5 Sep 2019

This one has the potential to be longest of all my stories. It starts with the separation of my 20 year marriage. I was devastated. I won’t go into those details. That would take a whole book. This story is about a 3 month trip to Spain. I will only focus on that and how it came about etc… The story begins with a phone call.

“Parso”. “Yes Mick”. “I have a proposal for you. Come and see me”. Mick was the General Manager of the company I was working for at the time. A Processed Fruit Manufacturer. “What have you got in mind, Mick”? “Given your situation; I thought a break overseas might help”. “OK”. “We need a Production Manager in Caravaca for the season. Interested”? I said YES. Why wouldn’t I? It was March in Australia. The European season didn’t start until mid August. I had over 5 months to prepare. I immediately started learning Castilian Spanish and reading about their culture.

From the work point of view, the five months flew by. I could speak basic Castilian. I understood in general, about the culture. I was ready. The flight over was magical. Just watching the lights on the ground and knowing where we were was exhilarating. I eventually got to Madrid. Then Alicante. George picked me up from the airport. George was the factory manager. He was an Auzzie; there on contract. We were good mates. “How was your flight”? “Awesome thanks. How far is Caravaca”? “About 2 hours”. I had researched this town. The proper Spanish name was ‘Caravaca de la cruth’; which means ‘Caravaca of the cross’. It was an ancient Catholic town in South-East country Spain. This year was the 775th year of Catholic occupation, after defeating the Saracens. George told me the celebrations were happening weekly.

I got settled into my apartment. Caravaca was a medium sized town for the area. Set in the middle of a mountain range. Spain is all rock, stone, marble and concrete. The centre of town was all 6 story town houses. I was on the third level. I had a small balcony. It was 6pm. On the way in, I had asked George to stop at a bottle shop. He told me there was no such thing. Everything was purchased at supermarkets. The only other way to eat was Tappis bars. No take away at all? How strange. As it was late summer, I got changed into shorts, T-shirt and sandals and went exploring. I was very jet lagged. But adrenaline was dictating. People were everywhere. So multi-cultural. More-so than anywhere I had seen.

I came across an old guy playing piano accordion. He was skinny. With a dark mustache. About 70. He played beautifully. I had stopped by a supermarket and grabbed a six pack and some smokes. I sat down next to him to listen. His name was Raco. He was Bulgarian. I had to speak with him in Spanish. He took an age to get my name right. Eventually, we discovered we were both musicians. I went back to my apartment and got my guitar, flute and lap top. I stopped by the supermarket and got more beer and smokes. I joined him in his busking. I recorded everything for posterity. The money started flowing in.

I got hungry. It was after 10pm. Raco and I had consumed all the beers. I excused myself; taking my flute and guitar with me, in search of food. 10pm in Spain, is like 2pm in Australia. People are just starting to energise. I came across a Tappis bar. It was more like a restaurant. A strange hybrid of restaurant, bar, club and eatery. It was called ‘Burger Pins’. I went in. There was a long bar with high chairs. Tables and chairs. A dance floor. Quite a large room. I sat at the bar. I put my instruments down. There were three girls serving. One cooking. One sorting ingredients and one serving customers. They were all blonde and fucking gorgeous. The menu was in Spanish. I tried but failed.

Readers. From now on; all dialogue will be in English. But the reality is whatever language was happening at the time.

“Want food please”. She immediately realised I was not from there. “Do you speak English”? “Yes. Oh, thank you”. “I’m Rasa”. I shook her hand; telling her my name. “Where are you from? Your accent is strange”. “Australia”. “I know it. Always wanted to go there”. Her accent was Russian. “Are you Russian”? “Lithuanian. So is Christina and Ursa”. She glanced at the other two. “Ursa is my sister”. I ordered a vege burger and a beer. The conversation continued. I eventually met the other two. They were interested in my instruments. “What do you sing”? “What do you want”? “Elvis”. I capitulated. I stood grabbed my guitar and soared straight into ‘Blue Suede Shoes’. The room changed immediately. I discerned live music was very rare in this town. I played a few more tunes; ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘Teddy Bear’. A guy approached me. Rasa translated. This is Pedro. He owns Burger Pins. I shook his hand. He said something in Spanish. It sounded like he wanted to employ me. I was right. “You play here every night”. I rubbed my fingers together. “You eat and drink anything you want”. It was settled. The party started! Did I fucking party! Every night until 2 or 3am. I had to be at work at 6am during the week. My assistant manager, a Spanish guy called Juan Pablo would pick me up at 5.45am. The plant was in Moratella, a smaller town about 10 kms away.

I was the king pin in the plant, as I knew all the processes. Most of the operators were girls. Many of them were hot. It was like a lolly shop for sex. I spent most of my time on the floor, directing. The girls always gravitated. One in particular. She was a filler operator. Her name was Pula. I constantly bantered with her. "Mas Rapida"; which means 'Faster'. She gobbled up the attention. She had dark long hair and a classic Spanish complexion. Thick lips and perfect D cup boobs. Athletic body. Around the same age as me. When we smoked, we had to walk to the end of the car park. There was a steel can at the entrance for our butts. This particular day, I was having a smoke and Pula appeared. She didn't speak English. When leaving the plant, we had to re-dress into our normal clothes. She was wearing a skimpy pair of denim shorts; a loose fitting singlet and a push up, black bra. Her hair was a mess, sprawled all over her shoulders and back. No make up. So fucking sexy.

