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8 years ago
So a couple of years ago, while studying at uni, I made friends with a girl in my class who was incredibly attractive. Blonde hair, a beautiful slim body and wonderful full breasts. We decided one day during a really difficult assignment to join forces, and so I wound up driving out to her place. Things started off pretty normal after I arrived, but then I saw the room where we would be working- her bedroom. We did do a bit of work, but it was pretty easy to get distracted while both lying on her bed. Eventually our conversation wound up quite off topic and of all things we began talking about sex. I started getting hard almost as soon as the topic came up, so I ran with it. We covered all sorts of things, mostly each other's past experiences, when she said nothing I could do could surprise her. Well I took that as a challenge and kissed her. She returned it instantly (she was right, not surprised at all), and our tongues met. While we were kissing, she ran her hand down my body until it landed on my cock, which she began to stroke. I ran my hand over her amazing breasts before running it down between her legs, which got me a soft moan in response. I took her shirt off and kissed the top of her breasts while she undid my pants and slid them off. I undid her bra and began massaging her exposed breasts, running my tongue over her erect nipples while she took my own shirt off. Still working her nipples with my tongue I took her pants and underwear off at the same time, and she returned the favour by removing my own underwear. She then got a cheeky grin on her face, and before I knew it had put her dripping pussy on my face while she began sucking my fully hardened cock. She was a pro at it, taking my full length all at once, and I could barely stay focused enough to drive my tongue into her and play with her clit. I loved the taste! Before long both of us were moaning with pleasure and I felt myself ready to blow. I told her I was going to unload and she began sucking even harder, causing me to simply explode in her mouth, while she swallowed every drop. I returned the favour quickly by using my tongue like a small cock, and I was rewarded by feeling her pussy contract on my tongue as she came. She wasn’t done yet though. After a few minutes of recovery, she began stroking me again, teasing the tip with her tongue. I was hard again in no time, and when I was ready she got on all fours next to me. I didn’t need any more hints, so I positioned myself behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her still wet pussy all the way. It slid in so easily that I decided to go faster, and gradually kept getting faster until I was slamming her from behind as fast as I could, nearly pulling out with every stroke and going the full way in again. She started moaning loudly again, and I felt myself near cumming. I told her and she told me to get out before I did. I gave her one final deep thrust and she gasped in pleasure, and then turned her head around and told me to fuck her in the arse. I looked at her tiny brown hole and thought “why not?”. I pushed my way in with my cock lubed from her pussy, and it felt amazing! So tight, but I was still sliding in easily. I managed to get my whole length in again, and she loved every inch of it. I began to fuck her arse in earnest, getting faster and harder all the time, while she played with her clit with her hand. I nearly came in the first minute, but managed to hold it off until I heard her moans getting louder and more intense. I could tell she was about to come, and the mere thought of that drove me over the edge. We came at the same time, and I unloaded completely into her arse, it felt amazing as it contracted with her orgasm. I went home soon after we had recovered enough. Suffice to say, I didn’t tell my girlfriend of the time what had happened!

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