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spa sex

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2 min
8 years ago
I have read lots of people having spa sex but never tried it until recently... this is what happened. A male friend was staying at a resort not far from where I live and he invited me for drinks. After a couple of glasses of wine and feeling horny he suggested we go for a swim and spa. It was late so we had to be quiet, we slipped into the spa and our hands and fingers started touching nipples, breasts, pussy and cock. His hand slide into my bikinis and it did feel good. I gave a little moan. My hands were rubbing his chest and his semi erect cock. The spa bubbles were getting in my face and mouth and I suggested he sit on the step of the spa and take off his boardshorts. He quickly slid out of his boardies. My mouth did not take long to be tasting his cock, running my teeth along his shaft, teasing him with my tongue. I swallowed most of his cock while my hand was rubbing up and down until his cock was fully erect. He was loving the attention his cock was receiving. He wanted to return the favour, so I quickly slid off my bikinis and sat on the edge of the spa, it was really late and there was no one around, so we thought. He gave amazing oral, sucking my clit, teasing my lips and using his tongue in a way I had never experienced, my back was arching, my moans became too loud, he slid me into the warm bubbly spa and fucked me senseless. I wrapped my legs around him while he was standing in the spa. The sex was incredible. He pushed me against the edge of spa made me face the other way and fucked me from behind and I pushed against him to get deep and full penatration. We heard some noises, so we quickly got back into our swimmers and went back to the room to continue the fun. A couple of weeks later we were talking about the great time we had and thats when he told me that the resort staff came and saw him the next morning about what we had done in the spa. They had security cameras in the pool area and saw everything. I expected him to be in trouble but all they said was "when are you coming back we loved the show".

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