"Hello". "Hello". She lit her smoke and leaned against the fence, studying me. We always look different inside the plant because we have to wear whites, gloves and a hair net. I am 6 3 and very broad across the shoulders. At that time, I was very fit. I was running 5-7 km a day and 18 km on Saturdays and Sundays, through the hills around Caravaca. I was doing weights etc.. at the local gym 5 days a week. I would have a siesta between 2 and 4 pm on my balcony, sun baking in the process. Her eyes told me everything I needed to know. There wasn't a soul in sight. I kissed her. She returned the kiss, finding my tongue. I let my smoke fall to the ground, grabbing her arse and squeezing her to me. Shit! I could have fucked her there and then.

My Spanish wasn't good enough yet, to have a proper conversation. However, it was rapidly improving; being immersed in it 24/7. Castilian was a joke. The locals spoke local. Instead of Buenos Dias, is was 'Dia'. Instead of Gracias, it was 'Grutz'. It was exactly the same in Australia. We say 'giday mate, how're ya goin' as a greeting. When spoken quickly, even Queen's English speakers don't understand us.

The flirting with Pula jumped to a whole new level after that. Her girlfriends knew what had happened; which was most of the plant. Some of the others wanted some action too. Frequently, I would be near one of them, against a conveyor or a bench and I would get a hand on my bum, or a brush against my cock. The attention was exhilarating. But how do I act? I couldn't at the plant. I decided to find out where they went to socialize. This wasn't difficult. The accountant and I had become good friends. Juan Rodrigo told me they always went to the same bar in Moratella, every Friday, after siesta. That would be around 5 pm. Ironically, today was Friday. It was only 8 km from Moratella to Caravaca. So, if needed, I could run home. I didn't have my running shoes; only sandles. What the hell. I didn't care. I was horny and needed to party. Burger pins would have to do without. My only problem was where to siesta?

At knock off time, I was out the front having a smoke. Pula and two of her girl friends approached me. I could tell the word had got out somehow; that I was going to the pub. "You want a ride"? I nodded. We got in the car. It was one of the other girls driving. Pula and I got in the back. Pula placed her hand on my leg. I pulled her close and kissed her again. The driver was watching in the rear vision mirror. The other girl had turned around, also watching. The thing about Spain, was many all the Spanish blooded woman were beautiful; no matter what their age. There were two central gene pools. The first were these; the ones I am referring to now. The second were a thick set, robust group. Probably from the Southern Basque region, near Granada. Not sure I'd want to fuck one of them. They'd break my cock in half!

We arrived at the driver's house. It was more like a concrete bunker; set into the side of a mountain. "Siesta". Pula dragged me inside to a bedroom and closed the door. We stood next to the bed kissing and ripping each others clothes off. Tops gone. Pants gone. Her bra gone. Her boobs sprang out. Her nipples were huge and paining for attention. I gave them what they wanted; taking one into my mouth and the other between my fingers. She arched her back, holding my head in her hands. I pushed her onto the bed and lay her back; sliding her panties off. She was neatly trimmed and shaven; a thin landing strip. Her pussy was glistening with sex, as I kissed her stomach and slowly traveled further down to her thighs. I teased her with my lips; getting very close to her pussy and clit, but not quite there. Her urethral sponge was already expanding and contracting. I found her clit and encircled her with my lips, using my tongue to excite her. Her hips started gyrating; wanting more and more of my tongue and lips. Her pussy started leaking that white, milky fluid. She squeezed my head with her hands; pulling me closer. I increased the rate and pressure. Her whole body started convulsing and shaking. Her pelvis was jammed up hard against my face. She drowned me in squirt oil. I nearly choked; but kept it going to give her maximum pleasure.

It was my turn. She removed my jocks. I lay on my back with two pillows so I could watch her. She started with my balls; taking one and then the other into her mouth. Her hand was stroking my cock. I was metal hard and leaking clear fluid. She mopped that up and started on me. She was fucking good. My length is 8 inches. I am quite thick. She had no trouble taking my entire length; and she held, massaging me with her swallow reflex. I moved my hips and started throat fucking her. This gave me an idea. I moved off the bed and got her on her back, with her head on the edge of the bed; neck bent with head on an angle. Mouth open. I entered her throat and started fucking her. I could see the bulge of my cock in her neck at each stroke. She had her legs wide open, working her clit with one hand. Her other hand was pinching a nipple. I felt the beginning of my ejaculation. I fucked harder. She sucked harder. I exploded into her throat. She swallowed and swallowed. She came and came. I hadn't even fucked her yet.

We got into bed proper and spooned. Holding each other; falling asleep.

A few hours later; I awoke to a wet pussy in my face. Pula was still laying next to me. It was one of the other girls. Hmmm. Why not? I obliged by exploring her clit and labia with my tongue. Pula stirred; opening her eyes, witnessing the spectacle. Pula's hand went to a breast and caressed. "This is Marina". "Hello Marina". I said, as her thighs muffled my voice. "Hmmm. Adrian". Pula sat up and mounted me; guiding my cock into her pussy. She had both her hands on Marina's breasts. Marina had my head between hers, guiding the movements of my mouth, lips and tongue. She was so wet, I had juice dripping off the end of my chin. Pula had completely engulfed my cock and was riding and grinding energetically. I felt another orgasm rising. Pula knew this. She increased the pace. Marina started having chain orgasms; grinding her pussy into my face. She had taken over control; using my face as a sex toy. I felt my balls clamp and arched my back, lifting them both off the bed. This spurred them both to ecstatic orgasms. I erupted into Pula; thrusting my hips and filling her vagina with my sperm. All three of us came together.

