31 May 2016

We had been playing sexting for quite some time sending dirty pics and talking about what we would like to do to one another. She would come over watch some porn but nothing would happen she would get horny but would always stop for fear of cheating on her hubby. One day we were watching porn i pulled out a new toy i had purchased for the missus a nice big vibrator 10 speed. She was sitting on the lounge next to me i turned the beast on for her to feel the power and put it on one of her nipples "bingo" she writhed around a little and said now the other one, same response she was getting wetter by the minute. She slowly takes of her top to reveal the two most perfect tits i have ever seen peeking through a beautiful lace bra. The right one is closet to me so i slowly free it from the bra and put the vibrator back on it while slowly rubbing her pussy through her pants, she is moving her hips in rhythm to my motion. She grabs my head and forces it on her nipple and gently suck and bite it - by now i have undid her bra, she tells me she likes both nipples sucked at once. I grab both tits and bring them together and suck both nipples at once, i have now two fingers inside her very tight pussy and as i suck the two nipples i can feel her pussy muscles contract with each suck. Her expert hands have freed my now very hard cock and she begins to stroke gently commenting on the glistening pre cum and tasting it form her fingers after each stroke. She gets down on the floor on all fours and gives me a view from behind as she picks up the dildo and starts fucking herself with it slow at first but the pace sure reached a fever pitch very quickly. By now i have slid underneath that glistening pussy and start licking and sucking her click with each dildo fuck both hands on her ass forcing her pussy lower on to mouth so i can cover all her pussy.

She then tells me to stay on the ground and gently eases herself down on my shaft, oh that feeling of the first time entering a pussy the anticipation the build up almost made me cum there and then. This woman is an expert cock rider with each bounce her pussy muscles flexed and contracted like a another hand. She puts her hands on my chest to steady herself as she picks up the pace.......To be Continued......