work on him, Danes hand slid into my pants and his fingers found my hole, "isnt she wet Dane?Ive already had my fingers in her hot horny needy hole and doesn't she just love her holes filled?Cant wait to get my cock in her and bang her hole all weekend!" That was all i needed to hear. I moaned and shuddered as Dane worked my clit and pussy hole,Ian pushed my head down on his cock and unloaded his seed into my mouth, all on the side of some random rd in an Adelaide suburb..more Adelaide adventure to cum :)