An interesting phenomenon after siesta; is smell. More than once, I had been in the gym and nearly vomited. One particular occasion in point: I was doing curls and a Spanish guy walks in. Even from 10 feet away, his body odour made my eyes water. It was old sweat, old sex, combined with fresh sweat and sex. I had no doubt he had just come from his bed and a sex session. He was still wet from it. True to form; Pula and Marina did not wash after OUR session. They got dressed and made up, ready for the evening's activities. The siesta divides the day into two discrete periods. Their day really starts at 5 or 6 pm. They get their kids sorted; their housework done. By 9 or 10 pm, they are ready for dinner and socializing. They go out. Almost never eat at home. They find friends at a local tappis bar. The kids play. The adults drink and eat. But they don't go hard, like we do. They pace themselves. They share one dish between the entire table; eating with fingers. They basically eat the entire time they are socializing. One dish after the next.


We met the rest of the clan at the bar. It was in the centre of town. A combined bar and Tappis. There was a huge leg of Jamon hanging at the bar. Jamon is Spanish salami. Better than prosciutto. A pool table and dart board. Awesome. My two favourate pub games. I knew most of the group from the plant. The atmosphere was party. I teamed up for darts with Pula, against Marina and the retort operator Herny. Such fun! They were teaching me how to pace myself. I was drinking single shot gin and tonics. Instead of getting 1/2 pissed in a few hours; I was staying at the same level and feeling fantastic. The sexual tension was like an electric field. Slaps on the arse. Leaning up against each other. Dry touching. Kissing. It was like a clothed orgy. Even the girl behind the bar. Interestingly; once the room was full, the barmaid closed and locked the front door. We could smoke inside. There was no reason to go out. She didn't want any more patrons. We had our privacy.

As the darts progressed; the party heated up. Latin disco music was slamming the room. The dance floor was full. Girls started removing their tops to be naked from the waste up. So did the guys. Given it was summer and most everyone was bare footed, they were left with very little clothing. In some cases, just G-strings. Pula got her's off. Fuck it. I disrobed. So liberating. We were like a nudist colony. I wasn't long before nearly everyone was naked and frolicking. The barmaid had her eye on me. She knew I had spent time with Pula. Pula and I were slow dancing; holding each other's arse. My cock

was hard up against her stomach. The barmaid joined us. She was a classic Spanish beauty with died blonde long hair. She held both of us, poking her boobs between us. I slid my hand between her arse cheeks and found her pussy. I played with her. She bent forward to allow me better access. She and Pula pashed each other. Then they both pashed me. I had my other hand between Pula's legs, working her pussy and clit from the front. They both had a hand on my cock, sharing the role of hardening me. Pula got to her knees and took me into her mouth. Barmaid was not to be outdone. She knelt and competed against Pula for my cock. They jousted. I loved it watching them.

Enough. I lay on the dance floor; pulling Pula onto me in cowgirl. She guided me into her and started riding me. I grabbed barmaid and got her to sit on my face. With two girls at once, this is my favourate position. I got three fingers into barmaid and started working her sponge. It was filling and gyrating. I spiked my fingers and started working the back edge. I used my lips and tongue to really work her clit, which was visibly swelling. I kept up my vigil until her sponge was nearly bursting. I removed my mouth and slammed her clit with my palm, rubbing side to side aggressively. This pushed her over the edge. She squirted oil everywhere. I was covered. I kept going. Another squirt; then she collapsed. I let her go and re-focused on Pula. Her labia and clit had swollen to three times. I pulled out and pushed against her arse. She welcomed this by spreading her cheeks. I slowly penetrated. As my cock journeyed to balls deep, Pula moved her hands to her pussy and clit and started on herself. She rode my cock with her arse; working her pussy. Barmaid was out cold. Pula's orgasms started. I could feel her sponge filling against my cock. Her arse felt so tight and awesome. I fucked harder. She came louder. She screamed. A release of squirt oil. She lay down on top of me, out of breath. I was still buried balls deep in her arse. No more for me, it seemed.

By 3 am, I was starting to think about leaving. The party was still going strong; but I had spent my energy in this room. I wasn't enjoying it anymore. Instead of saying goodbye, I simply let myself out and left. I started jogging out of town; towards Caravaca. It was a pleasant night. The moon was nearly full. I had enough moonlight to see where I was going. Nothing like a nice run to sober up. It took me 45 minutes to run the 8-10 km back to Caravaca. I felt awesome when I finally let myself in to my apartment. It was almost 4 am. Hmmm. I better see if the girls at Burger Pins were still there. I headed. It was still open. Rasa looked up and saw me. Mixed expression. "Where were you"? "Moratella". "We are closing in a few minutes. Want something to eat"? "No thanks". "Want to come out with us"? "Sure". I helped them close. Then we walked.

