Written by AnonymousSlutWife

19 Aug 2017

One of my favourite guys (we'll call him S) was the very first man to fist me. The combination of a smaller hand, delicious knuckles and the willingness to push hard enough to make me yowl in mixed pain and pleasure means he is one of my favourite playmates.

We would only get together every couple of months for a few hours, difficulties with scheduling and finding a location made life hard. Still, even these shorter sessions were enough for S to gradually open my holes more and more.

Recently we got a cheap hotel room for a Friday night. After a long work week we were both pretty tired but the desperate need to stuff and be stuffed spurred us on.

After relaxing briefly it was on, as S started by reaming out my arsehole with his thick cock. I relaxed as much as I could to open deeper and deeper. He pulled out and coated my face with his load before letting me suck the taste of my arse off his cock.

A kind pat of thanks, then pushed me facedown as he began his work. Fingers, my biggest toys, an empty bottle, working and stretching my cunt and arse. I whimper and beg for more, to stop, deeper.

He jams his fist up my willing cunt and I'm in heaven. Squirting uncontrollably as he grips my waist and fucks me with all his strength. He has to push my face into the pillow to muffle my wails.

This goes on for hours. We take water breaks, and he works me until I am as big, bigger inside than I've ever been. He fucks my loose holes, marvelling at how he barely touches the sides.

He slides his dick into my cunt along with his hand and jerks off inside my cunt. Angels are singing. I'm one giant hole, made to be stretched. My brain is disengaged. I'm just a cunt, just an arsehole, just a throat. I want to be filled up forever.

I still can't take his fist up my arse....but a girl has to have goals for her future.