Written by mickeyfinn1

15 May 2011


Strippers Booth Part 5 -the clubhas got me hooked!

Please read part1,2,3and 4 to link the story together

Down to the bank I'd spent a tidy sum

Was worth it I knew I shot loads of cum

I drew a wad of notes to enable me to plan

Another private dance and a fuck if I can

Find Chloe and her friend whose dance was so good

A new girl in private..and. may be I should

Ask Chloe to dance with her friend next time

If she doesn't agree that will be fine

Back in that club I've just worked out the price

For the entrance, a drink, a new stripper so nice

To see her tits, her arse and private parts

It’s a normal show and thats just for starts

But there are those who just dance to tease

I’m wanting a girl to fuck on her knees

I cannot see Chloe so who shall I ask

There’s a beautiful girl wearing a mask

Can we go to the booth the one with the plants?

Whisper I,ll treat you well just give me the chance

Smirking she says follow me now

Looked at that body I wondered just how

A body like that would feel on my lap

Am I l likely to fall into her trap

Avoiding the camera, she found a dark space

I.ll give you a show the best in the place

She touched both toes pussy in my face

Discarded her pants made of pure lace

What’s your name I venture to ask

Just hold on she says and takes off her mask

Oh!, I say aren't you Chloe’s best friend?

She can’t make it tonight I,m here to attend

I’m here to give you what ever you wish

If you want two I can always call Trish

Id prefer you and Chloe to dance for me

As she's not here you can try please me

It’s either here or we ask my mate Trish

You,ll see and agree she is such a beautiful dish

She is on stage at the moment you can see her after

She looked at my face and burst out in laughter

What’s wrong she asks you look to be sad?

Chloe’s not here but I’m not so bad

Look here my love I sleep with the boss

If I fuck you here he won’t care a toss

Its here or home whatever you feel

You’ll pay me whatever sits down on her heel

She jumps up on my lap, wiggles her bum

If she stays there to long I’m sure to cum

If you and friend when you finish your shift

Can meet later at the bottom of the lift

What about now do you want some fun?

Give me the money you must know the sum

I think why not my cocks hard and throbbing

Up and down on my lap her tits are bobbing

She’s wiggling and circling her arse on my cock

Give me the cash and keep an eye on the clock

Five minutes to go we might just have time

I’ll make sure you know you've had a good time

Undo that zip you sexy old man

She checking the camera she has a safe plan

I push my hips up she pushes hers down

My cock's going so deep she's beginning to frown

She moans, she sighs, shouts will you just cum

When your ready I want you to roger my bum

Push ,oh! push she s hurting a bit

Don’t worry just push deeper and tickle my clit

Now I’m cumming lets do it together

Her muscles are tensing its now or never

I’m spurting my cum, shes humping like mad

It lasted four minutes so I’m just glad

Another two hundred and a very sore tool

What makes sex exiting for a silly old fool?

Stripper they maybe just making good money

A wet pussy and arse filled with my warm honey

The boss sits at the desk and says as I pass

Thanks for the show do you wanna buy grass

What’s that I say I dont understand

Something you smoke, doesn't have a brand

Give me a drink and I sit at the table

Look at more girls who are more than able

To give me a high when climbing there poles

Opening their legs showing their holes

However I’ve spent the money I had

Better go now knowing I’m glad

I’ve met a new girl who’s sexy as hell

She promised to meet later with a friend as well

Back to her flat with a threesome in mind

Must go back the bank I cannot be blind

Nothings for free its raw sex for hard cash

Their shift ending soon to that lift I must dash