There was a queue. It was a night club called 'Jupiter'. Rasa approached the bouncer. He let us jump the queue and walk straight in. The place was packed. Spanish-Latin Disco music. DJ. Lights. Dance floor. Quiet darkly lit areas off to the side. People everywhere. After my run, I felt re-energized. I went to the bar and ordered a round of tequila shots. Rasa, Christina and Ursa congregated near me, conversing with people they knew. I was fresh blood and different to the locals. There were eyes on me. I could feel them. Not all good. Not all bad. Just reality. Fresh meat for the taking; or whatever. The shots came out. Salt on the wrist. Skull the shot, then suck the lemon. Awesome. Three more times in succession. Another party!

This time, it was all dancing. I let myself go. All three of them stayed with me dancing. There was no sex in the air. It was just good company. I hadn't worked out what they wanted from me. I was thinking it was just my exotic background. So different to the other guys.

We did more shots. We were at the bar; chatting, when Christina's phone started. All of a sudden, most of the place evacuated. I was left. Me, the DJ, the bartender and a handful of people. "What happened"? The bartender shrugged his shoulders. Oh well. I ordered a triple scotch and surfed my phone in search of news from Australia. 15 or 20 minutes later, people started returning. When I finally sighted the girls; I realised something bad had happened. One of their Lithuanian brothers had been king hit with a broken glass. He was in Murcia hospital having surgery. They were not sure if he was going to make it. The party did not return. Obviously, most of these people knew this guy.

I woke the next morning at 10 am; after 4 hours sleep. Up and into juice and strong coffee. Out to the balcony for a smoke and a stretch. Another beautiful day. Raco was already out and active. I showered, dressed; grabbed my laptop and went to my favorite cafe. As they knew me, my triple shot espresso and dry croissant was waiting, when I arrived. I wrote daily about my adventures. I had written an article about Australia for the local paper. I loved immersing myself in the culture of any foreign country I visited. Especially when I was there for an extended time like this. The Spanish cooking was intriguing. They used fresh ingredients only. They used only what was in season. I wrote about this. Once breakfast was done, I hit the road. My 18 km run took me out of Caravaca into the hills. Then out the highway, around and through another town to the East. Then West back into Caravaca. Once I cooled down, I showered again and had my siesta on the balcony in the sun. This was a typical Saturday.

I woke from my slumber at 5.30 pm. The sun was still out. I loved the feeling. My tan was coming along well. Don't know if you've ever been separated after a long marriage with kids involved; but although I was physically great; emotionally I was balsa wood. I missed them so much. I felt guilty enjoying myself when they were back there; wondering. It nearly broke me.

George had invited me to his house. For pre-dinner. He had a beautiful family. Two teenage kids. He had a piano. After we had enjoyed a few drinks, I excused myself and disappeared into his piano room. I closed the door and turned off the light. Just me and the piano. I played for half an hour; bawling my eyes out; thinking about my kids. It helped.


I found Raco. He was on fire. When he saw me he almost wept. We got into it. I had spoiled him with a bottle of good quality white wine and a packet of smokes. He flowered; standing up and romancing girls with his playing as they walked past. He made that thing sing. His rhythm was shit; but it didn't matter. I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Rasa and Christina. "You coming later"? "Of course". "What happened last night"? "I stayed in Moratella after work". Her eyebrow went up. Hmmm. Was that jealousy? We'll see.

Raco and I fired that street up. He made over 30 Euro in 3 hours. He normally makes around 5. I gave him another 20 out of my pocket. Time to hit Burger Pins. I collected my guitar, flute, laptop and climbed the stairs. Time to face the music.

The whole Lithuanian tribe were in there. All the boys and girls. I had met most of them already. Ernestas was my favourate. He was 18 and wrote awesome music. He mixed Electronica with native Lithuanian. We had hit it off a while ago. He also liked my compositions. I sat with him. The mood in the room was a celebration. I saw why. The guy that got king hit was there at the bar; almost completely covered in bandages; drinking scotch. Fuck! These people were tough. The guys in this gang averaged about 26 years old. One of them was closer to my age: Andre. He also played guitar. Whenever he was there, we would play and sing 'Don't worry, be happy'. Tonight was yet another session. We got the whole room singing along. It was fun.

The girls were still watching me. "What did you do in Moratella last night"? I decided to let it all out. "An orgy". Rasa was furious. Christina strutted into the storeroom. Ursa kept quiet. "Why did you not tell me you wanted to do that"? I was emotionally compromised. I didn't have the strength to defend myself. "It happened. No plan". "I know those sluts in Moratella". I relaxed a little. "We will take you somewhere tonight". That was that.

I hid myself in my music after that; playing and singing. Pleasing everyone. Around 1 am; Andre slapped my shoulder. "The boys want you to go with them". "Where"? "You will find out". Remember; I was 6 3; built and fit as a greyhound. This is in hind-sight. I had no idea.

I followed them. I was warm pissed; typical of Spain. We walked together for 10 minutes until we came to a soccer oval. We walked onto the oval. There were about 15 of us. The boys spread out into a single line. Then the weapons came out. Brass knuckles. Chains. Iron rods. Uh Oh!!!!! No fucking way was I going to be involved in this. I could see another group of guys on the other side of the oval; getting prepared in the same way. I waited for them to start walking. I retreated and snuck back into the shadows. I turned around and walked back to Burger Pins.

Not long later (lets say 15 minutes), cheers could be heard. The boys entered. Most of them were bloody, bruised but happy. No more to be said about that. No-one questioned me; thank goodness. Readers: I could go on and on about these 3 months in Spain. However, I realise this is supposed to be a sex story. I had plenty of sex during that time. Maybe I just describe those experiences now, to end the story; or we will be here all day.

