Written by Tydy

7 Apr 2019

I was strolling the beach nude one glorious afternoon. I ventured into the surf and decided to play with my hard doodle underneath the waves. The sight of everyone there male and female all in the nude made my dick hard.

I walked and waded in the water until I came across an older mature woman with her partner and another guy. I could see that the men may have been propositioning her for a sexual favour.

I then followed trying to keep up with them as well as maintaining a safe distance. I ended up the the rocks at the end of the beach where there were at least several other blokes stroking their doodles to this mature woman stroking her fanny whilst lying on the rocks.

She stood up and allowed us to get nearer. At this time I was standing shoulder to shoulder with her. I felt her breasts and massaged them whilst I guided her soft hand to massage my whopping hard on.

I then placed my hands from her boobs into her lucious wet fanny. I also licked my fingers. I could see that a large group of guys were surrounding me and her.

All of a sudden I reached climax and blew my load all over her sticky cum drenched fingers. She wanked me off that well and by seeing everyone all nude made me cum that little bit easier.

I let the other guys have their turn to mutually masturbate eachother whilst I went into the ocean and washed the excess cum from my doodle.

After we finished I thanked her and her partner. I asked for her name but alas she didn't want to let me know who they were.

As this was my first dogging experiences that wasn't organised beforehand I think it went well and we all had fun.

I just hope that next time I'm there I'm able to make my trainset go through her love tunnel 😉