- Sex with Rasa -

We had been out to a dancing club; just me Rasa, Christina and Ursa. We had drank plenty. Rasa was driving. Naughty. At 2.30 am; we decided to leave. We piled into Rasa's car. She went the long way over the top of a mountain. She dropped off Christina and Ursa. When she got to my apartment; she parked out the front and switched off the engine. I waited. I wasn't in the state of mind to seduce anyone. She reached over and kissed me. She had a huge bottom lip that engulfed my mouth. I held her. I really wasn't in the mood; but she was. "Show me your apartment". We left the car and negotiated the lift to the third floor. My flatmate John was still up watching bull fights. "Hey Johnny". "Hi". "This is Rasa". "I know. Hi". Small town.

I opened a bottle of tequila and poured shots. I needed a distraction. She had been pressuring me for a few days now.

We had shots. John went to bed. It was just her and me now. We were on the couch with the bull fighting still on. She took the shot glass out of my hand and placed my hand on her boob. I hesitated. "Don't you like me"? Shit. Of course I liked her. I was emotionally compromised. Last night was OK because it wasn't personal. I kissed her properly. I needed to let my animal out. He had been dormant. She was responding. I kissed her properly. Her hand went to my chest under my shirt. She lifted my shirt over my head and squeezed my shoulders, going down on my nipples; one at a time. This was nice. My cock started to swell. I placed my hands behind her back and undid her bra. She removed her top and the bra fell. She had classic twenty-something boobs. Standing on their own; nipples pointing skyward. Defying gravity. I decided I wanted to taste her. I got her on her back and slid her shorts and panties over her legs. Hmmm. Fully waxed. Tiny pussy. All labia was internal. All I could see was a slit with a hint of her clitoral hood at the top of it. Not for long!

I moved her thighs wide apart, getting her legs up around her neck. NOW I could see what I was working with. Still tiny. But everything was where it should be. I went down. Yummo. So sweet and wet. I started on her clit; using my lips and tongue. She started talking in Lithuanian. Encouraging me to go harder; pushing her pelvis against my face. I reached for her nipples and squeezed. Her clit and labia were swelling in front of my eyes. Her back arched. She came. Then again. Her thighs were squeezing my head as another orgasm gripped her. "Fuck me". I teased her by ignoring her request and continued working her clit. "OOooohhhh. FUCK ME PLEASE"!!

OK. I got my shorts off. My cock sprang out. I moved into position and painted my clear pre-ejaculate onto her pussy. She pushed against me; but I kept painting. Then I allowed the head to enter; slowly. She stretched to accommodate me. Further. Further; until I was in far enough to start thrusting. I did that; starting a medium tempo. "Aaaahhhh". She started thrusting against me. I hadn't come that day. I wasn't going to take long. I wasn't in the mood for a long session. I increased the pace and the energy; pushing harder to find her deep spot. Her orgasms re-convened. Mine started. I thrust harder and faster. She came harder. I exploded into her.

The next day was Sunday. I always did exactly what I did on a Saturday. Cafe. Run. Siesta. Shower. Raco. Then out. I was 9.30 pm. Burger Pins was just starting to fire. I continued to milk the 50s and 60s rock. John had joined us. At the bar; when he and I spoke Auzzie at normal speed, no-one could understand. "Did you fuck her last night"? "Does a bear shit in the woods"? "Reckon she'd be up for more"? "That's up to you man". He took that on board. By the way Christina was eyeing me. I suspected she and Rasa had had a little chat at some stage. Christina was completely different to Rasa. Rasa was very street wise and smart. Christina wore her heart on her sleeve. She had DD boobs and a face to die for. Very athletic figure. A thigh gap I could drive a truck through. I often caught myself staring at her arse. She would see me and blush; but not protest. Just being a guy!!!! I knew we would get it on at some stage. I was in no hurry; only having been there 4 weeks. I had 9 to go. All in good time.

The night started to heat up. I was on fire, playing the Doors 'Riders on the storm'. I had a full dance floor; albeit, it only held a dozen people ... lol. We were letting our hair down and loving the company. I took a break after smashing out Elvis 'Suspicious Minds'. I sat at the bar and ordered a triple scotch. "Get Johnny one too". Christina obliged; not questioning. In reality, she was supposed to charge him. After she handed John his glass, she leant towards me to have a chat. Her cleavage was right there; literally within arms reach. She knew it too. I held myself. Later Ade. Control yourself. I stared her down. She smiled. I smiled. "I want to go home with you tonight". OK! My smile to that was all she needed. It was a date. For the rest of the night; we eyed off each other; knowing what was to come; savoring the thought. I deliberately stayed arms length from her to tease her. Even when she asked me to help lift some stuff from the store room. I maneuvered around her; still teasing. She slapped me on the arse. I side swiped. Not responding.

By 1 am; it was closing time. John and I helped the girls finish up. The crowd dispersed. Ursa said goodbye. It was only the four of us left. "Want a shot"? "YES". Rasa got out the brown tequila. Salt shaker and lemons. Four shot glasses. We toasted and down the hatch. Then another two more. Christina was getting pissed. She didn't hold her grog very well. "Ade. I'm feeling....". She collapsed against me. I held her close. I got her on my knee and cuddled her. She snuggled into me. Come on Johnny. This is your chance. I watched. He hesitated. Rasa was waiting. Nothing. "Put some music on Rasa". She capitulated. John was shy. I couldn't help him. He had to do it himself. The music was Sexy and romantic. A boy band. I couldn't remember their name; but the song was 'All for one'. Rasa looked at John. He moved; grabbing her hand. They danced. Perfect. Christina was watching. "Dance me...". I helped her to stand. I took her in my arms and danced; holding her up. She almost fell asleep as I held her. But I could feel her body wanting me. I had to sober her up; or it was only going to be sleep. Not that this was a problem. All in time.

We danced for another 3 songs. John and Rasa were getting on well. I couldn't say the same for Christina. She had become an appendage. Which would be OK for me if she was conscious. My care factor could not ignore her. I moved into carer mode; forgetting the sexual mood. Rasa could see this. "Give her strong coffee". OK; I guess. I laid Christina on a couch and went in search for coffee. I found the machine. I found the coffee grains. I made her a triple shot espresso. I held her head and let her sniff it. This revived her. She drank it all down. "More". I obeyed. She drank another. Then a third. Holy fuck. She must have consumed over 200 ppm of caffeine. John and Rasa were in the mood for more shots. They were together now. So good to see. I got the tequila and poured 3 shots. I got another coffee for Christina. We consumed. I enjoyed watching Rasa and John kissing properly. She was nearly engulfing him with that bottom lip "How's the lip John-boy"? "Hmmmm".

Christina climbed onto my knee, like a little girl and snuggled in again "Thank you for looking after me". So sexy in her Russian accent. "Do you want me to take you home to bed"? "NO! I want you tonight Ade. Please. Stay with me. Please". I took that as a no. I took that as a yes to stay together. But, she was still pissed; just aware. Rasa and John were still pashing and getting it on. "Rasa"? She untwined. "Yes". "Lets go to their place, OK"? "Yes". Cool. I got Christina on her feet and walked her outside. John and Rasa locked up. We walked. The town was still awake. People saw us. They whistled. We didn't care. To the entrance. I unlocked. To the lift. Up. Front door. I unlocked. Inside. Locked the door. Cool. All outside influences gone. Christina was still hanging off me; half asleep; not really taking it in. Rasa and John had already gone to his bedroom. I took Christina to my balcony. I sat her down on a chair. "Look at the stars". She looked. "So beautiful". I went and got her water. No more coffee for this girl.

We lay on that couch for well over an hour talking and studying the stars. She slowly came good. She must have had a fast metabolism. By 6 am, she was completely sober and I was so tired, I was struggling to stay awake. I was supposed to be at work. Juan Pablo had called me twice. I let him know I would make my own way to work later. I called George. I told him the truth. He said he would cover for me. Christina was talkative. I was not. "I need sleep babe". "OK. I will put you to bed". She grabbed my hand and led me down the corridor. "Which one is yours"? "This one". There were sounds coming from John's room. Good boy. I hardly noticed I was so fucked. Christina closed the door and laid me on my bed; undressing me. I was so tired.

No idea how long I slept; but I woke naked. I felt a warm naked presence next to me. It was Christina. She was snoring. Had we fucked? I had no memory. No. I doubt it. I would have remembered. Oh yes. Now I remember. She ended up putting me to bed.

I looked at my watch. It was 10.30 am. FUCK! WORK! I called George. "Take the day off". Thank Christ. I relaxed. I suspected he had been in this situation before. I went back to sleep.

The next feeling I had was my cock. He was rock hard and was being molested by Christina's mouth. "I need a piss". She ignored me. I was bursting. "Babe. I need the loo, please". She looked at me with a mischievous grin. "Do it here". What the fuck. I had done this before. But not at 6 am in the morning. Hang on. It wasn't. I looked at my watch. 4 pm. FUCK! I had slept the day away. No wonder I needed a piss. She wanted me to be kinky. I needed a coffee. "Wait". I got up and boiled the kettle. She followed. While the kettle was boiling; the sound made my cock even harder for a piss. She got on her knees. "Do it". She held me. I let go. My piss went everywhere. She showered herself in it. I could describe more. But I'm not sure what Felicity will allow and she has been good to me in recent times.

I made coffee. We sat on the balcony, watching the sun come up. "Why haven't you fucked me yet"? "You were too pissed. Then I fell asleep". She giggled. I held her closer. We were naked and feeling good. "Maybe in a minute"? "Yes. In a minute". We finished our coffee and went to the bedroom. This time we were both sober and wide awake. I took her in my arms and kissed her full on the lips. She returned the kiss, using her tongue to explore mine. I felt between her legs. She was sopping wet. I massaged her clit. I found it properly (every girl is different). She responded by arching her back and pushing into me. Her hand found my cock. "What! Too big!" Oh fuck. I didn't need this. Not now. "It's OK babe. I promise I will be gentle. Please trust me". It was almost a complete turn off for me. In fact it was; after all the night had thrown at me. I lay down and snuggled into the blanket. Christina remained standing, puzzled. "What's wrong"? I ignored her. If she couldn't work it out; I wasn't going to help her. She lay next me and fondled my cock. It was then I realised she wasn't very experienced. I was being a bitch.

I turned around and took her into my arms. I kissed her. I started moving down. I found a nipple. I worked her with my tongue; pinching the other one with my fingers. Her boobs were large and firm; with that lovely liquid texture. So untarnished. I kept going to her perfectly flat stomach and belly button; circling and probing with my tongue. Then further to just above her clitoris. She had a faint amount of blonde pubic hair. Not groomed; all natural. I could smell the sex permeating from her. I allowed my tongue to penetrate her clitoral hood; finding her button. "OOohh". She opened her legs wide; holding my head between her hands. I explored her inner labia, her vagina and down to her arse and back; repeating over and over. "Aahh. I'm going to cum". I went harder. She came; shaking all over. I moved back into her arms. She still had her legs wide open. My cock brushed against her pussy; rubbing. "I want you inside me". I guided him to her. No easy task. I went slow and gentle. The head of my cock was positioned right; but he wouldn't move any further. I realised she was a virgin. Shit! I slowed. "What's wrong"? "I need to prepare you. I don't want to hurt you".

I lay next to her. I had lube somewhere. I got up and went to the bathroom. Ah. There it was; in my toilet bag. As I turned; Rasa was standing in the corridor; with a robe draped around her naked body. "You be careful with her". "I know". She gave me a kiss and a tap on the arse; as I returned to the bedroom. I lay again and poured lube over Christina's pussy. I started rubbing her. "Oooohhh. That's nice". I penetrated with one finger. I started slowly finger fucking her. When I felt she was ready, I inserted a second; then a third. "It hurts". I slowed and went back to two fingers. This, I kept up until she was begging me to fuck her. I climbed on and tried again. This time my cock entered. A little bit of blood. I went deeper and started slow fucking. "Aaahhh. That feels good"! I fucked harder and faster. I was on my knees and elbows. I had her head between my hands. Our eyes were locked. My hips were in automatic. She was laying there in a dreamworld of ecstasy. "I'm going to cum"! I increased the pace. Her whole body started convulsing. She squeezed me hard between her thighs. This got me off. I sprayed into her; which got her off even more.


The weeks flew by. John and I partied with the girls every so often. However, having been 'broken in', Christina had found a new lease on life. She had hooked up with one of the Lithuanian guys. A 6 foot 7 painter. He was an awesome character. So fit; he could pick up a lighter off the floor with his mouth; without touching the floor with anything except his feet. Rasa was still seeing John; but I could tell she was biding her time; knowing he was to go back to Australia soon. "I want you to meet my Auntie". Rasa had sat down next to me at the bar. Next to her stood whom I assumed, was her Auntie. What the fuck! These Lithuanians had amazing genes. This girl would have been over forty; but she looked not a day over 25. "This is Luna". We shook hands. She was blonde, with short hair. About 5 4. Perfect C cup boobs. Tight jeans, showing a perfect bum. Athletic figure. High cheek bones. Bluer than blue eyes. No English. A little Spanish. 95% Lithuanian. This was going to be interesting. "Luna is divorced like you. She understands what you are going through".

The conversation was like pulling teeth. Rasa helped me with some Lithuanian words. Lucky for me I am OK with languages. I had already picked up quite a bit just from listening to the gang over the previous weeks. We managed to get by with a smattering of Lithuanian and Spanish. Luna had been divorced for 8 years. No kids. She worked as a cleaner at the hospital. One of the few in the gang with a proper, full time job. Unemployment in Caravaca was at 28%. Crime was rife. Immigrants got no assistance from the locals whatsoever. It was completely the opposite to Australia.

At closing time, we were in the mood to dance. Rasa, John, Christina, Painter, Luna and I headed for Jupiters. The place was full. G n T's all round. Onto the dance floor. Here, language mattered not. It was all body and rhythm. Luna rubbed her arse against my crotch; feeling me up. So fucking sexy. We danced hip to hip. We knew we looked good. We felt good. There was a dark, quiet corner area, with bean bags and couches. She led me there. We flopped onto a large bean bag. We kissed. Oh yeah. Experience is not to be under-appreciated. She knew how to kiss. She transported me to a different place. I think she wanted to fuck me there and then. I stayed myself. Anticipation was such an aphrodisiac. We danced and kissed until 4 am. I couldn't miss anymore work. I excused myself.


Do you remember that feeling when you have met someone special? You can't stop thinking about them. It was like that with Luna. I couldn't wait to see her again. Work progressed at a snails pace. The Moratella girls still flirted. But this was now just routine. I had no sexual interest in them anymore. Back In Caravaca, I had a beer and a siesta on the balcony for two hours. My tan was now deep brown. I always sun baked naked. I didn't care who saw me. The most attention I ever got was some kids egging me one afternoon. I egged them back; straight through their open window 4 times. Their mum screamed at me in Spanish, wringing her hands. Later that day, I left flowers and an apology at her front door.

After gym and a 7 km run, I showered and headed to jam with Raco. There was a Spanish guy with him; playing xylophone. His name was Jon. We teamed up with me on flute. I had recorded everything Raco and I had done so far. This was going to be monumental. Jon only knew classical. Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Mendleson, Bach, Vivaldi. We followed. He only played 'well beaten' tunes. My favourate was 'Four seasons'. We rocked it up a bit; which wasn't hard, given Raco's mastery of rhythm - NOT. So much fun.

I noticed a small crowd off to the left. It was part of the gang. My heart skipped a beat. Luna was with them; watching me. I smiled; which is no mean feat when you've got a flute jammed to your mouth. She gave me the look. Lovely. Just lovely. When I feel this way about someone, I try to pace myself. So many times, I have rushed and fucked it up.

After a couple of hours of murdering Europe's Classical top 40, I said my goodbyes; grabbed my guitar and headed to Burger Pins. It was 10 pm. The whole gang was there. I saw Ernestas. "Hey bro". We high 5'd each other. Rasa whispered to me "It's his birthday". Well then. "Let's go man". "Where"? "I'm taking you out for dinner for your birthday". He was so taken back; he didn't know how to respond. Rasa gave him a push "Go on". We left. I shouted him a nice Tappis dinner at one of the more up-market bars. We played pool. I got us a bottle of good quality red wine. We had a few laughs. Then back to the Pins. Ernestas got emotional. "Thank you. No one has ever celebrated my birthday before". "Really"? It was my turn to be taken back. I really had no idea what these people had been through. Ernestas was only 19 years old.

I hit the stage. Well the bit of floor near the bar, actually; and started with 'Can't help falling in love with you'. My eyes were on Luna. She was taking it all in. She was in a navy blue cocktail dress, with plunging neck line. The sleeves were off the shoulder. She had done her hair into a Japanese bun with needles. Her eyes had that awesome Cleopatra eye liner. How did she know? Woman often have a 6th sense about what men like. I couldn't take my eyes off her - YEP! I medleyed into Frankie Vallie 'Can't take my eyes off you'. Then 'When I fall in love' - Nat King Cole. "Hey. What happened to the rock n roll"? Whoops. I had got carried away. I finished the set with 'Old time rock and roll". I found a seat at the bar and ordered a triple scotch from Ursa. Arms encircled my waste. Lips touched the back of my neck. Her smell was mesmerizing. I turned and kissed her. The gang were all good. They were enjoying our seduction.

Time for a sing-a-long. "Where is Andre"? Of course; Andre was not far away. Rasa went into the storeroom and came out with his guitar; handing it to him. He sat next to me. We launched into the 'club song'. "Here's a little song I wrote; you might want to sing it - note for note - Don't worry ..... Be happy". The whole room joined us. So much fun. The owner was there this night. He handed me a $100 Euro bill. I declined; placing it back in his pocket. I shook my head and put my arm around Luna. He understood and smiled back at me. All good!

[Readers - Normally, I start with a true story, then add fantasy. Mainly the sex. This story is 100% fact. YEP. It actually happened exactly how I am describing. Which means the ending will not be what you are expecting]

I didn't have sex with Luna that night; nor the next. In fact; we dated properly. Both with the gang and separately, just the two of us. My Lithuanian and her English improved enough for us to be able to cover most bases. Ironically, I was a little scared of getting too close to her sexually too soon. I didn't want the seduction to end. We continued this way for most of the remaining time I was in Spain. All we had done was date, kiss, cuddle and talk. We had not gone within 100 meters of my bedroom, nor hers. This had taken just over 8 weeks.


It was Saturday night. I was to fly out Monday morning. My time at the plant was complete. I had done the job assigned to me. All good. I had this one last night to party and enjoy my friends; before leaving them; probably forever. The gang knew this. Ernestas had given me a gift. It was an original composition about him and I; and the night I took him out for his birthday. He cried when he handed it to me. I hugged him. Rasa and Christina were also emotional; but holding it together. I had purchased a decent 5 way sound system for the bar; for them to remember me by. It included all the recordings of Raco, Jon and myself on CDs. I gave Andre my guitar. The gang had invited Raco and Jon to join us. I contemplated giving Jon my flute; but it was an Armstrong 100. I couldn't part with it. The owner had purchased Paellas from one of the best Tappis bars in Caravaca. We were spoilt indeed.

I hadn't seen Luna yet. This was unusual. I turned to Rasa "Where is she"? Rasa turned pensive. No answer. This worried me even more. "WHERE"? "She is at her house. She is upset". "Why"? Sometimes, I can be a complete dumb fuck. "Give me her address". "I will take you to her".

Rasa dropped me off. It wasn't far. I could have walked there. I knocked. Nothing. I knocked a little harder. Still nothing. I beat the door until I heard footsteps. The door opened. It was Luna. She was in trackies. Her eyes were red; obviously from crying. I took her into my arms. No words were spoken. She let me in. We sat on her couch. I wiped her tears. She wiped mine. We looked into each other's eyes. "What will happen to us"? WOW. What a question. How do I answer that? Honestly. "I don't know. What do YOU want"? "I want YOU. I don't care where I am". I kissed her. She returned the kiss; this time, it was clear we needed to act on our feelings. I picked her up and took her to her bedroom. I laid her on the bed and got next to her, holding her face in my hands. We kissed with emotion. She ripped my T shirt off and straddled me. My cock had gone from placid to fully erect in no time. I pulled her top off. She had no bra. Her boobs hung a bit; just the way I really like it. I took a nipple into my mouth. My arms were wrapped around her; holding her close. There was no time for fore-play. We had done that for the last 9 weeks. I turned her over and ripped off her trackies. No panties. No prelude. I aimed my cock and penetrated; right to the balls. She wrapped her legs around me. We fucked. We moved. We fucked. We stared into each other's eyes. We fucked. We came. We fucked again. We came. We collapsed.

The rest of that night, we spent at Burger Pins with our friends. We both knew this was goodbye. She couldn't afford to come with me. It was too great a risk for her. I had too much shit to deal with. Spain had been just what I needed. But I had to get back and sort things.

So readers; there you go. This is what happens when the story is fact.